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NASCAR Tribute: 1959 Ford Custom

This awesome-looking 1959 Ford Fairlane hasn’t been restored nor has it been left with the original patina finish. Painted to look like a NASCAR tribute, it will definitely stand out in a crowd. It can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of $8,900. Located in Hutchinson, Kansas, it appears the car has been clear-coated over the original patina and hand-painted graphics. Check out this vintage-style racer and thanks to Larry D. for the tip on this one.

Unfortunately, the engine isn’t a fire-breathing V8 like a modern NASCAR has, but the seller says the straight-six “is very mean and loud sounding.” The power is shifted through a 3-on-the-tree transmission and the ad says you can fly to Kansas and drive it home! New parts include the following: brake lines, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, spark plugs, plug wires, carburetor, electric fuel pump, water pump, radiator, thermostat, header, and battery.

The interior is still in stock trim. Where you might expect a racing seat, quick-release steering wheel, and roll cage, lie a pretty nice cockpit. You can see in this photo, there is a separate handle to roll down the back windows even though this is a post car. If this was your car, would you continue the NASCAR theme and strip out the interior?

Here you can see some of the artwork that is done to make this car look like a vintage racer. The letting has been aged well and looks really good. As you can see, the car calls out the Wood Brothers, who are NASCAR royalty. Overall, this is a really cool car that looks like a blast to drive. What do you think about replicas like this?


  1. angliagt angliagt

    It all just doesn’t look right,& those wheels
    weren’t around in that era.It just looks pathetic.

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    • Steve R

      There isn’t much anyone can do to a car that is tackier than adding numbers and fake sponsors to do a race car “tribute”. Especially one that’s rusty and beat to death with a 6 cylinder engine, if you are going to fake it, at least give it some power.

      Steve R

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  2. Nash Bridges

    This is an outrage!

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  3. dwcisme

    I see where the seller was going and appreciate his ambition but: Way too much cancer going on here. Since the rest of the stock car equipment is missing (basically there’s just a trick paint job) it would be better as a restoration or might not even be worth doing that. Putting Wood Brothers I.D. on a 6 cylinder Fairlane would be like putting Dale Earnhart’s #8 on a 6 cylinder Monte Carlo (and who would do that?).

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    • dwcisme

      Of course I meant #3. I got confused because Dale Jr. named his father after himself.

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      • Steve Clinton

        “Dale Jr. named his father after himself.”
        I think you’re still confused. LOL!

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      • Dave

        Barkeep, I’ll have whatever he’s having!

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      • Howard Kerr

        I have this problem in that I find it difficult to make up my mind and when I develop a plan, sticking with it. That is my way of saying that this car looks like someone had a plan and then after starting, changed his mind, and now has changed it again and is selling out.
        If this were my car I would strongly consider swapping that 6 cylinder for a V8, though I can’t decide whether I would go ” vintage ” or modern. If I was keeping the engine, I would dump the faux graphics and maybe restore the body as that rust is unattractive if not dangerous.
        Now, once again, here is where I change my mind: this ALMOST looks like a dirt track racer, so I would re-do the NASCAR graphics and exchange them for ” local looking ” vintage dirt track graphics.
        Those wheels? They look wrong for a 50s look ” tribute ” but if you went with a restomod…?

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  4. Pit stop Pauly

    Who’s selling it, P.T.Barnum?

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  5. nlpnt

    First thing I’d do is paint it a solid color, either red or turquoise. Second thing is paint the wheels white.

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  6. Maverick

    The first thing I would do is run.

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  7. Geoff Littlefield

    I find this all amusing, this car was what the original owner wanted to do with the car. Perhaps the owner couldn’t afford to put a V8 in it, or perhaps he liked the six cylinder engine. If YOU don’t like then don’t, just scroll on by. I think it’s pretty cool, I realize it’s not a real race car, but that’s how auto racing started out as a street car stripped out to go racing.

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  8. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I will give credit to Montana for the line “…. the Wood Brothers, who are NASCAR royalty.” Very true statement, unfortunately the car doesn’t really fit. It’s not even #21.

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  9. Brewmenn

    I like it. I’m doing everything i can to convince myself not call my son who lives near KC and telling him to get ready for a road trip.

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  10. Will Fox

    Fake patina. Nothing looks worse IMO. It would’ve been better off as it was before this was done. Add to that the fact that it’s a six, which contradicts all the phony ‘race’ lettering. I think it’s a candidate for a demo derby.

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  11. pwtiger

    What is this guy smoking? I know that the ditchweed in Kansas is not very potent…

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  12. Bunky

    A swing….and a miss!

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  13. BigDoc Richard Van Dyke Sr

    Sad just sad

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  14. Ryan Naro

    It looks like a driver thats meant for fun. We’re not all rich retired boomers who drive fully restored red 69 Camaro’s with black racing stripes with a yeti cooler and IPA’s in the trunk and covered in Betty Boop stickers. It’s an old classic that’s meant to be fun.

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  15. Kevin

    If it was like $1800…maybe,then it would be worth stripping the awful clear/paint combo, and getting a cheap paint job,and definitely regular steelies with either ford flat caps or baby moons,and just cruise.

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  16. Troy s

    The six blows it for me. Now, if it had some kind of Ford V8, with large diameter side exit exhaust pipes, at least a bucket seat with a big Hurst competition plus shifter it might be more interesting. As it sits now it’s just a prop.

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  17. Howard A Member

    Okay, the lettering is a bit much, but I think many are missing the point. 2 door, ’59 Fords are incredibly rare. ’59 was one of my favorite years, and the IL6, none better, got 3 pedals for you “shifty” folks, I think this is a great find. To be clear, I don’t remember too many ’59 Ford’s in racing, but back then, they really were “stock” cars.

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    • bone

      True, in 59 it seemed most Fords out there were Tbirds , but by 1960 there were more full size Fords out there.

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  18. martinsane

    Potato, pootatoe. Its fine and the 6 and 3 on the tree are good for a cruise.
    Just way to much money. Now dont get all snippy but this is lucky to be a $900 car and then you might spend 40k restoring it or just drive it til it implodes and leave it on the side of the road.
    Look behind the fdont seat and not the jumper cables, never a possitive sign for the charging/electrical system.

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  19. chrlsful

    da Bernie Fife-mobile? Oh, no, no. Andy’s car! That six fits Andy’s style. Plodding and steady, a good spirit toid. Never in a rush abt Otis drinkin. Just ease him into the cell. Even chasin that criminal Luke Comstock (actor Leo Gordon) never displayed too much rushin around. (man, the character names, even the actual stage names they selected for themselves back then) Edward G Robinson’s real name was Emanuel Goldberg, now theres a real, good, true, and fine name. Gotta change it tho…
    Rest0mod this anyway U want, but paint it like Andy’s – that’ll sell it !

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Chrisful, AG fan, eh? The 1st car we saw Andy drive was the 1960 cruiser but the pilot show, that aired Feb. 5, 1960, featuring Danny Thomas, he DID have a ’59 Ford. Good work! You did know that was filmed at Universal Studios, Hollywood, and not NC,,,

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  20. Robt

    Two door 59 fairlane is nice. 6 with a 3 on the tree is fine as well, I’ve had a few.
    But the clear coated racing theme does not work for me. Nor is it enough for what is being asked. Just makes me think somebody is trying to distract from the reality of the included corrosion.
    Does have a nice stance.

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  21. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Oh, if I had the means I’d pick this up for the asking price along with the 1959 Courier ambulance and keep the pair nice for the rest of my life. But in the case of this race tribute….the wheels would have to go back to steelies with dog dish hubcaps and I’d add a full interior kit, now available for Customs and 300s. Hopefully that 6 banger still has some life in it.

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  22. Bob

    This car was built by the Wood Brothers. Drift and Dead.

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  23. Gary

    I would take out the 6 cylinder and slap in a 390 C.I. 4bbl Thunderbird Engine and give it a Professional paint job and add the 6 with the 5 and make it number 56 the year i was born

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  24. Robt

    Still like this car for what it is. Presentation doesn’t do it for me.
    But, … I love the 6 inline/3 on the tree combo, complete with a Holley 2bbl on the intake. A rare 2 door as well.
    Wonder what it sold for if it sold. Price was s bit optimistic.

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