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Not a Photographer: 1969 AMC AMX


The seller of this 1969 AMC AMX here on eBay doesn’t appear to be too keen on using eBay. The photos are terrible, the listing is sparse on details and he has virtually no feedback. Despite all of this – and the fact that this AMX has been sitting for who knows how long with the valve covers off and no carburetor present – the opening bid is $5,000, which might explain why there’s limited buyer activity at this point.

s-l1600 (3)

As someone who purchased a project  car with the valve cover removed, I can understand the cringe-worthy reaction to the photo. Thankfully, my vehicle at least resided in a garage to provide some illusion of protection. It’s clear this AMX has been sheltering outside, exposed, for quite some time. This has to be a nest, right? I don’t see how else that volume of lawn cuttings and brush end up lodged where a carb should be. Also note the remnants of orange paint under the hood, as it might indicate this car has been repainted at some point.

s-l1600 (1)

The mileage is unreported in the listing and I can’t make out those odometer numbers. The seller mentions that the car has a “new 401 block motor,” which seems odd given the picture of the engine would indicate it’s been a long time since anyone has worked under the hood. Perhaps the seller is including a new block under the assumption that the one in the AMX is past the point of financially-feasible return, but it’s hard to tell. Any guesses from our readers?

s-l1600 (2)

The vehicle is located in Kansas, which isn’t exactly a desert climate but it’s not as bad as the northeast when it comes to the potential for extensive corrosion. The top and bottom photos point to a vehicle that has been stuck in the brush for quite some time. There is rust in the trunk lid and rear quarters, but the seller doesn’t allude to any other battles with the tin worm. Lots of questions remain for any potential buyers of this AMX, but if the chassis is solid, it could be a worthy platform for rebuilding an original 390 to bring it back to stock condition. How would you restore this one?


  1. T

    Hood is off a 70 AMX in big bad orange been swapped at some point in the past for the stock hood.

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  2. Mike

    Would be curious to how long this has been parked in the weeds. The Kelly tires don’t look to terribly old and the radio is a removable faceplate style with CD player. I think those started coming out in the late 90’s. So maybe this has been parked 15ish years at most

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  3. JW

    Sideways cell phone pictures, I see people doing this all the time, one of my sons sends me pics of my grandkids sideways and I have to make it right side up. I use a 35mm Nikon when taking photos to sell something. I sure wouldn’t count on that motor too much and if one of the pieces of glass is out the interior along with floor pan is shot.

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    • Ed Willaims

      Hay, JW!

      Why don’t people use a real digital SLR like us? These Cell or Tablet style gadgets just don’t make it.

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      • JW

        I agree Ed, the cell phone cameras are nice in a emergency but I’ll take a SLR any day.

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  4. TBall

    Beautiful car – a least the next You Tube queued up is anyway (a Jay Leno issue). Too bad, these cars are a nice looking car and yet another sat in the weeds for too long and seller is delusional as to just exactly what “good condition” is. Engine looks closer to eagle nest than stout 390. Drop the starting price down to a grand and nibbles will come.

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  5. Franke

    Am I getting charged extra for the leaves?

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  6. SFM5S

    I think the odometer says 45,956. Not that this is relevant to the value of this car, being the intake is stuffed with debris.

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  7. ed the welder

    45 and change on the odo … doesn’t look so bad for 3 grand maybe …

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  8. JW454

    Given the chance, critters love nesting in old cars. I’m sure the ones under the hood are not the only ones lurking around. This was someone’s late eighties – early nineties cruiser. Has the fake Russel braided radiator hose and a few other appointments scattered around. Likely also had some nice valve covers and carb. that have been “appropriated”.

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  9. grant

    Odo reads 45?58.8

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  10. Barry T

    5K! I wouldn’t give 5 cents for this.

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  11. Joe Nose

    Roller. As in, painted blue with a roller instead of a brush.

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  12. George

    Eco-friendly cruising. It has the extremely rare “mulch induction” system.

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  13. PatrickM

    It always slays me as t how people can leave a car parked outside, unprotected for so long. If you’re not going to do anything with it, sell it early and stop frustrating the rest of us

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