Been Local For A While: 1959 Edsel Corsair

This 1959 Edsel Corsair has been a “local car” for over a decade according to the seller. I’m sure you know what I mean — the classic that you see either on the road or in someone’s yard, and you may even ask if it’s for sale, but it just doesn’t seem to be available. Well, the seller of this car evidently was in the right place at the right time, and now they are selling the car on to someone else — maybe you? You can see the auction here on eBay and bidding is starting at $1,000. The locality, by the way, is Central City, Kentucky. 

Everyone tends to focus on the nose of the Edsel, noting the grille that is typically characterized as the reason Edsel died (and I would agree with that). However, the rear styling is pretty distinctive to me as well, and includes some interesting tail lights as well as wrap-around features from the side trim. Note that the bumpers are pretty straight as well. Nice! Okay, I admit I’m looking through project-completion eyes, but there’s a lot to be looked at here. However, as the seller says, there is some rust although the floors seem solid.

Tilt the oval grille theme on its side and you have the elements of an Edsel dashboard. Again, a very distinctive look — does it appeal to you like it does to me? The odometer is showing 88,000 miles, and that may well be accurate, but the seller isn’t sure and I think that’s right. It doesn’t look like 188,000 to me, though.

The interior actually wouldn’t look too bad once it was cleaned up. No push button transmission on this one, but it is automatic. By the way, the seller has another 1959 Edsel in worse shape that you may want to pick up for parts as well.

Can anyone tell me if this is a 332 or 361 V8 just from looking? I couldn’t find any information on the data plate that would tell me. The seller hasn’t stated whether or not it is free, either. Regardless, if it stays at the current price level or not far above it, perhaps you would consider it a bargain? Let us know!


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  1. DJS

    Better look at odom a little closer its been around at least once reads 0886.1 so it well could be 100,00 + or 200,000. If it runs or not frozen up might be good buy at 1,000.00 or 1,500.00 and you can get parts for them.

  2. Righteous Bob

    I do believe that the 361 valve covers had E400 stamped in…

  3. CanuckCarGuy

    An Edsel is high on my bucket list, I love the design, including the grille… it’s an unmistakable car and relatively rare. My father had a ’58 with the push button transmission…sold it when I was born, for his beloved ’66 Park Lane breezeway.

  4. Warren

    In 58 they did the valve covers have the torque value stamped on them. In 59 this was eliminated. We had a 59 that had the 361 in it and the factory colors were cream valve covers on a black block. Data plate shows this to have a 332 though.

  5. Jason

    It has the 332 (B), the 361 was code letter “W”…

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  6. Mark S. Member

    One of my favorite cars the love it or hate it kind of a car. They’re so different and I like oddball cars. This one looks like a good cleaning and detailing is in order to see what you really have here. I think you might find that the body and interior repair is minimal and spot repair might be all that’s needed. Then I’d look at all things mechanical and repair as required. These are getting to be pretty scarce and this one needs to be saved, not only that but I’ll bet your the only guy at your local show and shine to have one. I’d say because there so hated that this will go cheep and will be a bargain for someone.

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  7. KKW

    The 58s are my personal favorite. The 59s and 60s are basically re-skinned Fords, although the 59 retained some of the uniqueness, by 1960, there was no resemblance. The push-button automatic was discontinued after 58, as was the 410 engine.

  8. alan leonard

    Edsels rule..sold my 1959 Corsair 4 dr sedan last year is now in the Netherlands,,, then,found an estate 1958 Corsair with 29k miles…runs like a dream…looking to replace that “59 as we speak…should never have sold it says I……

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  9. Dave

    Whenever I see an Edsel, I see a Ford-built Buick…and I love Buicks. I’ve always loved the Edsel too…and I think the oval grille is very classic

  10. Keith

    1958 only 1959 332 valve covers were plain gold paint 361 was plain with white paint 1958 engines were painted yellow 1959 were painted black

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