Manual 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

Over the holidays, my brother in law to be and I were discussing this very vehicle. Little did I know one would pop up here to write about for Barn Finds. For sale is a 2014 Cadillac CTS-V wagon. It is currently sitting at a price of $40,011 with 23 bids and the reserve not yet met. Mileage clocks in at 55,750, the VIN is listed, and the title is clear. It is located in Pelham, Alabama. You can view more on eBay.

What makes this V notable is the fact it is a 6-speed manual. There were not many V wagons produced, and fewer still with a manual. Add that to the already large list of goodies, such as a 556 horsepower V8 and you have a fun family hauler. The seller states they vacuumed fries out of the back seats from the previous owner’s children spilling them. This puts a whole new meaning to fast food and family fun.

Other noteworthy things are the black diamond tri-coat paint, yellow brake calipers, Recaro racing seats, roof rack, Alcantara steering wheel, and most importantly, no sunroof. Many V cars have them, but this wagon does not, putting it into an even rarer league of its own.  The owner says they have a few grills to go with the car since the emblem is carbon fiber on the one shown. Everything else is stock.

They do have the original window sticker that went with the car and is honest enough to mention there are a few small dings here and there. They did not track the car and say there are zero issues with it. Doug DeMuro owned one of these, and it is only a matter of time before these become appreciating vehicles, standing the test of time to become an instant classic and something that someday, would be an epic barn find.

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  1. Fitzrodss

    Talk about a sleeper. Wow.

  2. Bob_in_TN Member

    Cool car. Sounds like it was a family vehicle for a family which included an enthusiast.

    I also had a rare creation, a 2000 Lincoln LS with a 5-speed manual. I don’t know the actual production figures, but I’ve heard estimates of 1000-1500 such models over three model years. The production figures for the CTS-V wagon manual transmission couldn’t have been more than a few hundred. Kudos to GM for offering this beast, but they must have lost money on each one.

  3. Frank Sumatra

    My retirement dream car. No real need for the “V” option, but the 6-speed is a must. They are out there.

    • Andre

      Not as a Wagon, though. In non-V trim you can get the 3.0 and the 3.6 with a manual as a sedan, but all V6 wagons were slushboxes

  4. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    If you like these Caddy superwagons, you have Bob Lutz—the car guy’s car guy—to thank.

    Unfortunately Cadillac didn’t sell too many of them, because for some reason people generally wanted to drive SUVs instead.

    Bob has worked for each of the US Big 3 at some time in his career, and works now as an independent automotive consultant. His approach was the exact opposite of what had developed in the No American car business, which was design by committee, the committees being informed by MBA grads with their spreadsheets that figured out how cheaply the cars could be made before people got disgusted and bought Toyotas instead.

    What Bob did was to reorient No American carmakers to aim for their cars to *delight* buyers, as opposed to building cars that were cheap to buy and just did the job, more or less. Read his books for more. They are about the best books ever written on the No American car business.

    And by the way, Bob, a dual Swiss-American citizen who started out in Europe, was the instigator of one of the best lines of performance sedans in history, BMW M. He will be remembered for his version of the 2002, the Turbo.

    The fact that he was behind a car like the CTS-V is no surprise.

    • Frank Sumatra

      Some would say the Viper was his crowning glory. How about some other American cars that died too young?- Caddy XLR, Pontiac G8, Taurus SHO, Pontiac (Holden) GTO, Chevy (Holden) SS. Eveyone of them a pearl cast before swine.

      • SC/RAMBLER

        Not every car that appears on this site has to be found in a barn come on guys lighten up!!
        Personally as a car fan I love seeing various makes and models on bf This is one of those cars I can only dream of owning but love to dream!

    • Cadeguy

      My Cadillac salesman indicated they didn’t sell many because of their pricing. People would look at the CTS wagon, and then find out the SRX was priced lower, and buy the SRX instead.

  5. Kenneth Carney

    What else can you say but wow! Hasn’t
    been a stickshift caddy since ’51 when
    they were selling the model 61. I’ll bet
    this car is a blast to drive, but at $40K
    it’s much too rich for my blood. All I can
    do is paint a portrait of it and sigh.

    • Miguel Member

      Kenneth, didn’t they sell any stick shift Cimmarons?

  6. Kellerg

    Beautiful car and below market value currently. I have a 2004 CTS 3.6 and it’s a fun car. Can only imagine what this one would do.
    Of course would trade it in a heartbeat for the 1968 Plymouth Fury III listed. 😁

  7. Brain

    didn’t know thisntirned into a used car site.

    • pat

      have you no soul sir?

    • Andre

      lol. Probably one of the cooler cars posted here recently

      Good thing you clicked the article just to share your wisdom, much appreciated.

      • Nate

        Totally agree with Brain. Like me, he probably clicked the link to try to understand why a 2014 Cadillac, that’s not a barn find showed up on the Barn Finds page. Still can’t figure it out. And coolness isn’t necessarily a reason to make it on this site.

    • CanuckCarGuy

      I think the cool factor is high enough on this one, that it rates a posting on BF. Seems as though equipped as it is and being a short production run, it’s already at or nearing collector status for some enthusiasts.

    • Leo

      Barn Find!! I think NOT!! They need to change the name of this site to be more accurate to Car Find! more late model cars for sale find their way to this site then ever before!

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        Actually we rarely feature anything this new. Almost everything on the site is over 25 years old. There is no denying that this thing belongs on the site though. This is the kind of classic that people will be hunting for in another 30 years!

  8. Andre

    Overall amazing car and a sound investment. To me this is a dream car.. A car in supercar territory that I could actually use daily.. Haul the kids around, run errands, blend in with the crowd.. all while kicking major a$$.

    A stock and clean 6-speed V Wagon is a protected investment IMO. 514 made.

  9. Coventrycat

    I’ll jump right on that just because a YouTuber owned one. I’ll start going to Bring A Trailer instead, too.

  10. Gaspumpchas

    If you don’t like the post, skim over them or go somewhere else. The Barnfinds Crew does a great job here, leave ’em alone. This car was posted because of the fact that its a cool wagon with a stick. Not my bag but its still very cool. I come for the cars and conversation, and learn a little every day.

    Cool off, man.



  11. Ronss63

    This car is rarer than most of the cars on here. And the value of these is staying strong. That’s why it’s posted. Great find!!

    • Leo

      Yes, but it does NOT fit the definition of barn find!

  12. Keruth

    somebody snapped it up!

  13. Healeymonster

    At 6’3″ 230lbs, i sat in one at the San Jose Auto show when new. For a wagon it felt cramped to me. But i own Healeys, Tigers, old Alfas and Fiats. Must be the roof then…lol

    • Cadeguy

      Interesting. At 6’10”, 300lbs, I fir pretty well, when I checked it out. Still trying to afford one though.

  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Lots of want here, thanks for posting!

    Being a wagon lover, I was surprised that GM sold these because we all know that the average American hates wagons. There is a small enthusiast following, though.

    When I went to buy a Charger in ’13, I was a couple of years too late to pick up a Magnum – that would have bren my first choice.

  15. Alexco

    All CTS-V wagans were stuck shifts, no automatics. Part of the reason they didn’t sell. I owned a CTS-V 6 speed and one of the most fascinating cars I ever drove. Handling was great,as good or better than my C6 Corvette. The road was always straight no matter how many curves were in it. Power was far more than one would ever need, but never to much power.

    • Chris H

      Incorrect, most V Wagons were automatics. The manuals are the most rare and desirable, but I own a 2012 CTS-V Wagon and it’s an auto trans. And it’s still the most fun car I’ve ever owned.

    • Andre

      514 were manuals. The balance (1200 or so) were all auto.

    • Paul

      You are incorrect stating that all wagons were manual transmission. No harm in dreaming though.

  16. Bob Member

    Why is this posted on Barn Finds? It is a used family car with French fry grease in the seats. What am I missing? Did they park it in a barn once?

  17. JimmyJ

    Not a big gm fan but this thing is over the top sweet!
    Id gladly shred the tires off it!

  18. Alexco

    Andra, I stand corrected. My CTS-V was a 2011 and all were at time.

  19. John

    zero interest – for that price I can put a LSA in a Impala and have more HP at less money

    • Andre

      Shopping cart handling no extra charge!


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