One Cool Project: 1974 Plymouth Barracuda

After surviving one heck of a hot summer, this Barracuda is looking like a rather tempting project. Yes, it needs a complete restoration, but it’s a factory A/C car. It’s complete, with a rebuilt 440, 727 transmission and doesn’t appear to have any rust holes. This could be a great winter project and that you could have done before it gets hot again. And with the A/C working, you could drive it in the worst of the summer’s heat and not even break a sweat! You can find this project here on eBay in Glendale, Arizona with an asking price of $15k or best offer.

While ’74 isn’t necessarily the best year performance wise, at least the Barracuda’s styling wasn’t drastically changed and still looks great. I’m going to guess the newer 440 was installed to improve performance and make it go like a muscle car is supposed too. Sadly, the seller doesn’t really offer much in the way of information or history. They state that they are more into Corvettes and Camaros, but got it as part of deal on a Corvette. They even admit that they aren’t sure on the value, so they are willing to hear offers.

It really does look like a great starting point for a project. There’s plenty of surface rust to deal with, but there doesn’t appear to be any real serious rust and it’s complete. It would nice to have more photos of the underside, interior and engine bay. It makes me a little worried that the seller is willing to sell the car without the engine, but if they are will to accept considerably for it sans engine and you just happen to have an engine for it, it might be worth going that route. What do you think? Would this be a project worth taking on this winter?

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  1. Alfie

    What’s up with those huge bumper overrides?

  2. stillrunners lawrence Member

    They are factory – front in 1973….both ends for 1974.

  3. jdjonesdr

    Am I missing something here? Why isn’t this gone in a heartbeat?

    • JamestownMike

      Probably because it’s a 74, base Barracuda NOT a Cuda, was a 318 V8 automatic car, not original drivetrain, roller project. If it was a 70 or 71, especially a Cuda, it would be gone in a heartbeat!

      • brettucks

        You may be right- perhaps a coicidence but a friend of mine lived in glendale, had exact looking car without drivetrain (was 74 as you described). He moved about 2008 and I believe he sold before leaving.

  4. jdjonesdr

    What a difference a year or two makes….

  5. redwagon

    @JamestownMike or anyone else … what’s the difference between a 74 Barracuda and a ‘Cuda?

    • JamestownMike

      This is a base 318 V8 Barracuda with a vin of BH. In 74, the Cuda is an appearance package. If it was a Cuda, it would have a BS vin, Cuda emblem, blacked out tail panel and body colored grille. If it had the 340 or 360 in 74, it would have the dual scoop hood.

  6. victor sanchez

    A friend of mine has a 74 Cuda he swears his engine is a 318 but isn’t sure, he does have the dual scoops as we;; as the dual exaust poking through the rear valance. anyone know for sure what he has, I’m a Chevy guy( I own a 69 Z/28 a real one) so I don’t know much about MOPARS can you help ???

    • Moparman Member

      Victor: By 74 there were only two engine options 318 2bbl, or 360 4 bbl. The 360 would have two square exhaust tips THROUGH the rear valance; IIRC, it was possible to have the dual scoops on a 318 car, but the 360 hood would chrome/red lettered calls saying “360 FOUR BARREL”. If he is not the original owner, the car may have been modified before he bought it, w/ a 318 replacing the 360. Hope this helps! :-)

      • victor sanchez

        Thanks for the info, he bought this car from a women we went to school with and she was the original owner and, not the type to FIX up a car, this clears up alot. Thank you

  7. DG

    They actually sold alot of Cudas and Challengers in 73-74. Which could be why so many are for sale. 70-71s are near unobtanium.

    • JamestownMike

      Did they really?? Where are you getting your information from?? They only made 19,281 Barracuda/Cuda’s in 73 and they only made 11,734 Barracuda/Cuda’s in 74. However they made 48,867 Barracuda/Gran Coupe/Cuda’s in 70 and they made 16,492 Barracuda/Gran Coupe/Cuda’s in 71. I’m sure the larger Fed bumpers, low horsepower, styling changes and lack of a big block engine during 72-74 is the reason for lower demand and prices nowadays.

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  8. Tyler

    Forget the 440, drop in a fuel injected 5.7 hemi crate engine & call it a day.

  9. JamestownMike

    SOLD for $13k on ebay!

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