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No Reserve Survivor: 1983 Toyota Pickup 4×4

There’s a potential deal brewing for this no-reserve 1983 Toyota pickup equipped with four-wheel drive. The short box, along with upsized new tires and clean body, are all working in this truck’s favor. However, bidding seems a bit light at the moment, sitting at $9,100 and listed here on eBay. It’s rare to see one of these not already closing in on $20,000, so perhaps it’s just a case of a light weekend bidding.

The Toyota is mostly stock in appearance with the exception of the larger all-terrain tires and rear tube bumpers. The seller claims we’re looking at original paint on this ‘Yota and that it’s been garage-kept. Residing in Washington state, the truck is in perhaps the number one place in North America for finding a clean Toyota pickup that’s been used like an everyday driver. If this truck were in the snow- or rust belts, it’d be a pile of particles by now.

The interior is in clean condition with no obvious faults. The carpets are clean and the bucket seats show little in the way of wear and tear. The Toyota has the preferred manual gearbox and the rest of the very utilitarian cockpit looks at it should with no major modifications present. Tan on brown isn’t exactly a striking color combination but it’s typical 1980s Toyota. Aside from some aftermarket speakers mounted on the doors, I can’t see anything else out of place.

The 22R engine is legendary for its brute-like dependability and what it lacks in power and refinement, it makes up for with its long-lived reputation. The mileage is clearly entered in correctly in the listing, but I’m assuming the seller meant to write 146K. The listing mentions that this is a two-family-owned example, so if the condition and backstory check out, we’re looking at a very nice Toyota selling at no reserve for reasonable money (at the moment.)


  1. TIM HAHN Member

    People are nuts paying that much for a beat up, uncomfortable truck to drive. I’ve got two newer Toyota’s and I have driven those old cracker box ones. I’d rather spend the money on a ATV (side by side) and get a better off road vehicle. You get a back ache if drive one of those old pickups very far.

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    • Armstrongpsyd Armstrongpsyd Member

      I have an ‘86 SR5 4X4 and find it quite comfortable. I’m 6’1”, 200lbs and fit into the cab for both short trips and long hauls. I drive it daily as well as an occasional trip down into the deserts and beaches of Baja, Mexico. Not only that, but it carries lumber like a champ. To replace it with a new rig would cost something like $60K. It requires very little maintenance other than the obvious, and at a bit of an angle, I can sleep in the bed. I don’t know another 4X4 at $20K that’ll do any of that. Thanks Jeff for another great write-up.

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    • Jon

      I had an ’86 and drove up and down the east coast…..plenty comfortable. $9100 right now is a steal.

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  2. The Purple Defender

    A nice little work truck back in the day. A simpler more reasonable time.

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  3. Patrick

    The best thing about the 80’s was Toyota Pickups, Supras and Celica’s. The beginning of the Toyota Van and Camry. The reason I say this is I made a huge living selling these cars and trucks. The easiest sales I ever made was on 80’s Toyotas. I sold them while they were still on the convoy trucks. They were the hottest vehicles under the sun that decade.

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  4. ...

    Beautiful little trucks, but their roofs crushed in if they flipped over.

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    • Armstrongpsyd Armstrongpsyd Member

      Have you seen the crash test on the new Broncos?

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      • ...

        I saw the one where the dump truck crushes it like a beer can. It isn’t a pretty sight. All of the other trucks on the video did much better.

        Removable hard tops have no place on something that is intended to shake itself loose on dirt roads. It looks like they don’t just leak and squeak — they also don’t do well in a wreck.

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  5. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Love it. But straighten or even lose that “tube” bumper.

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    • ...

      Yeah that has to go. Check the frame too, just to make sure. That replacement bumpre is there for a reason.

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  6. Bick Banter

    I think it’s more than a case of light weekend bidding. I think vehicle prices in general are starting to come back to earth, as is real estate. Interest rates have something to do with it, and I think the pent up free spending is starting to get old for many folks.

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  7. Roy Schmelzer

    I agree with most comments about the Toyota ride, dependability, strong selling prices….. I have owned a lot of Toyotas and still drive a Tundra Crewmax Platinium and my wife drives her Lexus RX450h….. Both have been Awesome rides, trouble free and comfy…. as for caving in the roof….. I ride on rough gravel roads all day, everyday….. Seen Countless Ford, Chevy and Dodge with caved in roofs….. Just drive to keep the Shiny Side Up and the Dirty Side Down….. That plan has worked for me for well over 50 + years of driving

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  8. Walt from Vermont

    These are incredible trucks to own and drive. They can work all day with nary a whimper, use little fuel, and are ready to work the next day. A prime example of a WORK truck. Keep them out of the road salt, if you live in a state that uses it, they might outlast you. I own a 1979 SR5 2wd longbed that I put away 12 years ago. Why? Because I bought for little money a 1986 2wd longbed from an elderly couple who bought it new in Washington State and moved to Vermont. 214,000 miles. Automatic transmission. Thought it would last maybe 2 years. Hauled everything under the sun. Lasted 12 years. Retired it with 340,000 miles. Sold it cheap to a young man in Massachusetts. He fixed it up, put it on the road. Durable, dependable, and tough. Need I say more?

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  9. losgatos_dale

    A 40 year old Taco is NOT a 20 thousand dollar truck…..their point was being a low cost reliable vehicle, its already bid to extreme at half that, why try to ruin that great reputation as a low cost reliable truckie with hype?

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  10. MGSteve

    I drove an ’83 for 23 years. One head gasket, that was it, beyond normal maintenance. Sold it at 331,000 miles for more than I paid for it. Had three guys practically fighting over it . . . they bid the price up, while standing in front of me. Best truck I ever owned. I was never uncomfortable. OK, I will admit that my “new-to-me” 04 Tacoma (sadly, the last of the LITTLE Tacomas) has nice AC, and some assist with steering and braking. Guess I’m getting soft. I will put at least 300,000 on this “new-to-me” 04.

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  11. Kit

    I have a 1985 Toyota 1 ton. I am a third owner, and it has A little over a 108000 miles on it. It is in Excellent condition I am just curious what something like my truck is Worth. It is also a Southern California truck. It’s whole life, no rust or anything like that.

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  12. Ron

    They make a one ton?
    Or they “made” a one ton.
    I’d be down for a one ton 4×4

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