LT1 350 V8 Engine: 1970 Chevrolet Camaro

The second generation of the Chevy Camaro debuted in early calendar 1970, a few months late due to delays in getting the new car into production. As a result, 1970 assemblies were about half of the extended 1969 production numbers (125,000 vs. 245,000). The new Camaro was sleeker than before, shedding its roots with the Chevy II/Nova. This 1970 example has had some serious tuning done on the mechanical side, including an LT1 350 cubic inch V8. Located in Eagle Point, Oregon, the rising price of gasoline has prompted the seller to make the Chevy available here on craigslist for $14,000. Thanks for the heads up on this Camaro, Pat L.!

As an all-new automobile for 1970, the Camaro was now two inches longer, an inch lower, and a half-inch wider, but still rode on the same 108-inch wheelbase from before. With much longer doors, the roof was moved back to further exemplify the long hood/short deck of the pony car segment of the market. While a variety of Chevy engines were available in the new Camaro, the LT1 350 was not on the list, although it may have been coded as the Z28 engine for the Camaro at 10 fewer horses. We mention this since the seller says there’s an LT1 under the hood of this car.

The first LT-1 (with a hyphen) was an option in the Corvette in 1970. It was a racing-inspired engine with a compression ratio of 11:1, giving it a horsepower rating of 370. We understand that just 1,287 ‘Vettes left the factory with one of these. The motor made a return to the Corvette in 1992 as the LT1 (no hyphen), built on the design of the L98-code Gen I small-block from 1985. Fuel injection was employed by then.  Yet a third LT1 arrived in the ‘Vette in 2014, considered by some to be one of the most technically advanced engines and the most significant redesign of the small block yet.

We’re not told which LT1 (or LT-1) is in this car, but the seller says it has 492 cast heads that have been ported and polished. Its TH-350 automatic transmission (column-shifted) has been rebuilt with a shift kit using a higher torque converter. The Chevy sports new tires on offset rims and has some new stuff from the parts bins such as a heavy-duty water pump and fuel pump. Not much is said about the body and paint, but the left lower quarter panel appears to have been repainted and the side marker light not reinstalled. The mileage of this beast is at least 115,000 as the odometer is broken.


  1. PatM Member

    I am pretty sure that lt1 was an option for the Camaro in 1970. At least it was the z/28 engine. THey clain=med it had 360 hp vs 370 in the Corvette.

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    • PatM Member

      So much for my typing. LOL They claimed…

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  2. Tony Primo

    According to Chevrolet the LT-1 in the Camaro made 10 fewer horsepower than the Corvette due to a more restrictive exhaust system. The rumour on the streets were that Chevrolet always wanted the Corvette to have the most powerful engine and that there is no difference between the two.

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  3. ThunderRob

    The LT-1 was a Camaro engine 10 HP less than the Corvettes from 1970-1972.About 16,000-odd were installed in Camaros in those 3 years and about 5,000 in corvettes over the same time frame.You could only get it in the Z28,also 52 Nova LT-1’s were made but they were COPO only and 50 of those went to Yenko.

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  4. Jack M.

    Turn key Camaro for $14,000, looks like a bargain. I would be very interested if I had any garage space to spare. Compare this to the equivalent $14,000 rusty Mopar.

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    • bone

      That should tell you something- if a rusty car (Mopar ,if you’re a hater) is selling for 14G and this is going for the same price, the rusty car is likely more in demand

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  5. Rabbit

    Anyone else hate it when they put RS bumpers on a standard Camaro?

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    • 19sixty5 Member

      The only thing worse is when people refer to them as a split bumper car, as if now they magically have a RS!

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    • Camaro guy

      No i was going to do just that to the 71 Z i had back in the day but they weren’t readily available in the bone yards back then and prohibitively expensive new at least for my budget they were

  6. Keith

    Need to do some serious number crunching on this motor to prove that it is a LT-1.Could be a 283 2-bolt main engine until you check casting numbers.

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    • Tony Primo

      It would still be worth the asking price with a 283. This will be snapped up fast.

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  7. Chris

    I didn’t know they made a column shift Camaro. The auto tranny is fine but a floor shifter would be better IMO. Nice car reguardless!

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    • Pat

      If a console wasn’t ordered, you got a column shift, if I recall.

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      • John W Kriegshauser

        Yes! It’s really annoying when someone does this and refers to it as a “split bumper” Camaro. It’s either an RS optioned appearance or its not. Period!

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  8. erik johnston

    I also agree that putting split bumpers on a standard nose-i don’t like, but it does look better. What i don’t like is the people that say there camaro is a split bumper when it is a standard nose-just with the bumpers changed. A few times I’ve called people out that was not a true split bumper. Its amazing how many people don’t understand this.

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  9. erik johnston

    I hate those cheap side mirrors. and people that dont know what a true split-bumper is more then changing the bumpers.

  10. Rw

    My question is why do people put there finger over license plates in pics?? You don’t drive around on public streets with your thumb over your plate do you?

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      I think it’d be funny if someone took pictures of it
      with the licence plates showing,& posted another ad for it.

      • Big Fish

        Did you ever wander how people who do this drive there cars down the road with there finger over there license plate.

  11. RMac

    Nice write up Russ but a lot of questions need answers. The LT1 may have been available in a Camaro Z28 but this is no Z28 and the split bumper with standard turn signals looks weird not a fan of the column sift either

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