Mucho Macho: 1979 Dodge Power Wagon

This tough mudder is a 1979 Dodge Power Wagon “Macho” edition. It’s one of the trucks from Dodge’s “Adult Toys” series from the late-70s. This cool project truck is on Craigslist in Fargo, North Dakota with an asking price of $3,950. If the link goes away the ad can be found here.

I absolutely love these trucks, maybe because I myself am pretty much the exact opposite of being macho. This one, as you can see, will need some bodywork and rust repair, maybe because I myself need bodywork and rust repair.. hey, wait a minute.

This is a W150, Dodge’s designation for a half-ton pickup. The Macho package (hey, watch it) was available both on Power Wagons like this example, and also on the Ramcharger. These were third-generation D-Series pickups from Dodge and they also made the L’il Red Express, the Warlock, the Macho Power Wagon Palomino, the Macho Power Wagon Top Hand, the Adventurer, and the Midnite Express.

This truck will need some work, there is no question about it. They are pretty rarely seen vehicles and it could be worth a restoration effort if a person could do a lot of the work him/herself. I never like to see hanging wires under a dash like that, and that screwed-on plate on the left side of the gauges? What’s that about? I see, it’s probably just that, a blank plate that he black paint has worn off of? There is a small tach in a similar panel on the right side of the gauges. Peeling “wood” trim/paper, and all sorts of other tasks await the next owner. How are the seats, Scotty G?! Well, see for yourself, you didn’t expect perfect seats, I hope? The seller mentions that the floors are good, and they have provided a couple of photos of them for you to judge.

This is Dodge’s 360 V8 which would have had around 180 hp, not a lot for sure. And, the AC, as seen in the engine photos, would have zapped even more power but would have been a nice feature to have. The seller says that this truck “runs great!” Repair panels are available so if you’ve been looking for a Macho Power Wagon and have some welding and other restoration skills, this would be a fun truck to own.

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  1. Andre

    Maybe the inspiration for the modern day Ram Rebel?

    Macho flash for a micro…


  2. John M.

    It’ll need some TLC but the truck is certainly worth saving. And a fairly rare rig to boot.

  3. txchief

    Quien es mas macho? Ricardo Montalban es mas macho!

  4. JimmyJ

    Reminds me of rick Simons truck from Simon And Simon except his was a long box.
    There’s a guy out here in Vancouver BC that has a green one with a 5.9 Cummins… Very cool!
    Always wanted one of these u just never see them anymore

    • seth karpen

      not an easy conversion considering how heavy the cummins is

    • Jon Sherman

      I LOVE the idea of a a 5.9 Cummings in one 👍👍

  5. F.A.G.

    Those custom tailgate latches add that pride of ownership that we all like to see.


    When my brother sees this post, he’ll quip, “Now, all we need is a big, floppy hound (Marlowe). No, wait, that’s why I keep YOU around!!!” 😆😃🐶 (SIMON & SIMON rules!)

  7. Gene Parmesan

    Dig that graphics package, the tach, and the Mopar Tuff Wheel for sure. Also, “Adult Toys” is a bold and hilarious phrase to use when coming up with an ad campaign for vehicles.

  8. Dave

    I saw this truck in the June Hot Rod. The differential was broken, the right rear whell fell off while dragging it out of the barn.

    • Warlock1

      That truck you saw in Hot Rod, is a totally different truck! Different color, different interior
      and options.. Look at it again..

  9. Greg Member

    Funky 70’s truck! My Dad had a 78 Plymouth Trailduster Sport when I was in high school. He bought it to tow the family boat. He was convinced the top didn’t come off until my buddy and me took it off one weekend when he was out of town. Pile in six of your best friends and head to the drive-ins! Ah, the good old days. Anyway, with the 440 engine it had balls! Wish I had bought it from him. It was like brand new.
    All these 70’s Dodge and Plymouth trucks are hard to find in great condition. This pickup is well worth saving.

  10. Troy

    Best body style of all Dodge trucks as far as I’m concerned. Like the 360 ,does it have a 4 barrel or 2 barrel? Can’t be the same version as the red express. I see some Cummins conversions mentioned, but how about a late model hemi? That would add to the macho image!

  11. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Scotty, Thanks for including the Craigslist ad saver link. I sometimes don’t get to the BF listings for awhile after they have been posted, and it is always disappointing when a great vehicle gets scooped up before being able to see all of the photos.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      You’re welcome, PRA4SNW! It’s nice to be able to see all of the photos, either right now or even months or years after the ad goes away.

  12. Mike Williams

    That could be a fun runner at the Pismo Dunes !

  13. DG

    Boy, did I love these trucks when I was a kid. This and the Warlock stepside were my favorites.

  14. Mark

    Not unless they swapped engines it is a 318. I used to own that orange 79 macho power wagon. Either way glad to see somebody put a transmission in it and got it drivable. I just picked up a 78 macho powerwagon to replace that one.

    • Warlock1

      Hey Mark,
      I currently own this truck, and have decoded The vin etc. It decodes as a “High line wagon(Royal Sportsman) LA 360 V8 engine 2V”. She’s nicely optioned. If you have any past original history on it, please let me know. It’s in good hands in dry Ca. Climate now. Thx, Kevin

  15. Mark

    The Macho power wagon I just bought..

    Like 1
  16. John

    Have never seen a 440 2 barrel anything.

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