Original 390, Original Owner: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

When a classic car comes onto the market and it has been the subject of long-term ownership, that’s always an encouraging sign. However, when a 51-year-old classic comes onto the market and is being offered for sale by its original owner, that’s a true rarity. Well, that’s the story with this 1969 Mustang Mach 1, because the original owner has decided that now is the time to part with this classic survivor. It is located in Concord, California, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. After some pretty frantic bidding, the price on the Mustang has made its way to $22,000. At that price, the reserve has been met. However, with a further 188 people currently watching the listing, you get the feeling that there might still be a bit of a bidding battle still to come.

The Mustang certainly wears its share of minor dings and dents, while the Raven Black paint is also showing its age. However, beauty is more than skin deep, and in the case of this classic, what is hiding below the skin is a lot of original and solid steel. The owner provides a number of photos of the Mustang’s floor, and it looks to be extremely solid. I can spot some rust in both bottom corners of the driver’s door, but the rest of the car looks to be really clean. All of the external trim and chrome is present, and while there are some small pieces that might require restoration, the majority looks like it would respond well to some work with a polish cloth. The factory tinted glass all looks to be in good condition, and one of the nice options fitted to this car is the “Sport Slats” on the rear window.

The numbers-matching Mach 1 features an S-Code 390ci V8, a 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power front disc brakes. With 320hp available under the right foot, the Mach 1 was more than capable of turning in sub-15-second ¼ mile ETs any day of the week. The good news is that this Mustang is in sound mechanical health. So much so that the current owner uses the car on a regular basis, and says that it still drives like a new car. That means that with no rust issues and a sound and healthy drive-train, this is a car that the buyer can drive and enjoy immediately.

With the exterior looking so weather-beaten, it is probably no surprise to find that the interior of the Mustang is in about the same state. It is certainly serviceable as it currently stands, but I believe that the next owner is going to want to treat the interior to at least a partial refresh to make it present better. The dash and pad look to be pretty reasonable, although the original radio has made way for an aftermarket CD player. The vast majority of the upholstered surfaces are showing their age, and I suspect that a lot of these components (door trims, seat covers, headliner, etc.) will probably be replaced by the next owner. The Mach 1 was ordered with factory air conditioning, and it appears as though this is still pumping out plenty of cold air. I’ve also spent some considerable time looking at this photo, and while the owner doesn’t specifically mention it, I believe that the car may have been ordered with a tilt-away wheel. The vehicle is also equipped with power windows. However, these are either aftermarket kits or have been sourced from a later model Mustang because power windows were only available as a factory option from the 1971 model year.

The opportunity to buy a classic of this age from its original owner is not something that is unique to this particular car, but it also isn’t an opportunity that comes along every day. When you combine the originality of the car with that of the owner, it’s easy to see why bidding on the Mach 1 has been so lively. With this in mind, do we have any readers who would be willing to join in on the bidding battle?

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  1. Blyndgesser

    I wonder why the “original 390” is wearing a “428-4V” air cleaner decal.

    • Don Holt

      So he can lie and tell his friends it’s a 428 Cobra Jet🇺🇸

  2. Tucker Callan

    And those finned valve covers?

    • Dave

      They look like they’re cast instead of stamped, don’t they?

      • TC Oztralia

        Probably Mickey Thompsons or something similar, I had a pair on my 65 T-Bird’s 390, had to cut the corner off of one to fit under the brake booster.

  3. JJangus

    428 scoop emblem, finned aluminum valve covers, 428 air cleaner, aftermarket intake, some things don’t add up to “original survivor” here. Of course, at probably close to 70 or 75 years old, the original owners memory may be fuzzy on the cars early years.

  4. grant

    Lots of questions here. The car has seen some funky mods, the seats aren’t original either. Makes me question the seller’s entire story.

  5. JOHN

    I like the 69 Mach1’s. Could be a nice car restored, factory air, was equipped with a factory stereo FM radio or 8 track, tilt wheel, AC.Appears at first glance to be a pretty original car, but have fun changing spark plugs… even worse when the factory air injection tubes are on the car!

  6. Martin

    To own a Mustang for fifty years means you have to be an enthusiast, which means that thirty years ago he was hot rodding it a little or a lot. And have you ever sat on a fifty year old drivers side seat? No way that would be original but who cares. He is pretty up front in his ad and invites you to call or FaceTime so he is much more transparent than most. And he has an Instagram account which is pretty amazing for someone that age.

  7. Troy s

    Have to wonder about that engine, 428 cobra jet sticker and the valve covers, for a second I thought I was looking at a 428 CJ. Original owner says 390 in the ad so it ought to be. Kind of a bummer really. Other than that confusion it looks pretty sharp.

  8. JohnfromSC

    For those of you who think a 390 isn’t a big difference to a 351, I suggest you have the opportunity to drive a well sorted one. Much closer to its 428 FE sibling than the 351. And, you can get AC, PS and PB. Perfect high end cruiser.

  9. Gaspumpchas

    Looks cool. Inspection need of course, but the seller has zero feedback. I hate to be a wet blanket but you would need to deal on this one on one to make sure its what it claims to be. I have seen so much fleabay fraud lately it will make your head spin. Caveat emptor, it looks like the real deal and I hope it is, but if it looks too good to be true….. commentary by an old grey hair.

  10. david broderick

    VIN shows “R” code which means 428CJ

    • steve

      No, its clearly a “s” code 390. The car has 428 hood tags, air cleaner and valve covers. Steering wheel and upholstery is changed. Has a crazy power window setup done, and no mention of the rare tilt column. Hood has been repainted. Flowmaster exhaust. But its “all original”. This smells of a flipper with not a lot of knowledge on the car. Still a very cool car, just a lot of questions.

    • JOHN

      The VIN decodes like this: 9 is the model year, 1969. R is the manufacturing plant, in this case, San Jose. 02 is a fastback model, S is the 390 engine. 144029 is the sequence number. If this was a factory 428 the VIN would be 9R02Rxxxxxx. But, that does not mean that someone at the time replaced it with a 428, but more likely, as I remember (graduated high school in 1970) , people frequently changed out items like valve covers, air cleaners, emblems. Some changed their 396 Nova emblems to 350, they were the street racers. Others had 350’s and wanted the look of 396’s. This was done on GM’s, Fords, Mopars, and AMC’s. Not unusual at all.

    • Brett

      Or a “Q” code for 428CJ Non-Shaker (non-ram air). But, like John said, if this shows an “S” code it decodes as 390 car.

  11. A Friend

    I had a short conversation with the ‘owner’ who is a young, fast-talker. We didn’t get very far in the conversation when I asked him if he had a Marti report to verify it was a Mach 1 and he’d never heard of a Marti report. After that he just kept asking me why I would question whether the car was a ‘real’ Mach one. What a joke.

  12. Tucker Callan

    KEVIN MARTI!! `nuff said!!!!!

  13. JohnfromSC

    Kevin Marti only tells you when and how it left the factory. Not what it is today.

  14. MrMustang

    It’s probably a 428 dropped in place of the 390. The car does look solid but 29K and it needs quite a bit of work, I’d have to pass. 20-25K seems more in line with the car. I know where a 390 Mach 1 is right now, waiting on the owner to come down on his price of 30K. 390 cars are not that desirable but they are rarer than a 428CJ car. JMHO

  15. Stephen Brodie

    I worked in a Ford dealership in ’69, and I’m 71, certainly couldn’t afford one then. Somebody has been goofing with this car. The hood label also shows a 428 and the seats have been reupholstered as there should be an orange stripe on the back. I owned a ’69 Mach 1 for 20 years and gave it to my eldest son and the seats were still original and very good and it had 117K on it and the wheel and console on mine were much better. There is no way in hell that this car has only 75K on it, possibly 175, if this was an every day driver then over the 51 years of it’s life he could have only driven it 4 miles per day, somewhat unlikely.

  16. Stephen Brodie

    In ’69 Mustang fastbacks could be had two ways, the 02 body code which this one has is NOT a Mach 1 as the proper body code for a ’69 Mach1 is 05. I have seen this many times over the years , someone advertises a car as a Mach 1 but only the labels have been changed, thus the wrong seats. This car originated as a fastback model, as John mentions earlier, and they were a dime a dozen. Part of the interior of this car has been transplanted to make it appear to be a Mach 1.

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