Original Owner: 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

For me, it’s always a treat to find a full-size performance-oriented car from the ’60s, like an Impala SS, a Plymouth Sport Fury or a Ford Galaxie 500 XL like this subject car. And it’s especially nice to find an example in such outstanding condition! This 1966 Galaxie 500 XL is located in Rapid City, South Dakota and is available, here on eBay for a BIN price of $13,975; there is also a make an offer option.

The ’66 Ford Galaxie 500 XL was not the only performance-oriented big Ford in ’66, there was also a 7-Liter series, based on the Galaxie, that featured a 7 liter (428 CI) engine. The 50o XL could be equipped as such but offered a 289 CI V8 as the standard engine. Either model made for a fantastic looking package IMHO. These are big cars but they by no means seem overwhelming in size as they have a breezy, flight-of-foot bearing about themselves.

This Galaxie is claimed as an original owner car with the corresponding sales documents. I would think it is a tough call to part with such a ride after 54 years of ownership. The body and finish are in magnificent condition with what the seller states is the original Signal Flare red finish. As opposed to the addition of a black vinyl roof covering, this Ford has a contrasting black painted top. There is no sign of fade on any of the expansive horizontal spaces. The seller adds that this Galaxie has been in, “Temperature controlled garaged with TLC for 3 decades”. And that’s good to know but what about this Ford’s other two and a half decades of existence? It would seem for an original finish to look this strong, it has spent all of its life garaged. Whatever the case, it really doesn’t matter as this Galaxie’s exterior appears to need no attention.

Power is courtesy of a 315 HP, 390 CI “FE” V8 engine. The seller advises that it was rebuilt 10K miles ago and has the car’s mileage listed as such but he must be referring to the engine. There is no word regarding this Galaxie’s operating characteristics but the seller does advise that this car is, “Used for parades and light family cruising only”. A Ford Cruise-O-Matic, three-speed automatic transmission handles the gear changing.

The interior of this XL 500 is resplendent in red vinyl upholstery covering standard bucket seats. The material is slightly faded in places but is in good nick otherwise. There is a slight wear spot on the driver’s seat bottom but the rest of the upholstery is minus signs of splits, scuffs or rips. Not surprisingly, the carpet is showing signs of fading as well but it is still in passable shape. The well-ornamated door cards look great and of course, being an XL 500, there is a center console between the bucket seats.

This is an incredibly nice example of a big, desirable Ford hardtop. Oh, for those days to return! Time marches on, but fortunately, there were huge production numbers, over 1M full-size Ford cars in ’66 alone, so there are many examples still available. That said, probably not too many are in this stellar a condition. I think this one is worth the price, how about you?

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  1. BOP_GUY Member

    She’s a beauty! And it seems to me a fantastic price for all that you’re getting. I had a 66 convertible just like this one, only white with the two tone blue interior. These are indeed a good sized car, but like Jim says, not too much so. The 390 gives you the right amount of power to get up and go, and isn’t designed to be a numb boring ride. Not saying it’s a rough ride, just a fantastic balance. If only it was a convertible at that price, I’d be all over it!

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  2. Gate1967 Member

    Looks like a winner to me. Anybody looking for a great buy, this is the one. Love the color on this beast.

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  3. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    That is a great opening picture with the sun glimmering off of the hood chrome. I remember that this style Galaxie was very popular with the 60’s and 70’s Police shows on TV. This one looks like it would have been a Fire Chief’s daily driver.

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  4. Jeff L.

    These cars were notorious for frame rot. I would want a thorough inspection of the underside before I’d lay out any cash.

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    • MorganE

      You’re right Jeff. The car is beautiful, but I’d be under that thing going over nook and cranny of the frame. The areas under the corners of the passenger compartment seem to be the most susceptible.

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  5. Cadmandan Member

    What is the chrome wire thing on the headliner attached at the center of the sun visors?

    • David W

      That’s for carrying your cowboy hat if you are not wearing it while driving.

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      • Jcs

        Too funny. Must be a thing for States that start in a T. Love it.

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      • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

        Pretty popular item though generally seen in pickup trucks out our way…

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  6. Bob_in_TN Member

    Interesting styling on the 66 XL. I particularly like the interior styling. Those thin bucket seats give it a classy, airy feel for such a big car.

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  7. Dave Craig

    That’s fir hanging up your cowboy hat.

  8. Arby

    I like it – wish it was a 7 Litre…

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  9. Jranders Member

    The wire ‘thing’ in the middle of the windshield top is what the rear view mirror hangs from. You see it on the floor behind the drivers seat in the pics.

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  10. robt

    Nice Ford. We had a 65 wagon when I was a kid and since then have always liked mid 60’s stacked headlight Fords.
    This one has a lot of goodies included. 390 FE under the hood, 2dr, bucket seats, aftermarket tach …
    I hope I don’t get too much grief but the first thing I’d do is dump the ac, swap in a 4 spd toploader, and fine-tune it with what bits I could to enhance the noted 315 horses. Not a huge fan of red but the black roof works well with it. Upgrading brakes with a split system and discs up front would be necessary.
    I’m almost ready to sell my 95 E320 long roof powered by an AMG C-36 straight 6 to make it happen … Almost.

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  11. Jcs

    Great write up by Jim. Hits my sentiments on this beauty exactly.

    Great comment thread, can’t say that I disagree with anything that has been said thus far.

    These two together are somewhat of a rarity, for me anyway.

    Never a Ford guy, a buddy had one of these back in the day. That Silver Blue color that was so popular at the time, with a dark blue interior. She was a looker. I always liked that car, even though it had a 352 – an engine which I admittedly have never understood. Long legs, she would pull forever in each gear, just not very hard. Still fun to drive and ride in however. Classy, even then. Kind of funny, as Greg was every bit of 5 foot nothing.

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  12. Alain Rivas

    I had a 66 with a 428. Great car. This one has the 7 liter grill?

  13. scottymac

    ALAIN: LTD, XL, Country Squire, and 7 Litre (always, European spelling) had the heavy die cast grill. Lesser models had stamped aluminum.

    JCS: Had a 352 in a ’63 convertible – you were way too kind in your comments!

    ROBT: Hold onto those a/c pieces – the older you get, the more you’ll want them. And stop fooling with the 390, pull the trigger and get a 460.

    Always hated the screw top master cylinders parts shops offer as replacements, and never a fan of two tone paint jobs. Main reason I dislike so many of Chip Foose’s cars.

    • Robt

      Saving the ac parts for the next guy. Me, at 60+ I’m old school and like open windows when cruising. That old ac stuff just adds weight and sucks life out of the motor.
      As for that FE it’s a keeper. In place already and doing a fine job from the looks of it. If it ain’t broke …
      Except of course to swap in an aluminum intake and proper 4bbl. Maybe a cam while at it. Hmm

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  14. Jon G.

    I love the Fire Dept sign.

  15. Dewey Grimes

    That chrome thing on the headliner is a western hat rack. I knew when I saw the tow package on this car, it had to have a hat rack!

  16. TimM

    Great car, big block and buckets with a console makes for a luxurious ride with plenty of power!!

  17. Rhett

    I love these cars, very handsome but there’s always one thing that bothered me about the 65-66 Galaxies..if you look from the side, or rear 3/4 view the coupes have a weird “bow” to the rear quarter that almost makes it look like the ass is dragging..

  18. TJ

    My favorite year Ford from when I was a kid. We had a 66 Country Squire with the same front end. Always liked this front end better than the standard Galaxy grill assembly. If this car has the 315 HP 390 it would have been the 4V carburetor engine which would have had the new for that year C6 transmission vs the C4 cruiseomatic. Especially loved this car in red.

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  19. Steve Bush Member

    Very sharp car with the 390, buckets and AC. Cheaper asking than many same era Impalas and I think a nicer car.

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