Mighty Tiny: 1986 Suzuki Mighty Boy

Do not adjust your set, this 1986 Suzuki Mighty Boy SS40T pickup is really this small, about 10.5 feet long. If you have a tiny load to haul and you like unusual Japanese vehicles, this is one for you (hey, where’d everyone go?). This mighty tiny truck is listed on eBay with an asking price of $5,999 and it’s located in Christiansburg, Virginia.

This little orange oddball used to be 21F Universal Black, but somewhere along the line it got painted this strange burnt orange color. Who paints a black car burnt orange?! People usually want black cars! These types of unusual Japanese vehicles are often modified. The wheels are humongous, relatively, compared to what would have been on there, if anything about this one could be considered humongous. These are front-wheel drive vehicles.

The seller has what may be the biggest collection of vintage Japanese vehicles in the US. A lot of them are Japanese market vehicles like this one, having right-hand drive and possibly needing paperwork to get them titled in your state. Of course, they’ll have to be 25-years old or older for most states to even give them a second thought. Maybe Canada is different on titling vehicles newer than 25 years old?

Here’s where you’ll haul some of your firewood, your unicycle, or your toy poodle. Of course, these vehicles were never made to replace an F-250 for hauling duties, and in fact they were never meant for the North American market at all. Other than being sold in Japan, the only regular export markets were Cyprus and Australia. Speaking of markets and marketing.. Japanese car companies are hard to beat for wacky ads, these have a Norman Rockwell theme, hmm..

The interior of this Mighty Boy has been modified a little, too. The steering wheel and shift knob are the go-to items to change. That 1890s door knob-looking shift knob does not look comfortable at all, but I guess someone thought that it looked cool.

This is Suzuki’s F5A, a 543cc triple-cylinder with, are you sitting down? 28 hp. 4, 3, 2, 1.. CLEAR! Yes, just like the tiny size not being freeway-friendly in the US, 28 hp isn’t super friendly, at least for those in back of you. A vehicle like this is made for bopping down to the store or other in-town errands. This isn’t a vehicle for everyone and if you don’t want to field 64 questions every time you stop, this also isn’t for you. Have any of you heard of a Suzuki Mighty Boy pickup?

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  1. Mike

    Use a Dogloo as a camper shell. :)

    Like 1
  2. gotboost6

    With the weatherstripping around the bed it almost looks like it should have a cap that goes on there. Kind of neat looking.

  3. Don H

    It is funny ,the size of the bed is not that smaller then the 40,000 thousand dollar new trucks with a five foot bed🤒

  4. JW

    Haven’t you heard Orange is the new Black !!!

  5. Jeffro

    Hmm, I actually like it. Not $5,999 like it! But neat little vehicle. Be perfect if you lived in a tiny house.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Jeffro, I hear ya’, especially when it probably cost $17 US dollars to make.

  6. Don H

    I like it to ,don,t really like mighty tiny ,stuff thanks Scotty ,that will give my x a good laugh

  7. Don H

    Hi friends I am Don I have been on hear for about 4 years ,there is a new guy named Don ,that is not me I’m Don H . My name is Don Holt ,from Indiana ,just don’t want to be mistaken for some one else ,so I’m changing from Don to Don H , keep up the great work Barnfinds 🤓

  8. Pete

    Great little garbage run hauler. Fine for grocery runs too I would think. Wonder what its top speed would be with 28 hp?

    If it will do 60, I’d have one.

    • Jeffro

      Yeah, but you could only put a gallon of milk in the back of it

  9. gerry Member

    They can run up to about 70 with the 5 speed A/C was also available
    Average price for one this clean here in Japan is about $5K

  10. keith george

    canada is allowed to import almost any car that is 15 years old or older.

  11. Blyndgesser

    Looks like it’s based on a Suzuki Alto. Never seen the pickup version, but Altos were all over the place in Nassau in the early ’80s.

  12. John T

    This almost looks like a Subaru Justy (which for a while in the 1980’s was in fact available in the United States) converted to a pickup. Same concept as a Chevrolet ElCamino or a Ford Ranchero, I really like it a lot! I understand that not all states will allow them on the public roads. While I know they can be driven in neighboring New Hampshire, Does anybody know please if these Japanese microcars can be registered in my home state of Massachusetts?

    • Marc De Koster

      A Justy is in fact one size bigger than this Alto-based pick-up. The Swift (or Cultus in Japan) was the somewhat larger Justy competitor

  13. Loco Mikado

    Makes the 60 hp I had in my not too much bigger 1969 Corolla seem like a Corvette in comparison.

  14. 68 custom

    cute little car that looks to be in great shape. be the only one at a show!

  15. Wrecka

    They stuff LS1 V8’s in them here in Australia


    • Andy

      Didn’t the silly wankers on Top Gear Australia try to convert one of these to electric with several Dewalt cordless drills as the powerplant? IIRC it failed…..

  16. Howard A Member

    That name sounds so typically Asian, ” Ah so, Mighty Boy”,,and it’s anything but. For me, Mighty Boy brings up images of Power Wagons and Hummers. Micro cars have funky restrictions from state to state, but go ahead and laugh, this is what our grandchildren will be driving.

  17. Harvey Peever

    Put a hyabusa in it and it would scream.

  18. Gary Duncan Member

    Thanks for showing our truck! Gary Duncan Duncanimports.com I look forward to barn finds every day!

  19. Tom in San Diego

    I love this!! But then I used to own a Renault 5 Turbo II with a sliding vinyl roof, so consider the source.

  20. Keith

    I don’t even know exactly why I like this, but I like this. The ad is hysterical and confusing. I think I personally pack more than 28hp, especially if running downhill and being chased by something.

  21. Mark P

    Fill it with ice and beer, small enough to park next to the pool. No drinkin and drivin though.

  22. chad

    really needs the back cover’n LHD

  23. Beeman on Nevis

    Any reader with a fascination for tiny obscure pick up type vehicles, regardless of manufacturer,
    may like to google ‘Austin A35 pick up’ and ‘Reliant Fox’

    Then of course there was the Austin Mini pick up, less obscure. They made this tiny wee pick up for almost 20 years !

  24. Duane Boda

    Does any know the bonified and OFFICIAL top speed of this oddity? 🚗

    It would be excellent for beer 🍺 runs July 4th. Put in a protective bed

    Liner in it – drop the suds in then the ice and you’ll be all set minus the 👨🏼‍⚖️

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