Oddballs! Citroens And MGB-GT

When frequent finder Chuck F. sent us a link to this dealership in Fort Mill, South Carolina, I was expecting the unusual; Chuck is like me and is attracted to oddball cars. But I wasn’t expecting an ad for a 1969 Citroen Mehari for $300! Nor the 2CV in the background, which is listed for only $600! Those two almost make the 1970 MGB-GT listed here for $1,350 look normal!

Actually, if you look at the ad closely enough, there appear to be two of the 2CVs, although it’s unclear if both are included in the $600. And, truth be known, these are probably parts cars, although pretty much anything can be restored if you want to badly enough. There are also quite a few European kit cars based on 2CV mechanical components, so that’s another possibility.

I think this is a picture of the second 2CV. Variants of the 2CV were in production from 1948 through 1990; parts are not an issue in Europe but are a little bit more difficult on this side of the pond.

One derivative of the 2CV produced for 20 years starting in 1968 is the Mehari, shown here and in the top photo. The Mehari was intended for off-road use, think lower-powered Jeep. I’ll be the first to point out that there does not appear to be a straight panel on this vehicle! Has anyone ever “rat-rodded” a Mehari? I did find plenty of 2CVs that have been taken down that road–does that appeal to anyone?

The drivetrains appear intact in at least two of the Citroens. Flat twos forever, Viva L’ France!

The MGB-GT is a 1970 model and has certainly seen better days. I’m guessing it’s a non-runner based on its condition. Again, probably another parts car, but you never know how ambitious a restorer can be! I happen to really like B-GTs, but I’m not about to take this one on.

The car does appear largely complete, although it’s certainly been open to the elements for a while. So what do you think, fellow Barn Finds readers? If you had to choose one of these oddballs to resurrect, which one would it be?


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Put them ALL back on the reef. The fish will be happier.

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  2. jageater Member

    Mehari bodies were made of ABS plastic. They warped when exposed to too much sun. Hence the wavy-looking bodies. I’ve had several, and there is no remedy that I know of.

    The drivetrains can be used for various Citroen-based kit cars, though.

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    • Thayer

      Tumble dry low, warm iron as needed?

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    • chrlsful

      nw have replacement panels (of better stuff too, not ABS) available!

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  3. Dominique Legeai

    ….my take: the owner should offer the $$$ to anyone willing to hall away these Citroen…all 3 of them!

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  4. Roy Marson

    All can be easily replaced if the rust beatle has not eaten into the steel The Mehari Club in France has full replacement bodies for the Mehari. I bought a 1970 in 1980 and the body was faded and immediately painted it . The paint saved the body from the sun.

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    • Derek

      Even if it has, you can get the panels to repair it from either Cllub Mehari or ECAS. New chassis from SLC and off you go…!

      Same for the 2CV.

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      • Dominique Legeai

        ….financially prohibitive!…these are not rare cars, better off finding either on the internet. even including the shipping fees from France for a Mehari, rarely offered in the US.

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  5. John D Bellmore

    Wrong rear bumper for a 1970 MGB GT. 1970 is the year of split rear bumper.

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  6. Mutt

    Milque toast.

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  7. joenywf64

    Even when roadworthy, the 2CV is hardly cruising machinery – & i’m guessing the girl in the white thunderbird did not see Curt Henderson’s car.

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