Muscle Convertible: 1969 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

Muscle cars are a favorite to many, but many are engulfed with rust, especially in the convertible variety. The seller of this ’69 442 has so delicately asked, “how many unmolested, complete and numbers matching 442 convertibles are out there?” I would dare say that there are not too many remaining. Very original and unrestored, this 442 convertible is a great starting place for a convertible muscle car. With the ability to run and drive long enough to get on a trailer, this Olds has struck the hearts of many with 30 bids, and a current bid price of $8,507. Take a look at it here on ebay out of Thawville, Illinois.

After 23 years of barn storage, this 400 cubic inch V8 does run, but can only be run for short periods of time due to a faulty water pump. Capable of running and driving this muscle car could be made into a driver with a few weekends worth of work.

Considering this car has little of the convertible top left remaining, the interior aged incredibly well. There is some light mold and dirt on the steering wheel, but there is really little else to make mention of. The dash is remarkably nice, as is the upholstery.

Who could believe that the interior would have survived so well? it would seem that the only fault with the upholstery is a few split seams on the driver seat.


As a whole the body seems very reasonable, but there are some dents and rust from a life lived in the fast lane. Large and obvious, there is a dent in the passenger side door, as well as in the passenger front fender. Rust can be seen on the rockers, and in the lower portions of the quarters, but thankfully there appears to be no holes, or extensive rot in this convertible. There are some minor rust blisters on the bottom edge of the trunk, and the seller has described the hood as “junk.” The concerns with the hood aren’t exactly visible, but perhaps it could be repaired? With the top blown out, the top frame seems to be in fair and ready to use condition. Also the seller mentions that there is little rust in the floors and in the trunk. In running and reasonable condition, this 442 convertible certainly holds some promise. With little time remaining in the auction, what would you pay for this sleek muscle convertible?

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  1. Martyd

    That’s a money pit.

  2. Sam

    I like Oldsmobiles…agree about the money pit. Don’t confuse the worn blue paint or old respray for one of those new fangled fancy satin paint jobs.

    The seller forgot to mention the free/bonus 4×4 that can be used for a mailbox post after you fix the hood springs.

  3. Phil Harris

    I think needs a bigger board to hold the hood up. Maybe a sky hook would help.

  4. Sparkster

    I’m sure glad they mowed the grass first , BEFORE taking all of these pictures of a beautiful car. 30 bids OMG

    • mike

      the farm looks to be nicely maintained.. the 442 not so much.

  5. Robb

    Money pit is very close to the accuracy of this potential investment. I’m thinking Oldsmobiles as represented in High brow car auctions don’t get much love, maybe because of years of stodgy designs.. Although in my opinion – 69′ 442 could be at the pinnacle visually Oldsmobile muscle car.
    As for an investor there’s no upside. However if you love the 442 it’s not a bad first love. Gg

  6. Gearheaddropping

    As the owner of a 1969 442, I do agree that this is probably the best looking year (especially the W30 with the under fender scoops). This example is going to cost a ton to restore. Even if it was a manual car, I can’t see getting getting out from underneath it cost wise.

  7. ccrvtt

    The ’69 442 is one of my top 5 dream cars – but not this one. Lots of things to like about it but missing a top makes it really marginal. Not even as a gift would it be worth it. Sad.

  8. Chuck hills

    One of my dream car,s for sure the 1969 Olds cutlass the 442 didn’t have the crome fender trim .It looks to me like it has been removed this might be a Cutlass S not a 442 money pit or not It could some sweet stock unit when done back to original and that is what I would do. My aunt had a 69 Cutlass S convertible same color combo as here buckets center console same as here she had white top on her,s beautiful car when done wish I had these bones to start with.

    • Gearheaddropping

      This one is a 442. All 1969 442’s have the VIN start with 344. They also differ from the Cutlass by having boxed trailing arms, a rear sway bar and rocket emblems on the front door panels.

      This one should have a “G” 400 block and “C” heads. The W30 had “D” heads which are getting to be “unobtanium”. Even though I have one, I am not a big fan of this 400 engine. Its all stroke and runs out of breath pretty quick. I think the 455 in the 1970 442 is much better especially with the W30 cam and intake.

      There is one piece of that fender trim left on this car. I had to replace a rear one on mine and it was pretty expensive 12 years ago.

  9. PJ

    I agree this one is a money pit. Looks like it might have been Juniors when it was new based on the body work needed. Obviously rode hard and put away wet.

  10. DonC

    I had a ’69 442 back in 78 & 79. Hardtop though. This car has pros but a bunch of cons. Might be worth it if you just really love these and just fix it up to drive. But full restoration? I doubt it’s worth that investment.

  11. Tommy

    Love the hood prop and the top with a moon roof!

  12. Paul

    They make plenty of repo parts for these….. so parts are on the less expensive side. I have seen some worse cars restored with profit this car is only going to go higher in value. It is in my opinion well worth the biding price so far.

  13. CarOli

    Looks like this 442 got “munsoned”. (Kingpin movie reference)

  14. Pa Tina

    How much you think that hood weighs?

  15. Bill Young

    Those cars never ran fast.
    Easily beaten by Mustangs or anything. Drove an 84 Hurst Old.
    Some ” mystery shifter” brand new dealer car. My 80 Camino would waste the ols
    Neat look but no way restore worthy. Junk it

  16. Bill Young

    Oh. And. My 71 SS Camino ?
    Bad news. . New Challengers
    Can’t hang. LAMO ! 👍👍👍


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