No Reserve Xtra Cab: 1987 Toyota 4×4 Pickup

This 1987 Toyota Pickup 4×4 is a desirable Xtra Cab model, and despite having over 155,000 miles on the clock, it still presents incredibly well. The seller doesn’t mention a respray, but it seems likely given how nice the paint is. The same goes for the SR5 decals, which again, look far too good to be original. Then again, this Toyota resides in Washington State, where seemingly all of the clean, 1980s-vintage tin resides and is even still used for daily driving with no ill effects. The truck looks sharp on 4Runner wheels, but the wheel wells certainly look like they could swallow more tire. Regardless, this one is a rarity for not only its condition, but the no reserve listing here on eBay, where bidding has reached $9,700.

The period-correct roll bar in the bed may not be to factory specs, but I’ll allow it – it looks awesome. The side steps I could do without, but really, just a meatier set of tires would make all the difference here. The long bed isn’t to everyone’s liking with the short style the preferred look but potentially not available on he Xtra cab (Toyota enthusiasts, check my math on that one). The paint is still quite glossy and the SR5 graphics show zero sign of fading or chipping, which would seemingly be impossible for even the most careful owner to achieve in over 155,000 miles of use, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Now, the interior raises a few questions for me, and also answers another. First, the seats and door panels don’t look right for the truck. The blue carpeting and console / dash pieces would indicate that this Toyota should have matching light blue cloth for seat upholstery and door panel color, and this one has neither. The seats also look like they’re from a different model, but I can’t be one-hundred percent certain. Also, note the painted door striker in the jam – that shouldn’t be body color, it should be unpainted silver in appearance. The truck was repainted, and someone didn’t know, or care, enough to remove that very basic piece of hardware.

The 22R four-cylinder will take you anywhere without issue, and with the mileage indicated here, is far from breathing its last. The seller doesn’t offer any details on recent maintenance or existing needs, but the engine itself does present well under the hood. Still, even with its reputation for being able to withstand enormous amounts of abuse, a recounting of new or replacement parts installed in the recent past would be a welcome addition to the listing – even basic updates like when the last timing belt or water pump replacement occurred. The Toyota does feature locking hubs, so it really is just a set of tires and a locker away from venturing confidently off-road – would you leave the trail with this Toyota?

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  1. Jeff

    I had 86 model with the turbo, automatic. I think it had every option but cruise control. It was going strong when I traded it, over 100,000 miles. Should have never traded it in.

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    • Paul V Gugger

      I’m the original owner of an 84 sr5 with 116000 on it.

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    • bart rivezzi Member

      Hi i have the 86 turbo still and all org as far as drive train goes i lifted it and it has 33in mudders fender flairs nice rims and every option plus cruse and sun roof lol and it is a great blue now still a nice shoe truck and only 65k great truck use it as my spare truck .

  2. JR

    Actually those wheels were an option on this truck and may be original. Definitely a repaint with new graphics. The seats and door cards may be from a similar vintage rig, but are not likely original as they don’t match the dash. Need a carfax to find out if this one has been in the PNW it’s whole life. I had an 86 SR5 4x non-xtra cab that I bought new so very similar to this. Wish I still had it.

  3. Ralph

    The 22R and 22RE engines have a timing chain, not a timing belt.
    This one looks pretty nice but the money is in keeping it original at this age.
    Just the same a nice truck but the interior is making me ask some questions.

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    • Chas H

      The timing chain gets loose and wears a hole in the cover, right into the coolant passage from the water pump.
      I had an ’86 Turbo, with all the options (a soldier at Ft Knox was likely talked into it after getting a promotion) and I think it had these seats. Said seats would give an occupant a terrific static electricity charge in cold dry weather. ZAP!
      Great truck but the salt in winter ate up the bed.

      • Paul

        I put a camper shell on mine when it was new and my bead has been protected all of these years.

  4. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Spokane, Washington

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  5. Mark

    I had a Tacoma and it different colors on the interior. Looked strange at first, but you got used to it. Just their way of making things.

  6. 'Crabs

    I own the same truck, those are it’s original wheels.
    That’s not it’s original paint.
    Door panels are stock, seats and center console are not.

  7. Mikey P

    Marty McFly!!

    • Nick

      Yes, Yes Yes

      I was the winner of this beauty and it will be getting a face lift to the Back To The Future Marty McFly truck

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  8. JMB#7

    Wow, check out the ebay listing. They too more pictures than a new Mom takes of her first baby! I had a 1986 SR5 Xtra -Cab SR5 with the injected 22RE & 5-speed. The room in the cab is perfect for a small truck. I wish Toyota would make a new truck this size. With the current engine technology VVT etc. it would be an excellent driver.

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  9. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    The seats and door cards could be from a same generation 4Runner. The 4Runner likely had nicer buckets than the SR5

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    • JMB#7

      These seats look to have better material than what I remember from my 1986 SR5. But the comment from Chas H about static & shock from the seats is something I can relate to!

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  10. Nick

    I was the high bidder, Hope to have it delivered by early next week. Then I start on the facelift to a Back to the future clone.

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    • Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

      Well I wish you the best of luck with it. I hope it brings a lot of smiles per miles. Marty Mcfly’s SR5 kicked off my love of Toyota Pickups long before I was old enough to drive!

  11. t-bone BOB

    Apr 06, 2021
    Winning bid:
    US $11,200.00
    [ 50 bids ]

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