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No More Excuses! 1960 Rambler American


Ok, no more excuses! I know who you are–you lurkers, you folks that claim that you’ll purchase a classic car “some day,” but they are all either too expensive, need too much work, or aren’t red. Yes, aren’t red! Take a look at any classic car show and you’ll see that 1/4 to 1/2 of all the cars there are red, whether they started that way or not! Well, this 1960 Rambler American Super is your car! Your excuses are over–you’re going to be a classic car owner! Plan on your trip to Brookeville, Maryland now, and go ahead and see where this beauty is being sold here on eBay, with a minimum bid of $1,750 without a reserve but an incredibly low buy-it-now of $2,300! That’s right, that’s less than $200/month for a year!


Here’s the requisite body damage–there’s always something that has to be done on a classic car; it keeps the new owner busy. No, not the bird excrement on the door, I’m talking about the crease/scratch on the front of the fender. Given the fact that the car isn’t the original red color anyway, it should be easy to touch up with even more red! Shazam! Be sure and clean off the bird poop, too.


In this shot, you can see that the car was originally red, just not a “Wow, I can paint my car a Ferrari color!” red. But that’s ok, that just means that you can spray the door jambs with the same touch up paint you bought to take care of that fender scrape! And the seller is including new carpeting, so your spouse can’t complain that their feet don’t feel good when they kick off their shoes on that first weekend drive in your first classic car! You’ll get some great satisfaction cleaning those two-toned door panels as well to return the putty color to cream–and you can do that with household cleaner; no extra expense at all!


The seller has been kind enough to include a great set of color-matched fuzzy dice: another expense averted! They also tell us that it runs well enough that you could take it across country on its new tires and new brakes. It even comes with the original keys in the original dealer key fob!


Since this isn’t the Custom model, it has the base 195.6 cubic inch flathead six making an easy 90 horsepower–not a lot, but the car delivered 30 miles (and smiles!) per gallon in a day when a lot of cars were barely into double digits. So your new classic car will be economical as well! And look at how easy it will be to service–can you imagine spark plugs and an oil filter being easier to get to than these? I can’t!

You may think that I’ve been making fun of this great classic — believe me, I’m not! I am totally flabbergasted that you can get this neat of an old car for $2,300! And I’m thinking of all of the people I’ve met over the years that have all kinds of excuses why they are not joining the old car hobby, and I think this car meets them all. If I didn’t already have my Triumphs, I’d be driving to Brookeville this afternoon! And if you already have your red classic car (by the way, two of mine are red, and another one is red/gray two-tone), pass this on to one of your friends that has been making excuses for years!


  1. Bill

    That is neat. it would even make a fun daily driver. I’m also interested in that Austin FX4 in the background.. looks like this guy has similar tastes to me (non-normal cars)

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  2. Rando

    Shoot yeah! I’d do it. 4 doors and all. Some white stripe tires and go cruise in it. Kids in the back and all. Hope they are throwing in the pink flamingo!

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  3. Dolphin Member

    Back in the haze of time I can remember when these were new. They were your maiden aunt’s or bachelor uncle’s car. About as far from the cool and stylish Chevy hard tops and convertibles as you could get.

    Fortunately, now they’re much cooler than they were back then.

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  4. Brian

    It says right at the top of the ebay listing that the woman (Fiore) DOES NOT come with the car. READ PEOPLE!

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  5. jim s

    manual transmission, no power steering or a/c, and has a dent or two. i see a daily driver. make it safe and put a lot of miles on it. take it to the car show and park next to the expensive cars. great find.

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  6. Stephen Taylor

    Looks like a cross between the Skoda Felicia and a Checker Marathon. Love it.

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  7. Ed P

    It looks like the carburetor is mounted directly to the cylinder head. Did these engines have the intake manifold passages built into the flat head design?

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  8. David

    I bought one right after High School.
    If it was the same model. What people don’t know is. If you slide the front bench seat all the way up you could recline the seats all the way back and it would turn into a bed! WHY?



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  9. grant

    Most guys would discreetly enjoy the scenery and be respectful. Just sayin’.

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  10. Joe

    Robert, this kind of attitude in car enthusiast culture is a large part of the reason there are hardly any female car enthusiasts. Barnfinds is delightfully free of sexist advertising banners and such; let’s keep it out of the comments too, and maybe more women will take an interest in our hobby and not be turned away.

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  11. Brian

    Hmmm. I was just joking around.

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  12. grant

    No Robert. You are being creepy and weird. And please, borrow a 8th graders English text and brush up…

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