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Nice One! 1969 E-Type With AC & A 4-Speed

I can hear the naysayers now: “It’s not a Series I”, “The body isn’t perfect”, “It’s white”, “It’s not a drop head!” My answer: I don’t care, it’s an E-Type that appears to need very little if anything to be a decent driver and, most importantly, the buy it now price of $39,500 is only about $6,000 over the price of the average new car sale in the USA. It’s located in Santa Monica, California and is listed here on eBay. Note that bidding is underway about $4,000 below the buy it now figure and the auction goes out soon, so don’t dilly dally!

No, it’s not a Series I, and by this point the car was riding the longer 2+2 wheelbase that does spoil the lines some to most. But it’s still unmistakably a Jaguar, the chrome wires look fantastic and despite being a little wavy in places, I can live with the bodywork as is, at least for the moment. Chrome looks decent and I don’t see signs of the car being bent.

Besides, you can tell your friends you bought a used four seat hatchback, right? Sound like a plan to you? Nope, I don’t think I’d get away with it either, but it would be fun trying. The seller tells us that the car only has 60,000 miles and was kept in California.

While the front seats have been reupholstered, the rest of the interior is said to be original and looks terrific! Yes, folks, that is a four speed manual shifter you see, and if you look really closely you’ll see air conditioning vents! You see so many 2+2’s that are automatics I don’t even think about manual ones! I should note that the seller calls this a good project car. To me, it’s a driver as soon as I went over brakes and other safety items.

You won’t see this view of an engine compartment from many classics, and this one looks particularly nice. Nope, it doesn’t have three carbs; those plebian Stromberg CD175’s are the same basic pair of carbs you’ll find under the hood of a TR6, TR7, or TR8! I’m fine with that! What do you think? Over $100,000 for a good Series I, or $39,500 for this one? I know which one my budget would lean towards!


  1. RicK

    2+2? Boy that is an obnoxious look. Think I’ll pass, spend the addt’l $30K and get the stunning 2 seater Series 1 E Type coupe (or I could spend an extra $65K or so and have the sexiest car ever, the Series 1 E Type Roadster

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  2. Zaphod

    You’re in my territory now. Decent series 2.5, usual problem with the torsion bars indicates it’s had work ( low front stance) interior’s clean, 2+2 bodies handle better than standard coupes even if they have the “sit up and beg” A pillars.
    Interior looks complete and, in this market, while $39,500 is steep, it represents a sound long position. You’ve got to want it and, if you do, it will return pleasure and profit within 5 years, but don’t expect 25%.

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  3. Howard A Member

    Regardless of model designation,,,,,nicest car ever made. I had a chance to buy a ’70 roadster back in the early ’70’s. $2,895,,, the most I could muster up was $2g’s, so went with a MGB. I loved the MGB, but always wanted the E type. Looks like I’ll never get one now. Nicest car ever made.

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  4. Coventrycat

    Any E-Type is fine by me.

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  5. Van

    I agree with the, “yes but it’s an E-type” crowd. I believe you can buy a convertible conversion kit. Drive it now as a driver, if funds become available later cut the top off. Win win.

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    • Ck

      What?????cut the top off?????Really! !!You are alowed to have those thoughts in your head,but don’t let them out.Not here anyway. Lol.

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    • jake

      Not a good idea to make a 2+2 into a convertible, big $$ loser!!!

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  6. Wayne

    “Absolutely no rust”, mmm, then what are all those holes around the ID plate?

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  7. David

    All in all a nice looking Jag. But with the amount of overspray in areas I would have wanted to be more careful with, and as Wayne noticed the rust around the ID plate, it sure would be nice to be able to see the “before” pictures prior to respray. As a long time Jag owner, the rust lurking in these can be incredible and proper due diligence would be warranted. Nicely done interior though which really brings out the great design of these cars.

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  8. Racer417

    Very poor bonnet fit (not an easy fix), as well as the rest of the stuff mentioned. Don’t even THINK of cutting the top off a S1 or S2 2+2. You want chassis flex? This wheelbase chassis was never a convertible until the V12 S3, which had significant stiffening added to the monocoque.
    That said, price is a little optimistic, even if the car checks out. As for a nice S1 coupe.. at least 90k, probably more.

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  9. Joe Haska

    I agree 100% with your comments and although a couple of these have gone through the revolving door on my garage, I’m no expert on e-type Jags. Still I think your dead nuts on!

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  10. MQ

    Having restored several E-types for the last 3 years I can state 3 facts
    1) There is no such thing as a rust free E-type
    2) Anything but a Series 1 is a waste of money, especially a 2+2
    3) The inline 6 is a tractor engine that weeps oil constantly, even rebuilt ones

    The E-type market is also a bubble that will pop sooner than later.

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  11. Capt RD

    a few ads for this going back to 2012


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  12. Van

    The first comment from everyone is usually, but it’s a 2+2. It’s not so rare that converting to a roadster would be a problem. I’d keep it as is anyway, as a driver.

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  13. Brad

    It is a beautiful car regardless

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  14. Pappy2d

    Excuse my Jag ignorance here. Cut the top off? Wouldn’t that require a ton of metal fab? I know money can make many things possible, but would the car have even it’s original value as a conversion?

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    • Klharper

      It is not impossible and it has been done several times before. There are cross braces and the seats have to be changed.
      One of the advantages to the conversion is that you get the bigger interior like a series 3 but with the lighter and easier to maintain straight 6.
      The conversion cost is not cheap and you will never get concours value for the car, but you will get close to the cost of an OTS. The big driver is condition and not the conversion.

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  15. john C

    A good read you posted for us Capt RD; thanx. A nice car, but our white Toyota will have to suffice for now… or ever. love the E-Types too, however some of my favorite cars are always just out of reach…and in my 60’s, I must ‘think’ I can jump in and out of such gorgeous automobiles still… Best of the new year BF, and beyond.

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  16. JagManBill

    As the 6ft 4 owner of a 69 2+2 4spd w/ac for 41 years I prefer it to ANY of my Dad’s or friends S1’s (FHC or OTS) as a driver. Yeah if you want the wind in your hair from an OTS then do it. But on a cold winter day THAT car is in the garage.

    OBTW…my 2+2 has just over 200k on it…. screw this 60k stuff…drive the dang thing!

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  17. Pappy2d

    Thanks Jag man. I’m with you, run the wheels off them.

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  18. Curtis

    2+2 e-types are only homely because the coupe and convertible exist. If they did not this would be one of the prettiest cars you had ever seen.

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  19. Dale Leier

    When is someone going to get smart and build Series 1 replicas with an inline 6 from BMW, Toyota Supra or …. ?

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    • Klharper

      There have been replicas built the one that springs to mind is “Challenger”. The standard engine for this replica was the jag inline 6 but many were built with v8’s.
      The replicas just don’t make financial sense. A good E type series 1 is going to cost about 120k a good replica will cost you about 60k completed. Sounds good so far. But in five years the real jag is still going to be worth north of 120k and the rep will be worth half of its original cost. The cost of the copy is too close to the original and the depreciation just makes it unfeasible.
      Finally there is nothing wrong with the jag inline 6. It did win Lemans several times. Proper service is a must, but they are pretty stout.

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      • Dale Leier

        Thanks for the insight. If I was “investing” then obviously buying an original makes the best sense. But, if I want an affordable daily driver, with the beauty of a classic that does not require “proper service”, then a repro makes sense. Lot’s of Speedster Replica owners get this…

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  20. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Pretty rig, 1 bid of 35K. Reserve not met.

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  21. rich voss

    Have had four friends with Series 1 converts, two of those so early they had the non-syncho box. Wish I hadn’t been such a “good” friend…helped two of four doing mechanical work on them. Regularly. I believe even Enzo Ferrari praised the looks of the first ones. How could you NOT ! Lovely, but not this one. Just not a fan of 2+2s, and I’m tall. BTW, there is an English manufacturer that makes a “better” XKE and it costs (or did cost) 85K plus. Name escapes me. Faster, handles better, all new electrics, ABS, apparently well made, you get the idea. Just not a real Jaguar.

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