No Reserve: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

This 1968 Corvette Convertible is a car that comes with a mystery or two. The owner purchased the vehicle from a deceased estate. The family of the deceased former owner was unable to provide any significant information about the history of the car. The current owner also admits that he knows little about Corvettes, which means that information in the listing is quite sparse. However, the Corvette does show some promise as a project car, and it is being offered for sale in a no reserve auction. It is located in Piscataway, New Jersey, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $8,901 at the time of writing.

The owner states that the Corvette doesn’t wear its original paint. Decyphering the limited information that he provides suggests that it might have originally been finished in Cordovan. Regardless, the finish is now extremely tired, and a full repaint will be on the agenda. The optional hardtop appears to be in good condition, but there is no information supplied about a soft-top. There is also no information provided about the state of either the frame or the birdcage, so we are flying blind in several areas. The wheels aren’t original, and if they are to be retained, they will need some refurbishing to return them to a decent shine. The trim and chrome looks acceptable, and I think that it would respond to a bit of work with some polish. The headlights don’t raise, which is a common problem. There is probably a leak in the system which will require attention. The Corvette features Soft Ray glass, and this isn’t showing any obvious flaws.

The mechanical specifications of the Corvette is where the owner really suffers, and he readily admits this. He states that he is unsure whether the Corvette is a numbers-matching vehicle. I suspect that it isn’t. The 1968 model year offered several variations of either the 327ci or 427ci V8, but I don’t believe that this is either. To me, this looks like it might be a 350, but I’m sure that one of our knowledgeable readers will be able to confirm this. It is backed by a 3-speed automatic transmission, while power steering is also part of the package. The current owner states that he has redone the brakes and that the Corvette now runs and drives well. He does say that it will require a new power steering pump, but these cost less than $200, so that isn’t a significant issue. They can also be installed in a home workshop with a bit of patience, and once they are working correctly, it can be a very satisfying fix. One item that will require attention is the ignition shielding. This equipment is missing, and finding a replacement shield would probably be a wise move. All of the necessary components are available and should cost somewhere around $200.

There is nothing radically wrong with the interior, and it is serviceable as it stands. There is an aftermarket radio/cassette fitted, but replacing this (if required) would be easy. The dash and the majority of the plastic pieces look quite good. The carpet also appears to be tidy, and I don’t think that this would require replacement. However, a new set of covers for the seats and a set of door trims would have the interior presenting nicely. If I were going to the trouble and expense of replacing the covers, I would also treat the seats to new foam at the same time. All up, these parts are going to add around $1,500 to the cost of the restoration, but I believe that the interior would then present extremely nicely. The Corvette isn’t loaded with luxury appointments, but it does come equipped with power windows.

The 1968 model year marked the first year of C3 Corvette production. These chrome-bumper Corvettes remain extremely popular because the styling is clean and crisp. A few question marks are hanging over this car, but if taken on face value alone, it does show some promise as a project car. I’m not sure that it would be possible to complete a faithful restoration. However, there is no apparent reason why it couldn’t be made into an eye-catching car that could be enjoyed on a daily basis. It could make an excellent project for a parent to tackle with their child, and the result could be a vehicle that both would be proud of. If the bidding remains at around its current level, then it would definitely be worth considering.

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  1. Dave

    The flipper says, and I quote, “recently redone the brake system”. I certainly hope that someone who knows Corvettes did the work. If so, he should have asked the mechanic the basic questions. Or…is the car rotted out from Superstorm Sandy (was it found in a storage locker?) and by playing dumb a lot of info that would reduce the value of the car if inspected in person is remaining hidden? Don’t forget that 68s have a lot of one year only parts. Even so, the price is determined by how much risk a buyer is willing to take. If the price stays below 10 grand then that leaves you headroom to fix it right. I agree with the family project part and it would be a slice of history to go along with that Hot Wheels Redline car (that’s still in its unopened package!)

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  2. Classic Steel

    Its a starter vette. Not to bad but its NOM.
    I never get why sellers pretend their not knowing if numbers match.
    Youtube, library, internet, grade schoolers 🤔offer how to decide…

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    • Bruce

      That’s definitely not a 68 engine 1st thing is it’s black should be red 2nd the bolts on the valve cover are in the middle the should be on the outside edge so I believe this is not a numbers matching car

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      • Don

        Already been determined its not original heads + valve covers.
        Many things on this car are not original.

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  3. TimM

    I got to the part where it said three speed automatic and stopped reading!! Good luck to the buyer!!!

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  4. Jamie

    A 68 with with a column ignition. I suspect we need an investigation. 68 only. Had ignition on the dash. Needs more detail pics to make me pull the bid trigger

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    • Dynasonic

      That is weird about th e ignition, as the taillights (with no built in backup lights), the door handle/push I button setup, and no “Stingray” on the car is ‘68 correct.

    • Thom

      If you look at the picture with the interior you can see the key is hanging right underneath the steering wheel. Also Piscataway New Jersey probably wouldn’t of seen any of our very little of the flooding from super storm Sandy. Beautiful car lots of luck to the winning bid.

      • Jamie

        If you look at the pic closely the key is near the gas pedal. Supposed to be up on the dash. This car has been hacked

    • Gus

      68 better does indeed have columns ignition ! I own 3 of the hem and no dash boards

  5. Don

    Look at the center bolt valve covers.
    Dead giveaway not 68 heads more like mid 80s head design + most likely block .

    Many unknows ?

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  6. Tony

    Does anyone know what kind/brand the rims are on this 68?

  7. George Mattar

    Wrong engine and somebody went amok with black spray paint under the hood, including the aluminum radiator overflow tank. 68a are expensive to restore due in part to many one year only parts. Last year for ignition on dash. Headlamp buckets, doors, seats, steering wheel, the list goes on. So what the brakes were done. When? If these cars sir, guaranteed you will be replacing calipers again. Been there. Done that. You have to drive these cars. Birdcage rot is almost certain. Many uninformed folks think Corvettes don’t rust. Ha.

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  8. jerry z

    I see the owner states he has too many projects. From seeing how butchered this is, no wonder he is selling the car. Curious what price he got from the estate sale since the family most likely had no idea of the value of the car.

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  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    If it can stay under $10K, it would be an okay buy. The vinyl covered hardtop is probably worth $2K by itself.

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  10. Tony

    Does anyone know what kind of rims those are on this corvette?

  11. JYC

    Door locks, wipers flap vacuum actuator and steering wheel are 68.
    Complete interior is not 68 (seats, tilting steering column, door trims, dash …), engine not a 327 (no oil filler cap on the front)
    Looks like a 68 upgraded in period.

    • JYC

      Ah ! And door mirrors too of course !

  12. Dave Mazz

    The winning bid was US $12,400.00. I suspect the new owner knows he got a car with a number of non-1968 “upgrades” and is okay with that and he/she will have fun with this car..

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    • Stevieg

      I hope you are right Dave. As long as the buyer enjoys it, that really is all that counts.

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  13. John

    Could have been Corvette Bronze originally??

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