One Family Owned: 1969 Mercury Grand Marquis

We all dream about finding a low mileage family owned muscle car, but how about this 1969 Mercury Grand Marquis sedan? It features a picture perfect 429 V8 and only 34,904 miles! Appearing to be in excellent condition, this Merc’ is certainly an interesting find. This sedan can be yours for $7,599. Check it out here on craigslist out of Indian River, Michigan. Thanks to Rocco B. yet again for another fantastic submission!

Have you ever seen a more picture perfect 429 V8? Very clean and tidy, this engine would be a joy to work on just because it is so clean. Even the stickers in the engine compartment are clean and clear with no evidence of fading or discoloring. What is even better is that this is a low mileage car, and likely needs little work.  All of that raw torque is ready to tug around this “Mercruiser” street boat to all of the concourse events.

The interior is equally as pleasing as the engine compartment, but there may be some minor fading present. The rim of the steering wheel looks to have faded, as does the seat bottom of the front bench. Looking beyond those concerns, the door panels and the rest of the interior is very nice. A little interior work would make this Merc concourse “perfect”.

Luminous and very shiny, the paint is fabulous looking to need a minor polish job to make it shine like the fine gem that it is. Even though vinyl tops can often be the death of a car, this top is in amazing condition with no evidence of UV damage, ripping, or rust. Being a Northern Michigan car, it is very clear that this Marquis spent it’s winters indoors avoiding snow and salt. Everywhere you look there is a shine or a glare from the excellent finish quality of this car. It is unclear when this car was last driven, and if it is currently a driver now. Certainly a rare sight in this condition, would you jump on this Low mileage 429 V8 sedan?



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  1. KSwheatfarmer

    I like Mercurys,the bigger the better. What no air conditioner? Neighbor lady had this model and took good care of it for a lot of years. I dropped hints from time to time that I would like to own it when she was finished with it. We were always on good terms as I helped with farm equipment repair when needed. One day I saw a truck with a roll off flat bed turn down her driveway.Sure enough,next day the 429 C-6 was listed on the salvage yard web site, body was no doubt crushed,such a waste as interior was pristine. I asked a few months later about her decision and was told I had too many cars already. I later bought two pickups from her and remained friends until she passed on.

  2. Miguel

    This car has two big negatives.

    There is no A/C and it does have power windows.

    • Grey O’Brien

      It indeed does have power windows . It shows on the listing when on the drivers door

      • Miguel

        I know, that was one of the big negatives.

  3. CCFisher

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe the front side of the steering wheel rim is woodgrain. It still may be faded or worn, but not as much as it appears. The back side should be dark red.

  4. Jack M.

    No a/c on a car from 1969 is not that strange up in these parts of the world. I am right next to Michigan in Ontario. I remember that it was still a big deal for my family and neighbors up until the late 70’s to own a vehicle with a/c. Most homes went without it until the mid 80’s.

    • Miguel

      No it was not strange but it is on a luxury car which this one is.

      • Whippeteer

        AC was not a standard feature on Cadillacs until the 1974 model year. It was an option prior to then.

      • Rube Goldberg Member

        Nope, Jack is right. In 1969, only about half the cars ordered had a/c, and most of those were in the bottom half of the country. In Wisconsin, a/c didn’t start showing up until the 80’s. Growing up, we never had a/c, in anything, and the old man had Olds 98’s and Buicks. If by chance, it DID have a/c, when it failed, and many early systems did ( mostly from non-use) they were rarely repaired.

  5. Metoo

    1960’s & 70’s land whales with big honkin’ V-8’s are just so appealing. And we will never see their like again.

    Funny, ten or so years ago, where I live, big old Lincoln’s complete with those opera windows were cheap, plentiful, and called “methmobiles” because that is who drove many of them. Not any more. But since this is Arizona desert country there are quite a few big American card to be found in restorable condition.

  6. Classic Steel

    Book em danno and get McGarrets car painted black and back in Hawaii pronto!

    No Ac can be fixed with a kit for those unable to handle the heat on the way to a car show.

    Pre 70s many people disliked or cared of air conditioning.

    These people were conditioned to be real folks and use window down at 55 method 💦😉

    I think my parents first ride in air conditioning cars was a 1973 LTD baby blue in color. The prior hot rides were in an old Chevy Malibu and an old Impala without air !
    The house had a window unit in 1972 prior to central air.

    • Whippeteer

      We never had AC in the house. We hung out in the family room in the basement when it was too hot upstairs.

    • Fred W.

      My folks bought a brand new ’69 LTD with no air. They finally decided on it on the next car, a ’72 wagon. Got air for their house about the same time- and this was in Florida!

    • Barzini

      I also can’t see one of these cars without thinking about Steve McGarrett, the best police detective ever. I was in awe of Jack Lord when this series had its original run. Still am.

  7. Whippeteer

    The Grand Marquis was never a muscle car, even though the 429 provided plenty of motivation.

  8. Whippeteer

    Until the 90s, and even beyond, AC was an added option and was pricey. In the late 80s, I looked at a new VW Fox and the charge for AC was $1500 on an $8000 car. Quite a pricey markup. Even in Cadillacs it wasn’t a standard feature until the 1974 model year.

  9. Whippeteer

    In the early and mid 70s, we did have cars with AC. Usually turned off because of the effect on gas mileage during the oil crisis… BTW my father had a 77 Impala and didn’t opt for the AC due to cost. However we discovered that the vents were designed only for AC and were blocked on non AC cars leading to very poor ventilation in the car.

  10. Chebby Staff

    Nice old Mercury but that ad copy is 100% scam. Look at it parked in a shop with another vintage car, clearly owned by a collector with mechanical skills. “Mom passed…the old man’s Merc….it’s not an old clunker like most.” No knowledgeable car person sells or even talks about a vehicle like that. It’s like a barn find fantasy as written by a Nigerian email prince.

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  11. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I agree on the comments about no air needed in collecter vehicles. I know air is a big thing in the warmer climates, but you could do what we do in the frozen tundra. Drive it when weather permits. Or do as Classic Steel advises, add a kit! And don’t get me going on power windows. With that said, this is a nice ride and a better value than the Hornet in my opinion. I would be happy with either one.

  12. Rock On

    As my buddy always says power windows are just one more thing to break.

    • Whippeteer

      I have friends that didn’t like power windows because if their car went under water, they wouldn’t be able to get the window open to get out…

  13. michaedo

    Hello good people, We got a Grand Marquis for a wedding present from
    the in-laws. I swear you could land a plane on the hood it was so expansive.
    This was back when everything under the sun was being invented to increase
    fuel mileage. Special fluids, little spinning turbo whatevers put between the
    carb and manifold. Magnets you put around the fuel line to align the fuel atoms.
    There were a couple others I can’t remember. Well, I reckon I installed most all
    of them on the old Merc. Believe it or not, I surely didn’t, on a trip from So. Ill to So. Cal, mileage was consistently better than 19mpg out of a two barreled 429 for the trip. Those were the days.


    WTF is that last pic of, a heating unit? what is that

    • Jonny the Boy

      I guess with no AC, they decided to take the heater out, too!

  15. SunbeamerStu

    Seems like a lot of people up north in snowy/salty climes put away their cars for the winter. Was this really a common practice? Is it still? Store the nice car, drive a winter beater?

    Nice ride. Hardly a muscle car. Big engine, but the thing’s a tank.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thats how it was and still done today Stu. The only change is, winter beaters are no longer a 100 bucks!

  16. 86 Vette Convertible

    Change the color and put out a call to Steve McGarret. This is one of those land cruisers that until you’ve ridden and driven one goes totally unappreciated.

  17. Hammer

    Even the 2bbl version of the 429 is a good runner. Yes. 16 miles to the gallon on the road? Oh they ran so good. Had a 69 Ford LTD Country Sqiure. 429 2bbl. Not a bad running wagon for weighing 4700 lbs.

  18. LAB3

    That ad pops up from time to time, it’s local to my listing area but a good two hour drive away. AC isn’t needed up this way very often, even less so up in Indian River. Besides, with a 429 if you get warm you just open the windows and press the pedal on the right.

  19. scottymac

    Too bad this isn’t a Marauder, I’d be all over it at that price. No more doors for me.

  20. Metoo

    I love all the a/c comments on this article. Everyone trying to out “tuff guy” the next. I have mine. “When I was a kid we had to walk 4 miles to school, through the desert, no a/c, just a wet bandana for our neck, and we had to share it. If a car came by fast enough we got a two second breeze. ……And were glad of it!” LOL I win.

    • Francisco

      …and it was uphill both ways.

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  21. Rube Goldberg Member

    Nice car. Probably the nicest ( non Marauder) Mercury made. Lincoln roots, this car rolled like thunder. I think it was indeed a muscle car, a gentleman’s muscle car, like T-bird or Grand Prix or Monte Carlo. That 429, in ANY form, meant business. Shows how bakocked this hobby is. $8 grand for a rusty Opel,( or even a clean Chevette, for that matter) or this fantastic car. Duh,,,

  22. Troy s

    Just a nice big luxury car, the 429 is perfect for this car here. Plenty of power to get it moving, anything less and your right foot is gonna be working harder. Too heavy and never meant to be a muscle car in the first place.
    It’s funny how we take air conditioning for granted nowadays, along with power steering and power brakes, we have gotten a bit spoiled.🙅

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  23. Francisco

    Brian, am I supposed to park this car in the airport terminal concourse? Perhaps you meant Concours?

  24. EHide Behind

    When Mercury was passing the brought forth a Marauder and remembering the cars of old my wife and I went for test ride in one.
    THe 351 was staring to get up to 60, air blew through tops of windows and it swallowed like a sturgeonin shallow waters.
    On way back we.dropped to 55 on Freeway, sat in plush leather, listening to stearo
    Got back back , said no, got into wife’s Citation, and I said buy what you want but not that F’n Mercury.
    I knew then Mercury was on death bed.

  25. Whippeteer

    It does have air. WD55 option. (Windows Down 55 mph)

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