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Mighty Mopar: 1965 Plymouth Fury III

While this particular example may have figuratively been forgotten after spending 20 years in its owner’s barn before being purchased by the selling dealer, the 1965 Plymouth Fury seems to have literally been forgotten by many. I’m a victim of this amnesia, as I’ve just recently been researching less seen (by me, anyway) Mopars and the 4th generation Furys continually pique my interest. This 1965 Plymouth Fury III was sent in by an anonymous Barn Finds reader who found it here on eBay. Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, 14 bids have pushed the price to $4,650 at the time of writing.

The Fury was redesigned for 1965. Sport Fury aside, this example from that first model year of the 4th generation comes from the top of the hierarchy, as it is a Fury III. The 2-door hardtop was the second most popular configuration in 1965 and is my favorite of the bunch. The veed roofline gives the 2-door hardtop a unique, appealing look. Finished in my personal favorite exterior color, black, the seller states that aside from a recent repaint of the hood — due to fade from items being stored on top of it — all paint is original. The car did receive a buff and polish and looks to shine well after 55 years.

It’s almost as if someone was in that Plymouth showroom checking the boxes on my behalf 55 years ago because this red interior completes my favorite 1960s color combination. The seller notes that the interior is all original, except for the carpet which has recently been replaced. The interior has aged exceptionally well and shows fairly light use throughout its 88k miles. It even appears to have the original floor mats in place. The pleated seat makes it look like Plymouth was trying to trick you into thinking this bench seat was actually buckets.

Under the hood, you’ll find a 318. Gears are shifted through a column-mounted manual 3-speed. This Fury has recently been the recipient of a new fuel tank and sending unit and while much of the rest of the car looks to have had some light refreshing, the engine compartment has not been treated the same. After a 20-year hibernation, I’m sure the proud new owner will want to go over the mechanical systems with a fine-tooth comb anyway.

With what looks to be a solid start to a good driver, this 1965 Plymouth Fury III leaves some of the joys of vintage car restoration, maintenance, and upkeep for its new owner. After a 20-year hibernation, are you willing to wake up this Fury?


  1. SMDA

    Three on the tree, now thats what I’m talking about!

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  2. Dave

    That’s a pretty unique combination there. My 66 Sport Fury had a 383 2 barrel and a console automatic.
    But hey, it’s rockin’ the famous 318 Poly.
    Hmmm…what would it take (besides money) to build a 340 Poly?

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    • Chris M.

      You can put a 360 crank in the poly and build a 360 stroker. For not alot of money. Pretty snappy mill.

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    • Husky

      This is THE car for me, tick in all boxes!!!

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  3. yes300ed

    I remember what a great driving position this era of Fury had. Sat up over dash, big windshield and a small steering wheel. Love the poverty caps!

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Yea SMDA 3 on the tree and a poly 318, whats not love. Put a nice set of duals on it and cruise. Nice Mopar, Good luck!

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  5. Camaro Joe

    Dave & Chris M, when I was restoring my 65 Belvedere in the early 2000’s I joined a discussion group on here: Needless to say, I never told them that I own more than one orange 69 Z/28. That would have started a war.

    There were a number of people on there who can tell you how to build a 318 Poly. One guy named Gary from San Diego was building one that he bored .090″ over and ran a stroker crank. I remember it was around 391 cu. in. He claimed that the block was heavy enough that the .090″ overbore wasn’t close to being a problem. Of course the pistons to do that aren’t going to be cheap.

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    • Chris M.

      Joe, Gary Pavlovich (sp?) I’ve spoken to him a few times. Very knowledgeable and a very kind guy. You are correct some of those poly blocks are very stout and will tolerate alot of machining.

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  6. Matt R Member

    Unsold at end of auction with $7500 last bid.

    Fine looking car. Is it lowered?

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  7. Camaro Joe

    Chris, Yes that’s him. I believe your spelling is correct. I bought a high stall torque converter and chrome ignition box from him about 17 years ago for my 65 Belvedere project.

    He’s a really good guy, very knowledgeable on all 60’s Mopars, but especially the 318 Poly. I had his last name somewhere in the 65 Belvedere file, but the stack of paperwork is 2″ thick and it was going to take hours to find it. Good memories.

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    • Chris M.

      Joe, I can relate! Lol Before I built the 383 last year I gave serious consideration to building the original poly my Fury. Which put me in touch with him. I’m still not 100% certain I made the right choice.

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  8. Howard A Member

    The 1st, and only now that I think of it, car I went 120 mph in was a car like this. Guy across the alley, bought a ’65 Plymouth ex-state patrol car, 383, 4 barrel, 3 speed column.It had “cop motor, cop suspension, cop shocks, cop tires”,,,,even the lighter worked. I think these were some of the best Mopars to come down the pike.

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  9. John Oliveri

    Nice car, not into 3 on the tree at all, prefer torqueflyte or 4 on the floor

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    • bone

      Its an odd car for sure – The Fury III was the high line model,and would usually have been an automatic and have full wheel covers. The base Fury I would generally have little or no trim and small hubcaps and would be the likely candidate for a three on the tree . Sport Furies were more likely to have manual transmissions, but all the ones I’ve seen were floor shifts. If its all original, I would have to say without a doubt this was special ordered by someone , not a lot purchase.

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      • John Oliveri

        Absolutely weird for a Fury lll, usually well optioned, that 3 on the tree is really not desirable

  10. Jack Lattie

    That is a first generation 318 by the look of it, totally different then the small block 318, the first ones were actually 313’s as I remember.

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  11. Maestro1 Member

    Howard, you’re right. The mid sixties were good years for Chrysler, they built sort of outlaw cars, great runners with the toys the market expected. I have several and they never let me down. I put disc brakes on all four wheels and they stop much better than the original drums, which are terrible in the rain.
    Best to you and wash your hands.

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  12. Camaro Joe

    Jack, the motor in this car is the “Original 318”, called a “wide block” or “318 Poly.” The later 318 LA motor is the same block as the 273 / 340 /360, nowhere near a 318 Poly. The 313 is the same block as the 318 Poly in this car, but it was made in Canada.

    Some of the LA parts like cranks can be used to build stroked 318 Polys. I guy I used to know in SoCal built a 318 Poly that ended up at around 391 CI. The Poly heads were known as a “Semi Hemi” because of their valve configuration.

    I only “kind of” owned one in a parts car that a friend in Richmond VA bought me to get body parts to fix the wrecked 65 Belvedere I found. He bought the nice solid 4 door car, put a battery in it, pumped up the tires and drove it home for $75. By the time I got to Richmond from PA to get it, he had already sold the running 318 Poly for $125, so he wouldn’t take any money and I had a free parts car. I really LOVE 318 Polys, that one treated me well and I never saw it.

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  13. Camaro Joe

    Guys, there were people in the 60’s that had the ability to buy an upscale car, but refused to have an automatic transmission. My best friend’s father was one of them. His most memorable one was a 65 Buick Wildcat 2 Dr. Ht. with a 4 speed. It was obviously a special order and nobody around here had ever seen one.

    It created a stir at the local car wash. The guys at the end of the line who finished drying the car and drove it off the end of the line saw the 4 speed and there was literally a fight over who got to drive it.

    At one point, his Dad’s car was in the shop getting a touch up and his Mother got hit from behind turning into the driveway. My buddy shows up at my place riding a 550 Suzuki in the rain. W*F happened? His Mom was driving his low mile 69 Z/28 and his Dad was driving his 65 Chevelle, 327/365 HP Corvette motor, 4 speed, 4.88 geared semi-race car. You had to be there to see it.

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  14. John Oliveri

    There would be nobody at the car wash today fighting over driving his cars, no one knows how to drive stick anymore, it’s the anti theft device of today, Back to 3 on the tree, very undesirable, 4 on the floor, extremely desirable, especially in a large mid 60s big block coupe, like a 2+2 Pontiac or a nice 442

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    • KarlS

      John, even as far back as the mid 70’s, the manual transmission was foreign to some people. I had to take my 67 Barracuda in to the dealer to have the clutch assembly fixed and the car had to be taken to a welding shop to have the plate that held the Z bar welded back onto the frame. I’ll never forget seeing my car bucking and shuddering as it returned to the dealership. I chastised the driver for mistreating my car and his reply was that, “I’m only used to luxury cars.” I wanted to punch him in the neck.

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  15. Allen Keck

    I JUST BOUGHT A 65 SPORT FURY AND HAVE ALREADY PULLED THE 383 FOR A FRESHEN UP . GASKETS, SEALS, RINGS ETC. Has 70 K on the clock and engine looks great inside but making it fresh is what i do. Cant wait to start it up and blow the mice out the exhaust. It doesnt have the original paint… I beleive it was originally gold with black interior. Its now black on black. but solid. Any one know where i can get original seat covers.

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