Northern Exposure: 1972 Dodge Challenger For $12k

Are you a Mopar fan or have you been looking for a classic muscle car project? This Dodge might just be your next project. A 1972 model, this Challenger is listed for sale here on craigslist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with an asking price of $12,000.

The popularity of the new Dodge Challenger has certainly made the older versions see a bit of a resurgence, not that they really fell out of favor in the first place. While the ’72 models are not as popular as the late 60’s and 1970 version, they are still cool.  The interior seems pretty decent.  I’m sure the seat covers are probably hiding unpleasant upholstery, but the dash and door panels seem to look pretty good.

The ad claims a numbers matching 440 that runs, although a picture of the engine would have been nice.  A lot of Mopar fans will choose a 440 over the popular 426 Hemi. Not only is a 440 far less expensive to replace, but they are easier to keep in tune and can get very close to the same horsepower levels as the Hemi.

If you are interested in a solid muscle car project, this may be a good one for you. Break out your passport and head up to visit our neighbors in the north!

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  1. Rustytech Member

    The early Challanger was one of my all time favorites. The 72 was not as powerful, or as attractive in my opinion, however I would love to have this car. If it is indeed a numbers matching 440ci I would think it well worth the $12k asking price. Alas projects are numerous, money is not. I’m sure someone will be more than willing to take on this project though.

    • Steve R

      The VIN number and one minute on Google will tell you what size engine the car left the factory with.

      Steve R

  2. Angrymike

    The 72 Challenger never came with the 440 as an option, so unless it’s something that got out really early, it’s nearly impossible.

  3. Dave Wright

    12,000 Canadian……9650.00 US. That should be do able.

  4. cold340t

    Unless it was ordered late in 1971, say Aug/Sept. No 440/340 6pks/440 6pks or hemis were available in 1972. If this truly came with 440 and not a 340 4bbl. It would be extremely rare and well worth 12k. in current state. There were a few People who knew where and who to order from late 1971 that did get Hemis in their 72 cars. They are out there, but just very, very few. Maybe a handful. Last one I saw was in Mopar Collectors guide I think. Another was in an add with a reward for the return of stolen 1972 Hemi charger. Real rarity if it’s real. Bet it’s a 340 4bbl.

  5. RoKo

    Nowhere in the craigslist ad does it state the 440 is numbers matching.
    Also, how is it that a non existent Challenger from the late 60’s is more popular than the ’72 models? I’m sure the author meant to say 72-74 years are not as popular as the ’70 and ’71 models.

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    • Chebby

      Ad says “numbers ARE matching”, what else would he be referring to but engine/trans?

      • RoKo

        It does say that, but not where they mention the engine. Just about every part of a car has numbers, it could mean anything.
        Besides, if this really was a numbers matching 440 in a ’72, it’d be as rare as hen’s teeth. I couldn’t see why the seller wouldn’t provide proof in the form of photographs of the engine.
        I still call bs.

  6. Howard A Member

    It’s a backwoods special, alright, right down to the duct taped aftermarket tach, that completely covers the neat 270′ sweep factory one. Makes you wonder what else is cobbled. Still, a really neat find, these cars were meant to be driven hard, and we killed them. We’re paying exorbitant insurance premiums today because of cars like this.

  7. James

    No 440’s in 72. I have a 1973 with a 440 in it for a third of that price for sale. Too much money for what you get when a nicely restored version can be had for about twice that. It does look like the Challenger “Rallye” though with the fender trim and rallye dash so it probably came with a 340 and maybe that’s a typo.

  8. JJ

    A good deal for a fun project in my book

  9. Tyler

    A reasonably priced Mopar for a change! Maybe not as popular as a 70 or 71, but a car the average enthusiast can get into without breaking the bank.

    Back in high school, about 1980, I had a 70 Challenger with a 383 & 4 speed. That car would run like a raped ape, in a straight line, but that was about it. A couple year ago, I had the pleasure to drive a 72 Challenger with a 340, & what a difference! Not only was 340 just as fast as I remember the 383 being, it also rode better & handled great. Not to mention that it also had cold AC! My point is the big block cars get all the attention, but the small block cars were much better drivers.

  10. Superdessucke

    It’ll have a “G” as the 5th digit of the VIN if it’s an OE 318 car. “H” if it was a 340. No 440 for the ’72 but if it did get one, there would be a “T” (non- HP) or “U” (HP) in that slot.

    My money would be on a 318 if it’s not a Rallye. You could get the 340 in the non- Rallye but that was more rare. If it’s a Rallye it’s probably a 340.

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