Low Mile Luxury: 1979 Lincoln Continental Survivor

Why buy a $100,000 luxury car when you could own the epitome of style and comfort with this 1979 Lincoln Continental for only $11,800! It’s a Canadian export model, but is back in the States and is in amazing shape. This car is located in Austin, Texas and is listed for sale by the owner on Facebook Marketplace.

With only 46k reported miles, this dark blue land yacht appears to be in excellent condition both inside and out. The large velour seats look like Lazy Boy recliners. The back seat is equally expansive and well-appointed.

At 4,616 lbs, this car is powered by a 6.6-liter v8 engine that produces 315 ft-lbs of torque. And you are going to need every bit of that power to move this massive cruiser around. The seller claims everything works and that this could be the nicest one out there.

Storage is also not a problem as can be seen in the carpet lined trunk. There’s plenty of room for your golf clubs and a suitcase or two.

This Lincoln is in amazing condition and would be great to have, as long as it will fit in your garage. At 233 inches in length, you might have to add on to your garage a bit to make it fit. Just from a dollar per inch standpoint, this is a good value. Plus, think of all the comfort, luxury, and style you are getting for the money.


  1. Cncbny

    My aunt, with 16 children had one of these in coupe form when it was new. She had a trunk FULL of groceries, as you can imagine with so many mouths. Stopped at a light, a garbage truck lost it’s brakes and plowed square into the back of her car. She was fine, and the only loss besides the Lincoln…. the eggs broke. Solid car!

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    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      Similar story. My Dad owned a 1973 Canadian market only Meteor Rideau 500; essentially the same as the USA market Monterey. He was t-boned by a panel truck, the left side doors wee pushed in about 8 inches. Dad was not wearing a seatbelt (not mandatory in 1974 in Manitoba), so he was shunted over to the right. Just a sore left arm. Any smaller car and he would have been killed. He still drove the Meteor for about a week while car shopping. The frame was bent so the car wobbled !! The point being, the full sized FoMoCo 1970s cars were tanks, and very safe !!

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  2. Tucker Callan

    I remember this car sitting on the “floor” for a long time. Presidential Edition I believe. Dad took in a `75 Mark IV for that. Then we took in a `72 Lincoln for that, and I sold that to my Buddy, and I ended up with his `71 Monterey. Whew! Those were the Halcyon Days at your local L-M dealership in rural western NY. I have dreams, and visions of Eliminators, Cyclones, Comet GT`s, and Big Mercs. Saturdays were the best!

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  3. Sam61

    Every self respecting realtor in our town drove these in the late 70’s. One of our neighbors had coupe version. Nice boat.

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  4. kiteflier

    Great car indeed! Had one with an exhaust cut out valve that when you pulled a T handle, bypassed the mufflers and exited through dual 6 foot straight pipes. That car could defy the laws of physics all while you felt like you were sitting on a La-z-boy in your living room just watching the world roll by. And nobody..nobody ever pulls out in front of you when they see 3 tons pushing that colossal edifice of a front end down the road.

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  5. Bob McK Member

    My garage is 60 feet deep, she would fit nicely. Why do I love these boats?

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  6. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    Aw c,mon. Just say 400 Cube, not 6.6 Litres.
    Nice car, but would prefer the 460.

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    • Miguel

      I don’t think the 460 was available in this last year car.

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      • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

        I think it was in Canada.

      • Ron Ron

        You are correct Miguel!! The last year of the 460 was in 1978!!

  7. JP

    I’m sorry, but are you kidding me?? $12k for a 10 ton tank with 160 hp? This would have to be a serious nostalgia buy, ’cause as a car it’s kind of a joke…

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    • Miguel

      I paid, I think, $200.00 for mine and had a great time with it.

      I don’t think there are people out there to spend this kind of money on a car like this. There are so many other options of cars you can have fun with.

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    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      At the Langley Show and Shine, Langley/Aldergrove British Columbia, Sept 2018, there was a Town Car similar to this one, dark blue with dark interior, and the 460 engine. It attracted a lot of attention from younger people, who weren’t even born when this model year was made. To each his own, not everyone is interested in skid pad adhesion the way Car & Driver was in that era.

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    • Boatman Member

      Where is that downward thumb when you want it?
      (Directed at JP’s comment)

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      • JP

        Post a video on Youtube after you buy the car – preferably from a track day event. Can’t wait to see the stunning handling and performance.

      • Miguel

        Are you under the impression a track day event is the only way to enjoy a car?

        I would bet your life is pretty boring racing red light to red light at full speed.

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      • JP

        No, I’m under the impression that $12k for a down-tuned dinosaur from the nadir of American auto manufacturing is a questionable way to spend one’s money. And with this car you’d be “racing” from light to light just to catch a green one occasionally…

      • RobM

        My best friends dad had a two door Continental. Loved riding in that boat. Couldn’t pass anything, especially a gas station. But it just floated down the road. Leather, gigantic sunroof and a hood that was a mile long.

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    • w9bag

      Have you ever taken one for a “sail” ?

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    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      A lot of people would disagree with you. The late 79s full sized FoMoCo cars are laying low, but I noticed the last few car shows this summer (Langley Show and Shine, Richmond Sockeye Run, etc) that LTDs, Marquis, and Town Cars seem to be popping up out of garages and For Sale prices are going up !! Car and Driver did an editorial comparing an LTD Landau to a full sized Mercedes Benz. Ludicrous comparison at first glance, but the writers said the LTD performed within 90+ % of the Benz, was quieter and smoother riding for the passengers, and so that we should appreciate it for what it is, a nice car for long distance travel carrying 4 or 5 passengers.

      • JP

        A lot of people would disagree with a lot of people about everything. Chrysler K-cars have a loyal following too, and who can explain that? At a reasonable price this brontosaurus might be a fun and quirky car, but not for $12k (imho, of course). A lot of people are free to differ…

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    • Big Tex

      Everything is Bigger & Better in Texas little buddy. I could use this on my Ranch hog hunting with that trunk.

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    • Ron Ron

      Are you serious JP? You’re probably one of those guys that has a Corolla for a daily driver! If you test drove one of these beauties, you’d be hooked!!!

  8. Sam61

    I thought Canadian export Lincolns had Maple Leaf hood ornaments?

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    • Eric

      No, they had moose antlers.

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    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      The Canadian market only Meteor and Frontenac did in the 1960s !!

  9. JimmyJ

    Were Canadian we can take the trash talk! Sorry😂

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    • Icemanfrom Winnipeg

      Oh yeah? You mother wears army skates, eh? :)

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  10. w9bag

    Drove my boss’. All Dove Gray. I kept it detailed to perfection. Had the 460. Used it as a work vehicle (!) Immaculate, smooth, but a pig in the handling department. Just a wonderful example of American excess. Love to have this one in my garage !

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  11. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    People pay $12,000 or more for clapped out crappy blue Chevy Novas so go figure.

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    • JP

      I agree – and sometimes for red and green ones too!

  12. Ensign Pulver

    “Handles like the Forrestal”…..Jim Rockford when he drove a black one as a rental while his Firebird was being repaired

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  13. Bryan

    No one seems to notice that this is the 1979 only Collector Series. It was the end of the line for these big Continentals as they were dramatically downsized in 1980.

    The Continental Collector’s Series was equipped with essentially every available feature as standard equipment. Only four options were available for the Collector’s Series: a power moonroof, 40-channel CB radio, “Sure-Track” anti-lock brakes, and a plush Kashmir velour interior (in lieu of leather). The Continental Collector’s Series could reach $18,000 ($62,138 in current dollars) when fully equipped.

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