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Packed Like Sardines: 21 Car Collection in Lansing


Here’s an interesting find out of Michigan: an 83-year-old gentleman is getting out of the car collecting hobby, and he’s even holding an open house at his barn this Saturday, October 8th, to clean out the cobwebs. He says all of these cars have been purchased over the course of 45 years but it’s time to move them on. You can find a few photos and a complete list here on craigslist.


There are two photos of this boattail Buick Riviera, along with a picture of what looks like the ’59 Cadillac Fleetwood referenced on the typed-up sheet listing all of the cars available. From Packards to Lincolns to fire trucks, the seller seems to have a collection that deserves more than a passing glance. Cars from the 1980s and 1990s are referenced as well.


While this Buick may be beautiful, I am most intrigued by the 1940 Packard Touring Sedan. There are no photos, but I’ll bet it’s stunning to see in person. There’s one import mentioned – a solitary 1971 VW Karmann Ghia. There’s also a few Lincoln Continentals mentioned, along with a Buick Super 8 “Torpedo Body.” Although the cars do look to be packed in, the environment itself seems to be dry.


Here’s the full list. Publishing your address on craigslist is a bold move, so I hope this gentleman has some offspring or friends helping him. If this has been a private collection since its inception, he’ll want to be careful of just how many people he invites to his home as a solitary individual. If he’s got the goods, an auction service would be a wise investment. Anyone going to check it out?



  1. David Wilk Member

    Alot of desirable cars on that list. Anyone here willing to go to the sale? Sure would be fun.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      I’d take the time to go, maybe even take along a truck and trailer with a winch, just in case. Maybe hire out for a fee.
      Unfortunately (or more appropriately “fortunately”), I’ll be out of the state Saturday.
      Dang. Would be worth a day just to check it out.

      What mystifies me is why the gent has not just put an auctioneer in charge. They do cost money, but in this instance, contracting one would likely benefit the seller in the end. With advance notification spread around, some good photos and a better description of each car, and the type of atmosphere that a respected auctioneer can bring to the table…. A much higher return.

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  2. nessy

    Wow! What a barn find. I am at a loss for words except I wish this place was near me. The Oldsmobile 98 convertible is what I would want and the Caddys….

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  3. PaulG

    Another “If I was closer” deals… I’d be interested in the early 60’s Lincolns.
    Every time I see a sale like this, or an estate sale with a great shop full of “stuff” I say “Here’s my wife’s sale in 30+ years”

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  4. Bingo

    I wish he was my uncle.

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  5. Jay M

    What a great find!
    Nice to know that there are still true barn find collections out there waiting to be discovered.
    I bet the owner would be interesting to talk with, to say the least. I would like to know how/when/why he acquired these diverse vehicles.

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  6. Madbrit

    The Caddy surely must be a limo with jump seats to be a 7 seater. Looks like a high door edge in one of the pics. Once again, too far away from me but I would love the Caddy, the boat-tail and the 2 1959 Lincolns, not to mention the Packard and the Buick Super 8………

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  7. roselandpete

    So much to love.

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  8. Van

    Probably some good cars. My guess is that his original investment would only be a few thousand. All of these cars had very little value in the past. It would be interesting to know what was the net on his investment. Someone should post pictures of driver quality examples of these cars. I favor the 40 and 41 as grand but subdued elegance.

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  9. Jose Cantu

    I’d love to check out the ’75 Continental. Just too darn far from Stockton, CA.

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  10. Jeff Lavery Staff

    He’s added new pictures – looks like a serious treasure trove!

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  11. Glen

    I’m thinking mice, raccoons and squirrels, oh my!

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  12. Robert White

    Looks like a good find, but I hope the 83 year old guy does not get taken advantage of. This is a sad story IMHO. The poor old guy probably wanted to get around to restoring a few of them I’m sure. Time sure has a way of pushing long term projects along, eh. And he collected Rivis we know he had taste for old classics from the 60s.


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  13. That Guy

    The ’59 Cadillac is indeed the limo with jumpseats. The “touring sedan” designation means it doesn’t have a divider window; otherwise it is the same as the formal limousine. That’s a rare and desirable car, and has been for a long time.

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  14. ACZ

    I’m thinking about rust. Remember, this is in Michigan.

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  15. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    I bet the vultures are already circling.

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  16. John K

    Nice collection and I’d be there for sure if it were within a few hours of my home. Not that I can afford anything right now, but it would be worth the trip just to see the collection.

    I keep chuckling over the list itself: I am certain it was generated on a typewriter, then scanned into a computer.

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  17. doug6423

    Apparently he’s been selling them for awhile. The ad says he is 83 but the list says he is 81…

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  18. cyclemikey

    I feel for the guy. It’s a punch in the gut to wake up one day and realize that the time-to-completion of your projects is longer than your expected time remaining on earth.

    Hope he gets good money for them, but realistically, in the condition they’re in, there aren’t enough diamonds in that pile to generate serious $$$$ collector interest. I hope I’m wrong and he makes a fortune.

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