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One Family Owned: 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado


It’s always nice to be able to trace a car back to it’s original owner, and with this one it won’t be tough at all, as the original owner is the seller’s uncle! The seller has owned the car since 1971, and although it hasn’t been driven in “several years,” the seller thinks it was taken off the road for fuel pump failure. Well, a little searching found fuel pumps for as low as $13.30 plus shipping, so I’m thinking that if the seller is correct, it wouldn’t take too much cash to put this car back on the road. It’s listed for sale here on eBay with a buy it now of only $2,500! It’s located in Roanoke, Virginia.


That long fastback silhouette is one of the prettiest American car shapes ever produced. There’s some surface rust on the horizontal surfaces and some rust through in the rear quarters and even possibly behind the front wheels. However, it appears straight and the seller says it hasn’t been crashed during his ownership (and he seems sure during his uncle’s, either).


I’m hoping that the lights were just left up, but given that the system to raise them is that old, I suspect there’s something wrong there as well. The fact that it’s last license plates were for an antique vehicle bode well for it having been taken care of for at least part of the family ownership.


While for some reason the seller is reluctant (or at least didn’t choose) to show under hood pictures, there are several shots of the inside that show that a lot of cleanup is necessary. I’m not sure if that’s mildew, mold, a combination of the two or just dust, but I’d be prepared for anything. Perhaps a Tyvek suit is in order?


With it’s original wheel treatments, shapely lines and presumed originality, even after the estimated 125,000 miles, I think this is definitely worth savings. Any of you interested?


  1. Chris N

    I wish I could. This is the best looking Toro ever.

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  2. Djs

    Could be a fun runner but might need a lot of work,

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    • jmacc

      Might need a lot of work? That thing – cool as it is – is man years of effort.

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      • Bobsmyuncle

        Based on what? The mechanics are an absolute mystery. Paint and interior… Years?

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  3. 68 custom

    these early Toronados have the best lines of any car built by GM, and they will roast the front tires! but this one needs power windows so pass. :)

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  4. Moparman Elliott Member

    Have the seats been recoverd? They look to be awfully plain for a luxury car.

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    • Chris In Australia

      Clear plastic over the originals is my guess.

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    • Cudaman

      This car has the rare standard interior. Most had the deluxe but very few had this standard style. I’ve owned 36 66-67 toros and only one was a standard model like this car.

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  5. speedo

    This looks like another “stored under a tarp over dirt” treasures. Really too bad, put the tarp under the car.

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  6. grant

    I’m confused. It’s allegedly been in the family since new, the seller has owned it for 45 years, it’s been off the road for “several” years; and he “thinks” it was taken off the road for a fuel pump issue? It doesn’t add up. Shouldn’t he know why he parked HIS car? The car may present honestly, but I don’t think the seller does.

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  7. Paul R

    I really need to own one one day!

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  8. Howard A Member

    These headlights were a fairly common issue. Vacuum raised them and locked in place, and vacuum was supposed to release the lock and retract them. I believe a faulty check valve was the problem. Seen many like this. These were beautifully styled cars, but not well received. They were expensive, got lousy mileage (7 city/11 highway) and people were leery of the front “chain” drive, which turned out to be a very durable unit. I remember Firestone, I think, sold “special” front tires for these.( yeah, sure they were) I have a friend, whose dad had one in the 70’s. He died soon after he bought it, and it sat in his garage for years. I lost track of him until a few years ago, he had since sold the house a few years before that. I asked him about the Toronado, and his sister had it hauled away. And yes, the headlights were up.

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    • nessy

      Howard, the guy should have had his dumb sister hauled away for having the beautiful Toronado hauled away….

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  9. ZMad

    Love these cars. Looks good to me for $2.5K. A crate SBC should bolt in this car. I’d be most concerned with the tranny than anything. Some jet black paint, black out the windows, and build a Bat Cave…

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  10. Car Guy

    I actually like the 68 Toronado styling better. The Hide A Way lights were fixed on that model and only the plastic grills moved up and out of the way. They were more reliable than the earlier headlight system. I think this one will be too expensive to restore based on what nices ones are selling for.

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