Not Your Grandparent’s Car: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Jamie recently wrote about a “plebeian four-door sedan” and then he found this Chevelle listed here on eBay and generously left it for someone else to write about. This Chevelle is an SS with a 402 V8, automatic transmission, bucket seats and center console. Bidding is over $15,000, about $14,000 over the 4 door Chevelle and the reserve has not been met. It was parked in 1979 with less than 40,000 miles and driven “by one lady”. It even has the bias ply tires from when it was parked. Could this really be a car that wouldn’t need must restoration to make it drivable or is this a pile of rust held together with paint? With that much rust on the bumpers, one has to wonder about the rest of the car. One might also wonder why after removing this from its slumber “a couple of years ago” that they have made no effort to restore it. 

The interior looks nice from here and looks like it just needs a good cleaning and new carpet. There’s no daylight showing through the floors, but it could just be the carpet and not much metal blocking the view of the ground.

Here is the 402 CID V8. According to the window sticker, this 402 has 260 horsepower. The horsepower is down from 300 in 1971 but it’s not as bad as it looks. The 300 HP is gross, while the 260 HP is actual, measured at the wheels. The engine does not run and the condition is completely unknown. Things look very rusty under the hood. The battery appears completely rusted through.

According to the window sticker, this originally had a black vinyl top. It was likely removed after this Chevelle was rediscovered. There appears to be rust damage around the back window as well as the top. There is also rust showing along the bottom of the fenders and in other areas. The seller claims the car is solid but could he mean it’s solid rust? If the frame and underside parts are solid why is it sitting on blocks? I’m wondering if the blocks might be for more than just holding the flat tires up. Why would this Chevelle have been parked after only 7 years on the road and less than 40,000 miles? Perhaps it had an expensive rust problem as well as the worn out vinyl top. This Chevelle is likely going to need an expensive frame off restoration and then it will only be worth about $50,000. If it is as rusty as it seems to be, is it worth even the current bid?


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  1. Alan

    I am based in Beirut LEBANON. I have small collection of american and other vintage cars. my latest purchase is 1972 Buick Skylark Sport coupe 350 4B with 55K original miles. at moment its in container ship with my 81 AMC Concord DL coupe on route to Beirut. I understand my 72 Skylark shares same GM A platform with Cutlass & Chevelle. here is link to original seller AD

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    • jdjonesdr

      Alan, we know that already. There is no need to keep telling us.

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      • Alan

        Its Not acceptable to Insult people its Not first time been described as Fake whatever. I am a classic cars fan & collector I Dont need give credentials for that Dont appreciate the constant Insults & character assasinations!

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    • grant

      Nobody is insulting you Alan. But you keep posting the same comment over and over again with a link to a similar car you own. If you want to show us your collection, submit it for a feature. We’re car nuts here, it’ll get checked out.

    • Classic Steel

      I liked the pictures of the Skylark.

      Whats the plan for the car next?

      • Alan

        Thanks Classic Steel! The Skylark is All original 55K miles was 1 owner since new been serviced recently as told by dealer. I am Fanatic for keeping everything original maybe light tint of rear window and set of whitewall tires if needed. I appreciate your opinion on the 81 AMC Concord DL coupe also bought it has Iron Duke 2.5 4cylinder engine.

      • Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

        Nice choice on your skylark Alan I personally like the Chevrolet body style more but that’s personal choice. But my real passion lies in thirties to early fifties cars my favorite being Mopars. As for seeing you repost all the time as dicribed above I must be missing something I’ve been on this sit almost daily for three year and this is the first I’ve herd of you. Yes you do have a right to post and I hope continue to do so, sometimes I post things that others don’t want to here too, but I’m a big boy and I don’t really care if my comments get stomped on and you shouldn’t care either. Enjoy your car when it arrives good to here that you are also a gear head

  2. dgrass

    Isn’t there any way to ban this Alan bot?

    • Alan

      is there anyway to ban you ??! whats your problem? i am entitled to pos. i am not a bot. stop being Rude&offensive

      • Mr Firth

        Alan Ignore them ar$eholes , this site is probably the closest they get to nice cars .

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      • dgrass

        You are posting random cookie cutter advertisements that have nothing at all to do with the articles posted on this site “Not a Bot Alan”. If you were the genuine car guy you claim to be, you would post comments relating to the vehicles mentioned, instead of using the site for free advertisement.

        If I am not supposed to feel offended by your spam, feel free not to post it and people wont get offended.

      • dgrass

        @Mr. Firth, my very first memory was crawling into the back of a model t in the family garage at 18 mo old. Since then I was blessed with growing up in the car culture much akin to many of those who peruse the site. I come here because the community has a vast knowledge base of information to learn from…and everyday learn something new.

        If I offended you, I guess you probably didn’t see the advertisements getting pulled the previous times I posted complaint. This is at least the 3rd time (I lost track, probably more) the same ad has been posted, in each case with a message that didn’t correspond to the vehicle being discussed here on barnfinds.

        Bots are fairly sophisticated these days, and many of them will even defend themselves. Keep a keen eye on the language used, you will more than likely see it used again in other applications. *tips hat*

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        If you click on the links that Alan is posting, all of the cars are sold. If a person were going to waste their time coming up with a bot ad, they would make sure that they are actually posting items they are looking to sell.

        Plus, bot advertisers hardly ever bother to respond to criticism, they end up getting bounced as soon as they appear.

        Among other IT-related duties, I’ve served as a webmaster, so I’m very familiar with bots, Alan’s post are not bots. Rather, they are from someone who wants to share their enthusiasm for their collection.

        Alan, the only advice I can give you is to post a picture of one of the cars as it presently sits in your collection.

      • dgrass

        @Pra4snw, been there done that, and yes, the AI these days is quite capable, not sure how long its been since you looked into it, but these days things are more complex than IIRC chat bots. ;) The same rigs that mine for alt coins these days have the capability to be used in advanced AI, thanks largely in part to high end graphics processors.

        But hey, don’t trust me on this, just ask all those people fooled by bots on social media. ;)

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        @dgrass: I’m not denying that AI is a sophisticated technology, but the subject at hand here is a poster here on our little corner of the world, not something as profitable as fooling people using social media apps, bit coin mining, corporate phishing attacks, etc. Alan isn’t asking for personal information, and his links aren’t trying to sell you anything.

        I always go by my gut: if it feels wrong, don’t fall for it – that’s the word I spread to the users on the corporate network that I manage.

        You’ve done what you feel is appropriate, you reported it to the owners of this website.

      • Ken

        Boys. Boys. Please. Back to the 72 Chevelle at hand

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  3. Superdessucke

    Me? I don’t think it’s worth more than 10k given the uncertainty and cost to restore even without hidden issues.

    But I think it’s kind of obsolete to think of it in terms of dollars and cents when it comes to these muscle car barn finds nowadays. 52 bids and nearly 17 grand, and counting. Somebody will pay a lot of money for this, and that’s what it’s worth – what someone will pay.

  4. Del

    Believe it or not but my Mother in law had one.

  5. Classic Steel

    Hey my lil old lady mother wore combat
    boots and packed a derringer and
    drove a 351 cobra jet 72 Torino.

    She used to drag Chevies 🤓

  6. Tom Member

    Could be grandma or grandpa’s by the look of the snow tires on it. That is old school for sure.

    139K at best. once again, looks to have been stored really poorly UNLESS it is 139K or 239K miles on it, then it looks about right.

    • Mark

      I noticed the snow tires too! It looks restorable but I would like to see more underneath pictures!

  7. brian crowe

    Not every car has to have a $50-$80K restoration done to it. You could just fix whats needed to be safe and get it on the road, drive the piss out of it and in the mean time just keep fixing things as long as you own it and take care of it. I don’t think you’ll loose money on it for the amount of fun you will have owning it.


    • Mike

      Mr. Crowe, good point!

    • Ken

      Probably one of the most basic and true posts yet. Automatically we enter into… frame off!!!! Or Rotisserie!!!! Or Concourse D’Elegance!!! PEBBLE BEACH!!! Sorry.. got carried away lol!! I agree. New tires, replace everything that is rubber, maybe a compression test, see if the transmission shifts properly… etc and enjoy!!

  8. Donald Canada

    Wow Alan, that is a VERY gorgeous1972 Buick Skylark Sport coupe 350 4B… I LOVE IT.

    • Alan

      Thanks Donald Canada!

  9. Alan

    Thanks Mr Firth!

  10. Barn.G

    What does “Plebeian” mean? I read thru this whole thing to find out.
    The first comments made it worthwhile, tho.

    • Catherine Horsfall

      Ordinary or common.

      • Barn.G

        Thanks! Good word.

      • Ken

        So why not just say Ordinary or common? Just a thought

  11. Sparkster

    Anybody here know if the 70 Chevelle four headlight front clip will fit on the 72 ?

    • JamestownMike

      Yep, it’ll fit. I always thought the 70 four headlight nose would look really cool with the 4 tail light rear on the 71 and 72. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t consider it on THIS car…….it would KILL the value of this car.

  12. Alan (Michigan) Member

    I’d love to have any Chevelle from the 1969 – 1972 timeframe, as long a it was a SS with a big block, and had the TH400 with a floor shifter (bucket seats too) like this one.

    That lust forgives multitude of sins. Good thing that I have too many projects already.

    • 68custom

      don’t leave out the similar 68, my favorite of the 69-72 era!

  13. Mike

    Now boys let’s all play good. There probably isn’t one of us that hasn’t gotten under someone’s finger nail as at some point and that includes me. At the end of the day we all have something great in common…our favorite ride.

  14. David

    The really sad thing is someone is going to buy this sight unseen and pay a lot of money for it. When they unload it, it’s going to sink in when they realize what they’ve bought. It’s likely going to take a lot of rust repair to make this even drivable. And then there’s the top and rear window. Typical eBay

    • Superdessucke

      Sad? Nah. If you can throw money around like this you also can learn a lesson. I’ve no sympathy for buyers like that.

  15. TD

    Got to be 140k miles, maybe 240?

  16. Nrg8

    Honest looking car, needs bottom pics for that money. But doesn’t look put together or molested. Front bumper a bit tweeked. Unknown engine condition. Vinyl roof trim rust issues, but not so bad the trunk pan is gone. Start of the era with power drops and high insurance rates and expensive fuel. Maybe just got parked cause the recession started and it was cheaper to buy an econobox than maintain the SS.

  17. Patrick S newport pagnell Staff

    House Meeting!!

  18. GP Member

    It’s a 402 with 260 HP. So you can get a new 6 cylinder, Take off when the light turns green, stop at the drive thru, order, pick up food and still make it to the finish line first.

  19. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    The rear bias ply snow tires on the rear is all you need to know about the first 7 years of this car’s life.

    It’s the same story that my first car would tell. Total rust bucket.

  20. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Parked ? Do some of you not remember the many gas issues we had in the 70’s….or 80’s ? Side note….love those gray factory SS wheels…….


    Looks like that red sheet metal is hiding a lot. If under the hood is any indication of the frame and floors, I’d say this thing sat on dirt for a long time.

    • Nrg8

      Brought it up on the big screen, LF fender is peeling. Inside of that trunk leads me to believe milage is original. Couple bubbles in there. But so nice. Maybe car port storage.

  22. Gasser Man

    “The 300 HP is gross, while the 260 HP is actual, measured at the wheels”. Sorry, but incorrect information.

    Gross HP was measured without any engine accessories, such as an alternator or water pump.The ignition timing and fuel curve was at optimal performance, not at emission standards. Non restrictive open exhaust nor was a restrictive air filter element used to get the gross HP numbers.

    Net HP was measured at production ignition timing and fuel curves to meet the current emissions, and all power robbing accessories were in place. A stock exhaust system and air filter were in place. ALL Gross and Net ratings were measured at the Flywheel, never at the rear wheels.

    • Mike

      I must agree with gasser man for many a time I’ve seen the HP rated while the mill never saw the inside of an engine bay and yet, there is something to be said about rear wheel rated horse power.

  23. Alan

    Feb 10, 2018 at 11:31pm
    You are posting random cookie cutter advertisements that have nothing at all to do with the articles posted on this site “Not a Bot Alan”. If you were the genuine car guy you claim to be, you would post comments relating to the vehicles mentioned, instead of using the site for free advertisement.

    If I am not supposed to feel offended by your spam, feel free not to post it and people wont get offended.


    • grant

      Lighten up Alan. Asking you not to copy and paste the same thing over and over isn’t rude, or offensive. Posting ads for your cars in the comment section of a website that sells advertising for cars, well that’s pretty rude right there. Kind of like bringing your own food to a restaurant. It’s just not appropriate. ..

      • Ken

        Great reply. Ty

  24. Captmark

    I’m in some place somewhere and have a car car collection that is not one of those but look at this. Alan everybody is just tired of hearing it. Content on the subject and a little less about alan, not rocket science, just common sense, either change it up or shut up

  25. Chuck Sibio

    wow, that seemed to touch a nerve. The Chevelle is pretty cool.

  26. TD

    Like my Dad used to say, “Everybody is entitled to their own wrong opinion”!
    I would simply suggest we abide by the posting rules: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks.

    • Alan

      V True TD Must be No personal attacks and am being constantly attacked & Insulted here! Not appreciated at all

      • grant

        How? In what way are you being attacked, or insulted? Pointing out that we heard you the first 30 times and that you don’t need to post your ads in the comment section is neither attacking or insulting you. Pointing out that you’re being a bit over sensitive isn’t attacking or insulting you either. Telling you that Kotex is on sale would be different. Just as an example.

      • TD

        Grant, “Pointing out that you’re being a bit over sensitive” could be considered a personal attack by some…?

  27. Mike

    Alan, every thing aside, your probably a great guy…we all should be given the benefit of the doubt yet, instead of sounding like a victim, take the hint when obviously your rubbing some people the wrong way. A little change up goes a long way. Respectfuly.

    • Alan

      Mike I am a classic cars fan & collector in Beirut LEBANON. I like these Websites Barnfinds, CurbsideClassics & Hooniverse so We all here supposed share same passion for cars I should Not need to present credentials for that!! I have been described as a Bot (which refers to being fake or a Robot I guess) here multiple times just for posting about my personal classic cars Whats wrong with that?! and whats wrong with telling who I bought it from? No I am Not advertising my cars are Not for sale. it happens I bought some cars from same seller. I am sure Nobody appreciates being Disrespected and called a Fake! and Yes I am a victim in this case! If some people are Paranoid and always doubtful of others well v tough I Cant help them think otherwise or convince them! Thanks anyway

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        People just get frustrated when you post the same introduction every time you comment Alan. Honestly, we are tired of it too. Quit copying and pasting that first couple of sentences and you should be fine. Stick to unique comments and upload a photo of your car instead of linking to the dealer who sold it to you. Thanks!

      • Nrg8

        Fake news.

  28. Mike

    Now, to make my platform perfectly clear with all you guys and gals. I haven’t had this much fun reading and sharing about cars since my car club days cruising Van Nuys Blvd., in the sixties. I enjoy reading what every one has to say…personally I would feel cheated should one of you leave this sight, stay frosty everyone.

  29. Barn.G

    I love the dual threads that are going on. Thanks Alan, if you’re real. Also if you’re real, please don’t be insulted. I’m with you, buddy!

  30. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Meanwhile back at the car. Ended: Feb 11, 2018 , 8:30PM
    Winning bid:US $23,600.00
    [ 83 bids ]

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