One Owner 1967 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

We’ve all seen plenty of barn finds, shed finds, yard find, and paddock finds, but it’s pretty rare to have a basement find. That is the case with this 1967 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, which has spent the past 5-years parked in the original owner’s basement. It has now emerged into the light of day, and I have to say thank you to Barn Finder Pat L for referring it to us. The classic wagon is located in Lenoir City, Tennessee, and has been listed for sale here on Craigslist. You can park this beauty in your driveway, basement, or garage, for $20,000.

Of all the classic wagons that we see here at Barn Finds, I think that the Vista Cruiser is one of the coolest. With all of that available glass, it would be hard for rear-seat passengers to feel claustrophobic. When you look over the vehicle, it is in quite nice condition, with the Gold paint having a great shine to it. There are no signs of any rust, although the owner makes no mention of the state of the floors. The woodgrain at the bottom of the car seems to be in good condition, and the same would appear to be true of the external trim and chrome. Even the tinted glass looks nice, while I really love the chrome roof rack.

Diving inside the Olds is where we find that the next owner is going to have to spend some money, but the required restoration work wouldn’t be classed as urgent. Both the front and rear seats are showing signs of wear and tear, and while it might be possible to repair the rear cover, I would probably be inclined to replace them all so that everything matches. There are aftermarket speakers fitted to the front kick panels and into the rear door trims, but I can’t spot any sort of aftermarket stereo. The carpet is showing a bit of wear, but the rest of the interior presents quite nicely. As far as optional extras are concerned, the wagon features a very useful third-row seat, along with air conditioning.

Under the hood of the Oldsmobile, we find a 330ci Jetfire V8, which produces a healthy 320hp. Also featured are a 3-speed Hydramatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. The owner says that the engine was rebuilt at some point and that the vehicle has only clocked 10,000 miles since then. With such a healthy dose of horsepower, this is a wagon that should make easy work of carting the largest load of people/luggage/groceries/dogs/whatever. The wagon was fitted with new tires just prior to going into the basement, and while the owner says that it runs and drives, he doesn’t indicate whether it is roadworthy. Still, it would probably be worth having someone give it a once-over before hitting the road for any extended motoring.

We’ve all seen how classic wagons continue to grow in both popularity and value, and the Vista Cruiser is no exception. In fact, it is ahead of the average curve, with values increasing by around 30% over the past 3-years. At $20,000, this one isn’t perfect, but the price is probably pretty good for a wagon in this condition. I like the fact that it would seem to need so little to bring it back to its absolute best, and this is a factor that is going to probably make it an attractive proposition to potential buyers.


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  1. Andrew Franks

    They are wonderful cars, but I think this one is overpriced.

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    • John M.

      I agree.

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  2. Del

    Nice car but price is silly.

    Need bottom pics as these rust fast.

    2 of these auctioned here last spring.

    Neither one got 10 grand

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  3. Sam61

    Nice wagon…question the engine rebuild given the consistent “dirtyness” under the hood. $12 to $15?

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    • local_sheriff

      Wrong time of year to sell a 20k car, but one cannot excactly predict when the folks kick the bucket…?

      I’ve found door panels for 4doors/wagons cost a little fortune; here they’re all cut! Add the upholstery rips and a questionable rebuild and I think we’re looking at 12k TOPS on a good day, and that’s SOLELY for it being a Vista with intact wood panels. Regular A-body wagon in comparable condition 9-10k tops

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  4. Superdessucke

    Forget the vehicle. I need that property where one can store a car in his basement!

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    • PatrickM

      ….and it is just 20 feet from the still.

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      • Superdessucke

        Ha! Yeah. Bring your ideas.

  5. George Mattar

    He wants an expensive funeral. Nice car, but Barrett Jackson priced.

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  6. Dave

    20k??? Put it away for another generation

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  7. John Jay

    I owned a 1966 Vista Cruiser. Nice-looking car, but nowhere near as mechanically sound as my Toyota Highlander. The floor panels rusted out, and
    the roof windows began to rust out and leak into the car.

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    • ccrvtt

      I’m sorry but I find it absolutely ridiculous to compare a Toyota Highlander to a 53 year old Oldsmobile. Cars today are a quantum leap better than the cars of my youth. I don’t think for one minute that the 1969 MGB that I dearly loved would ever match up to the 2007 Corvette that I now drive.

      Our family had a 1965 Vista Cruiser and also a 1969 and 1971. For the times they were excellent cars, well built and substantial and certainly more elegant than any Toyota ever made.

      But that was then and this is now. Toyotas have unquestionably moved the needle for automotive excellence, but they’re not vintage barn finds.

      Old cars are what we’re talking about here.

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  8. JOHN Member

    The 2nd picture shows what appears to be rust around the upper glass, which is common. It’s also missing the A/C belt, but overall a pretty decent Vista, but $20k? No way.

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  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Having to sell to pay for her funeral, think I have heard that before. Nice rig, but like the others have said, way over priced. I agree with George Mattar. Maybe a cremation and save some coin. RIP Ma. They should use it to deliver the remains to the cemetery before the sale.

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  10. TimM

    One of the nicest looking wagons ever with the roof windows and body lines!! I’m with the majority here though it’s a bit high priced!! Two bad it wasn’t a 442 wagon (if they made one) then it might be 20K

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  11. petemcgee

    A funeral can be had for $5k. Best to put in on Ebay with no reserve and move on. Cool car for some baby boomer that rode in one as a kid. “Are we there yet?”

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    • Mark

      You’ve obviously never planned & paid for a funeral. If a cemetery plot hasn’t already been bought, a funeral costs at MINIMUM $15,000. My Mom died Dec.2018 so I know of which I speak.

  12. Bing

    Wife car was a 70 vista cruiser. We were the second owner. Gave us many years of great service. For 20K I would have completely detailed the car beginning with the engine bay. I bought a car from storage for five years with new tires. One blew out on the way home. They were dry rotted. Could be the same here. Include additional photo’s especially the underside. 20 K seems large, more realistic would be low teens.

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  13. Jim22

    Man, I hope they get that price. My 67 VC is in way better shape.

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  14. Bob McK Member

    I hope they are not waiting to have the funeral until after this car sells. At this price it may be a couple of decades to find a buyer.

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  15. Brian

    This guy should be happy with half of what he’s asking. These are nice cars but this one is more average and I doubt a mint condition car would bring $20k

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  16. Toocool

    Is the steering wheel touching the front seat?? Nice car and these are climbing in value but this one needs work.

  17. JTM225

    Those TN license plates were last used in 2005, this one has been off the road longer than 5 years.

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  18. Jonathan

    5k all day, I’ll even dig the hole.

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