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One of 29: 1989 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Limo


Limos have become downright ordinary. Every rapper and their mother has a Chrysler 300C or a Hummer streched into oblivion. Where’s the fun in showing up in a sweet stretch limo to a red carpet event if you have the same ride as your on-stage rival? Three words: one of 29. That’s right, you need a limo like this 1988 Olds Eighty-Eight here on eBay, of which they only made 29 and there are likely even fewer still on the road today. 


Now, the seller only gave us one photo, so I had to go exploring for more evidence of these stunning creatures in the wild. Here’s one way to know that your limo is downright exclusive: they put it on a postcard! This picture (these things are so rare, there’s only a picture of one!) of an Olds 88 limo here on eBay should tell everyone you’ve arrived. Personally, if you buy this limo, I’d also buy the postcard and have it framed for posterity.

Alden Jewell_1
Image courtesy of Alden Jewell / Flickriver

Now, don’t let all this fame go to your head: there is the offside chance your rival shows up in another exceedingly rare limousine that would cast some serious shade on your sweet 88: the equally-elusive Buick Regal limo, complete with T-Type wheels. Note the painstaking detail to the doors to ensure seamless integration into the final design, along with the clever use of a vinyl roof to remove any hint to the car’s original length.

Alden Jewell_2
Image courtesy of Alden Jewell / Flickriver

This Eighty-Eight in black looks a bit sharper than our example, which does wear 130,000 miles. The seller says the exterior remains in 10/10 condition, a statement best proven out by an in-person visit. The interior retains its removable bar, TV and – wait for it – VHS player! The seller acknowledges this is probably the only one still on the road, a statement I think we’d all agree with. The opening bid is $5,950 – strong, but that’s the cost of prestige these days.


  1. Poppy

    I’ve never seen one of these before, but I’d rather have the rare two door coupe that the rear half of the limo was made from.

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  2. grenade

    I just threw up a little in my mouth… Not really, but I did make that sound. And then I laughed…

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  3. rmward194 Member

    The Buick image is a LeSabre rather than a Regal

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  4. Mr. TKD

    That’s some of the the ugliest business I’ve seen in quite a while.

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  5. Steven C

    J-Roc on Trailer Park Boys rocks one of these

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  6. grant

    Why would you make a limo out of one of these crap cans to begin with?

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    • Clay Byant

      You’ve never ridden or drove one of these with it’s air ride suspension……….

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  7. Pfk1106

    I saw a limo made out of two Honda accords . Similar concept, grafting a coupe and 4 door together. It was equally as ugly as these.

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  8. ClassicCarFan

    How do you express “ughh” x “ughh” ? “Ugghh squared” I guess?
    Take one crappy car from one of the real low points in GM’s history, then make it into a chintzy stretch.

    I suppose it has got some rarity and novelty value? I realize your write-up is meant to be on the humorous side, but I don’t really think you’ll upstage your rivals too much turning up at the big social event in this….. not unless the competition is who can get laughed at most.

    OK, I confess I’m not really much of a fan of the whole stretch-limo concept anyway. They’ve always seemed to be just cheesy and sleazy to me, even when well executed and based on a more desirable platform. Still, I note people are bidding on this so just proves the old adage “a bum for every seat”.

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  9. Jim Marshall

    Someone called these crap cans, but having sold them new and driving several as a demo and then having a few used I purchased used for a driver after I retired, they were actually darn good cars. The 3800 V6 was indestructible, cars handled well and they got good gas mileage. I’ve always been a fan of these era Oldsmobiles and Buicks.

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    • Poppy

      I agree, Jim. ’90s vintage 3800-powered full size GMs are all I drive these days. Nice balance of power and economy. Super cheap to buy and maintain and insure. There are always at least a handful in the junkyard to choose from if I ever need a part (which is rare). Throw some Bonneville springs and sway bars at the Buicks and Oldses and they handle surprisingly well and carry 4 adults in comfort + 2 more kids in a pinch. I was serious about my lament that a 2 door coupe had to be cut up to make this monstrosity. The LeSabre and 88 coupes were some very nice looking cars in their day.

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    • Clay Byant

      I sold them too. Fantastic cars. I still have a 1988 98 that I use to go collectible car shopping in and it has made me 1,000s.

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  10. Greg S

    Jim Marshall
    Thanks for your knowledge on these cars. People often forget to take into account that these once were new cars that were the latest in technology and prestiege.

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  11. tlc1976

    Back in the early 90s I remember seeing a 1988 Bonneville limo in the auto swapper. Wish I’d have saved it since I’ve never seen reference to another one since. Loved the H bodies, rode and handled great, cheap to work on and the 3800 was bulletproof. Always wondered why they never made a Bonneville coupe. Thanks for the pics , I always love seeing these rarities.

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  12. Jim Marshall

    The 98 version came out first in 1984 as the first downsized front wheel drive top of the line Olds sedan. I got one new in the spring of 84 for my wife’s driver and we never had any issues, however they did have problems with the 4 speed automatics but we dodged that bullet with our car. A few of my co workers that got them did have their transmissions go out. The 88 version came out as an 86 model the next year and they also had some problems initially but once they got the bugs out these cars both 88’s and the 98 were as stated darn nice cars for that era.

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