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Mercedes Gullwing For $6,000?

Gullwing Wannabe

One of my buddies, Chip Lamb, just posted a link to this Mercedes on his Facebook page. It is clearly a replica, but it’s not just any old knockoff. Apparently, it was built using Mercedes parts. The chassis came from a 1968 200D and the windshield from an Alfa Romeo. It is claimed to be roadworthy and registered. The best part though is that they are only asking about $6,000! Chip best described the appeal when he said, “this is cheap enough to buy and annoy Mercedes people with”! Too bad it’s all the way over in South Africa though. Find it here on Locanto. I’ve seen a few 300SL replicas over the years, but this one has to rank up there in my favorites. Thanks for the tip Chip!



  1. Knut

    This is indeed a awesome build, I’d love cruising around in it!

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  2. Martin

    This would totally be a shoe in for best of show at the Concours de Lemons

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    • David G

      No such thing, only ‘Worst of Show’ is available at Cd’L, hahaha…
      I agree, would be a great car to show there, and ‘compete’ as it were…

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  3. MIkeG

    Too bad about that awkward windshield, an excellent job otherwise!!

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  4. Leon

    Great expression on the woman’s face. Wonder what she was saying to her husband at that moment

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    • krash

      That’s the neighbor’s wife….she was about to assault him for driving over her prize winning begonias

  5. Dan h

    C’mon, look how high the roofline is. You couldn’t pay me to drive that thing around! Haha!
    I give the builder an A for effort ,though.

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  6. Mark E

    What can I say? I love it but to say it’s too far away is a laughing understatement in this case… -_-;

  7. Dolphin Member

    When they bottomed out, decent used 300SLs were around $5K back some decades ago. Makes me wonder whether the builder might have been better off saving up for a real one instead of putting time and money into building this car, which sure isn’t the same thing, especially with that windshield and the overlarge side vents. But ‘A’ for effort I guess.

    • George

      How many decades ago? They were going for $50K in the 70s.

    • James

      A quick check of old Road & Track adverts revealed the following:

      Nov ’62: Year not specified $ 4500 = $ 35,561 today
      Nov ’62: 56 Gullwing $ 6300 = $ 49.785
      Dec ’63: 58 Gullwing $ 5250 = $ 41,487
      Dec ’63: 57 Gullwing $ 5500 = $ 42,895

      Nov ’75 55 Gullwing $ 18,500 = $ 82,065
      Nov ’75 57 Roadster $ 16,500 = $ 73,196

      Sometimes $5k isn’t $5k.

      Factor in the use of a 1968 200D chassis – one would expect a “used” or damaged car to have given up the ghost, add other parts obtained over some period of time, not to mention months (years?) of labor and the mid 80s sanctions on Apartheid South Africa might have hindered a labor of love. Perhaps finished in early-mid 1970s or….??

      ps: 200D wheelbase is 12″ longer than 300SL, but one doesn’t have to clamber over a high sill to sit down in this replica. Alfa rear window – windshield adds a unique twist.

  8. Doug M

    WAY COOL! If only it was in the States….Wife is telling him to get it away from her clothes line full of sheets

  9. alan

    The greatest compliment to be bestowed on a replica is for it to appear original after a walk around it would easily fool those who have seen many originals. A few Speedster replicas fit that criteria as well a a few 300SL replicas, this one does not.

  10. Jason

    The front windshield looks like a rear windshield. Fugly!

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  11. Mark E

    Hm, somehow I remember 300 gullwings selling for around $15-20k in the mid-’70s… Ah the vagrancies of memory…

  12. Robert W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Where do I send the dog biscuits so all of you with seeing eye dogs can benefit them. Didn’t realize so many were sight-challenged on this site. ;-)

    Seriously the lines aren’t bad up until you see the high forehead of the roof. Guessing it seems to do with the Aussie rules on windshields? Bottom line the roof continues at least 4-5 inches above the top of the windshield. I fear the reason the car was photographed with the doors up is because the door lines were not reproduced accurately enough making the final result hideous when shut.

    Somebody had been making a very nice Gullwing SLR for a while and donor power was a slant six Chrysler, though the kit could have made use of an alternate MB unit using a dry sump to get the hood clearance correct.

    Give the guy A for effort and B- for execution, though that grade could’ve risen had he made it the convertible.

    Had a friend that had a 300SL, the tab on rebuilding the engine back in the late 70’s was about $6K in just parts. Motor was pulled and a crate GM Corvette engine was installed with AC. Car still exists, I have the engine. Traded some metal fabrication work for it. When the parts were finally purchased to rebuild, $8.5K. Engine sits in my shop on a stand. Car still has the Vette engine.

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    • TC Oztralia

      Robert Lovell, try reading the ad again, you’re the one who needs glasses as well as a World Atlas, the car is in SOUTH AFRICA, not Australia, two totally separate continents, we’re on the other side of the planet, also there aren’t any regulations as to windshields here, only if you have one it’s got to have a windshield wiper!

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      • Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All, Especially TC Oztralia,

        Don’t believe I had access to the months ago when this came out? Clearly I read wrong, and didn’t mean to offend.

        Still can’t figure out why the rest of the work is somewhat close but the roofline wasn’t adjusted?

  13. krash

    ….buy it and then park it next to this so the Null-wing’s windshield/ roof won’t be so obvious…

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    • Robert W. Lovell

      Greetings All,

      Krash………..still laughing my butt off. Perfect name, Null-wing!

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  14. starsailing

    Worked at Navy Base gas station in 65-69….Friend Brandt wouldn’t be allowed to work on cars much. One of my brothers worked there as well. Was in charge when boss went to drink lunch. So this Brandt wanted to do the oil change on 56 Gullwing…yellow crème color….it belonged to Commander of the base. Bill said no but Brandt started anyways. They take 11 or more quarts of oil with filter…Brandt put in 5 without out looking at Owner’s manual as my brother told him. Owner took off, pulled out on freeway….Owner call several hours later….engine was knocking then froze up.. He was towed to Mercedes dealer…They said it was short quite a bit of Oil…like 6 plus! Total rebuild!!…In the meantime…he just drove his mother’s Cobra who lived on base with him. They were from San Diego. His Mom realized winter was coming and the Cobra was no daily driver or shopping car. We boys at the station convinced her to buy a red 66 Dodge Hemi with automatic. Her son wouldn’t even buy gas at the station after that. His mom would let me or my brother change the plugs on it now and then as they would foul up because she drove short distances all the time, choke would be just coming off/winter when she got to destination. Was a dream job!

  15. Paul-Jacques

    The guy with the gullwing merc stays two blocs from me in Centurion South Africa. Truly an impressive job apart from some off-finishing needed. As a car builder myself I appreciate the labour he put into this project. Attached a pic of the third project that is nearing completion, my Vollarini. A one-off design.

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    • Randy Carlson

      Very nice project Paul Jacques! What is the basis?

      And if your neighbor still wants to sell his Gullwing replica…I would most definitely be interested. Looks like crazy fun!

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