Mr. Norm Dyno-Tuned! 1969 Dodge Super Bee

“Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge” opened in 1962 under the youthful ownership of 28 year-old Norman Kraus aka “Mr. Norm.” The Chicago dealer cranked out more than its share of potent muscle cars, providing dynamometer tuning and catering to the street and drag racing enthusiasts of the classic muscle car era. This 1968 Dodge Super Bee in Saint Louis, Missouri factors into that history, wearing “Grand Spaulding Dodge” and Mr. Norm “Dyno-Tuned” stickers to this day. Though not running, the numbers-matching 383 turns, and much of the car retains its original equipment, having somehow avoided the aftermarket bolt-ons that these hot factory rides often accumulated when they were simply considered “old cars.” The No Reserve auction here on eBay ends soon. At least 14 bidders have elevated the market value of this Mr. Norm-tuned ‘Bee above $11,000. Thanks to Hemmings for some details.

Manual brakes and manual steering continue the story of a Dodge with one job in life:  get the the road as rapidly as possible. Parked in 1976, the B-body looks like someone closed a chapter of its life and simply forgot about it. Usually *something* happens to sideline a car like this, and it can be interesting automotive forensic science to identify, decades later, what that was. Its 64,120 miles may be original, as the seller notes a factory clip on on brake drum that normally indicates it’s never been removed. You can be certain a number of those miles were accumulated in angry quarter-mile increments.

You can bet this Super Bee’s original owner exploited the Mr. Norm advantage to show its tail lights to as many victims as possible. With sticky tires and a modicum of skill, the 727 three-speed automatic-shifted Dodge would deliver consistent performance over and over again.

The column-shifted bench-seat interior was typical of low-budget brawlers and especially suits the Super Bee’s position as the bargain offering, a performance version of the everyman’s Coronet. Plymouth’s equivalent was the popular Road Runner. While the seller reports rust in the floorboards can be patched, the trunk floor is worse, and undercarriage pictures show serious rust in the left rear subframe.

The N96 Ramcharger Air Induction System directs air from the twin scoops into the sealed air cleaner housing. Dodge rated the 383 at 335 HP, and you can bet this one made every one of those horses and more courtesy of the Mr. Norm treatment. Fully restored, this green machine would make a perfect addition for a Chicagoland enthusiast, but that call might require a labor of love as this one needs attention everywhere. Would you take a chance and restore this mostly-stock slice of muscle car history?

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  1. Troy s

    The ‘Bee looks all the part of a boulevard basher, parked at White Castle looking cool. Unfortunately those wheels and tires on it now Do Not come with the car.
    I have a hard time believing any 383 in stock or even tuned by Mr. Norm form wouldve handled the heavy hitting cars, maybe with some help.

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    • Steve R

      The seller was featured on this site at least one time before, he kept those wheels at that time too, they are currently on this car.

      Steve R

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      • Chris M.

        For the record this will be his 3rd go around luring potential buyers with his precious prop slot mags!

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      • Steve R

        They are precious, price a set of nice used 15×8’s or 15×10’s. The Mopar guys really love them and will pay a premium for 5 x 4 1/2 bolt pattern. However, that doesn’t excuse his sales tactic.

        Steve R

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Do you really want what appear to be 40 yr old tires? lol

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      • Troy s

        Give or take on the tires, the wheels are a must, especially compared to the clunkers it comes with to get it rolling, haha.
        Its a personal thing with me about not coming with the wheels on it as that happened to me a whole bunch way back when…

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  2. Dave

    Menacing . Great write up.

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  3. Steve R

    It’s a great project, if the price doesn’t go much higher. The Mr. Norm connection, which is likely true based on the age of the decals, will be a point if interest to Mopar enthusiasts in the Chicago area. The options on the car, by themselves make the car desirable. Someone will restore this.

    Steve R

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  4. Wayne

    I can still hear the add from the radio about MR.NORM’S GRAND SPALDING DODGE! I went down to look on the lot one time. (I was no where close to being able to afford one.) And they offered me $700 trade in on my ’55 Chev. Convert. My car was not perfect in any way. But I regularly had people offering me 5 times that just stopped at the gas station. (1968-1971)
    Between Mr. Norm’s and Nicky Chevrolet,the car adds never adds never stopped. (not to mention US 30 and Oswego drag strips adds, SUNDAY, SUNDAY SUNDAY!) I often thought I was born about 10 years too late. But being able to buy somewhat cool cars for a few hundred dollars. (1971 or 1972 Hurst Olds with a screwed up wiring harness with only 28K on the odo. for $600!) And being in a position to drive new GTOs, 455 TransAms, 455 GrandAms and autocross the wheels off (and do a lot of winning) Gen I Honda Civics. And with the way the world (read the insanity with our current politics) I guess my time was/is about right.

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    • Superdessucke

      Yes, sounds like a good time compared to now! I think the days of the big money for these things is about over but I don’t think the people buying them really care. They probably figure money is going to be worthless at some point in the near future so might as well enjoy it now? That’s about all I can figure. Anyway, back to the subject, I’m surprised this is only bid up to 11 quite honestly.

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      • Charles Sawka

        One thing,us old guys from the 5o’s and 60’s, keep forgetting is that even a car as potent as this super bee or a GTO or SS Chevy, most of the new V8 power cars we have now will blow them away, while getting 25 mpg and able to stop ! But they are soulless.

    • David Bailey

      Wayne, Just an aSIDE. tHOSE, “…SUNDAY!…Sunday…SUNDAY ..’, ads originated by Detroit/Windsor, Ontario CKLW , The Big 8 DJ, Rockin’ Robin Seymour and originally for The Motor City Dragway-Sibley at Dix. Started, I think, around 1960, or so….

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      • gaspumpchas

        Ahhh CKLW, just the sound of those call letters warms my heart, a true blowtorch station. Picked it up one night on my 83 Honda radio, in poughkeepsie, NY, Still the best oldies!! Sorry, OT from this ol grey haired radio geek. Stay safe and good luck!

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    • JOHN Member

      Being from the northern suburbs side, we frequented Great Lakes Dragaway. But yeah, between Nickey and Mr. Norm’s, great place to grow up in the late 60’s!

  5. Chris M.

    For the record this will be his 3rd go around luring potential buyers with his precious prop slot mags!

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  6. Mark Taeschner

    Hey guys…the FACT that ANY Mopar still EXISTS TODAY is “good enough”…Stop the hate. Put that energy into restoration….of your bad attitude and self. Fill the emptiness with…”MOPAR”.

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  7. gaspumpchas

    Looks like the hi bidder is a scammer. This one looks complete but rusty. Worth bringing back. Those days of SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY were precious times indeed until they slipped away, Good luck and stay safe!

    Pocono Drag Lodge forever….

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    Lot of “Mr. Norm” stuff popping up lately.

  9. keith clark Member

    After going to Ebay it states fender tag is missing how?

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  10. Wayne

    David B. Yes I heard that just the other day on XM Radio (6). Still brings back lots of memories. I ran US 30 twice. And have been to Oswego a couple of times. (I’m more of a road race guy now)

  11. Super Glide

    Every Mr. Norm car that went through his Dyno-Tuning had to take the obligatory trip to Skips Fiesta Drive Thru. Or just line up on North Ave
    and hit it!

    Mr. Norm and Nickey Chevrolet were the Kings of Speed. In reality the competition was great for business. If you bought a Dart or a Nova, the question wasn’t about fuel economy. The question was, “How big of a Big Block do you want in it.”

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  12. Super Glide

    Sorry, I forgot the ?.

  13. MOPAR Joe

    SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY… follow the crowd to New England Dragway, Rte 101, Epping, NH. I guess they all used the same ad back in the day.

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  14. martinsane

    69 or 68? The header and differ.
    Regardless this and the Coronet 500 of similar ilk afe faves for me.
    The Mr Norm means absolutely nada.

  15. Kevin

    I grew up in Chicago, my older brother who sadly is deceased,used to go down there and drool over the cars,and watch the “test drives”,at that dealership, sadly this car has sat way too long,can be saved and should, but,obviously by someone with deep,deep,pockets, and a stronger emotional connection than I,but I really like the style of these cars,and would drive even a standard coronet 440 with a 318 3 speed manual,personally I’d look for solid body. Over drivetrain any day.

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  16. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    First of all to say that the Mr. Norm attachment means nothing is wrong. He was the Yenko, Nickey, Harrell, Dana, Motion of the Mopar world. With his passing away at the end of February I wouldnt be surprised to see more and more of his cars pop up for sale. His passion continued into the newer cars you see on the road today. He had a booth at the MCACN show every year talking the old days and selling merchandise. This car here is uniquely optioned and probably has some cool stories to tell, if cars could talk…..Its a shame the tag is missing and that this seller continuously shows us cars with those same slotted mags that dont come with the cars hes selling. Maybe hes just showing you how good the car could look, or better. Something about Mopars and slotted mags, like cookies and milk, beer and wings!!!! They may be old school but they just just work. Be a shame to see this one fall through the cracks, its better than the other cars hes sold that were far more weathered. Nonetheless, a fun find for the day, keep em coming.

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  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $13,800.

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