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Parked For 12 Years: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500/XL

Hidden away in the back corner of this shed is a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500/XL that is begging to be revived. It appears that it may have been restored in the past, but it has been parked for the past 12-years. The signs all point towards a classic that might be returned to active duty with minimal effort. If you feel like tackling a rewarding winter project, you will find the Galaxie located in Casper, Wyoming, and listed for sale here on eBay. The auction is set to open at $10,000, but there have been no bids.

The Galaxie is a frustrating car because the owner only supplies a single exterior photo. The ones that he provides of the vehicle’s underside are also sadly lacking, and this might be something that is contributing to the lack of bidding to this point. This photo of the trunk pan does seem to be indicative of the Ford’s overall condition. It needs a clean, but there appears to be no penetrating rust. The story is similar on the outside, with the panels looking clean and straight. The combination of white over green looks classy, and the paint looks like it would respond well to a good old wash and polish. The owner says that the bumpers have been re-chromed, and they, along with the trim and glass, appear to be in excellent condition.

It isn’t clear whether the Galaxie has been fired-up since it was parked 12-years-ago, so it might need a bit of tinkering to coax it back to life. What you get with this car is a 390ci V8, a 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. That 390 should be good for around 300hp in good health. At 3,990lbs, the 500/XL is no lightweight. That makes the 15.9-second ¼ mile ET all the more impressive. Thanks to a relatively low and sleek body, it should also be capable of winding its way to 122mph. The engine bay appears dusty, but if you look beyond the dust, it seems like everything will present well with a bit of careful detailing. The Edelbrock air cleaner isn’t original, and that does make me wonder whether the Galaxie might have been treated to a few other additions like a new carburetor.

The interior of the Ford continues the trend of providing pleasant surprises. Once again, the photos are limiting, but they generally paint a positive picture. It looks quite good, with no signs of any upholstery issues. The foam on the seats might be starting to collapse slightly, but the covers look to be in excellent order. The same is true of the carpet and door trims, while what we can see of the headliner is encouraging. There is a wrap on the wheel, but that appears to be the only aftermarket addition. The original radio and clock remain in situ, and the console seems to be faultless.

I wish that the owner of this 1964 Galaxie 500/XL had provided some better pictures because this is a car that gives us the occasional glimpse of some real promise. I also believe that the lack of bidding has probably been partially because the photos are so limited. I think that if a prospective buyer were to inspect the vehicle, they would find a classic that could be returned to the road with minimal effort. Are you tempted to follow up on this one?


  1. Rodney Dean Member

    Since I see no comments, I will be the first. I agree with the author. Many more pics should would be helpful and advisible. You want a starting bid somewhere over $10,000.00 but what are we bidding on? Looks like a pig in the poke to me without more pics and details. I am willing to stick my neck out without any of the above and offer you $1,000.00. Good luck

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  2. gaspumpchas

    Love everything about this galaxie. I’d jump in if there were more pics. Good luck and stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  3. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    I’ve owned a few of these cars. Always liked the body style, and this color combo is my favorite. It’s not high on my wishlist, but for the right price($5,000) or less I wouldn’t mind having this in my garage.
    God bless America

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  4. gaspumpchas

    Low feedback and broken pronunciation, beware!!! Just sold some stuff on ebay and these creeps with zero feedback keep bidding it up . Had to stay on top to block. Don’t get it- why would you do this unless you are getting your jollies sabatoging the bids. Nobody said its easy.


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    • Mike

      The description is irritating:

      Ford Galaxie. car has been in storage for last 12 years was driven very little after being redone ;bumper are good they were re chromed interior good glass good every thing worked when parked has all 4 original hub caps should just need service to be good driver or show car car is located in Casper Wyoming needs a new home I need the room 390 v8 auto trans /power brakes and steering 2 dr hard top as the picture shows 500XL

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  5. Tom Bell

    Only one feedback, might be his first rodeo selling something on line. Total lack of punctuation in his written description. May be one or more messages there.

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  6. Brian Weyeneth

    A 64 XL coupe is my list. Look good next to my 64 Dynamic convertible. They could compete over who has the longer rear quarters.

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  7. Bill Hall

    If it is a native to Wyoming rust shouldn’t be an issue on a 64 Ford.

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  8. Mountainwoodie

    As a car nut kid working in a local garage as a gopher and pita, I often drove the owners ’64 Galaxie 500 XL, dark maroon, white interior and I think it was a 4 speed. It took a while to get going but when it did it was an awesome tank. The owner also had a Sunbeam Tiger which with that V8 stuffed in it went like a bat out of hell.

    The owner was a real character. A cigar stuffed in one side of his piehole, a WW II cloth cap askew, the same blue coverall outfit day after day and a rubber fish mounted on the wall over the workbench. Every time a customer paid the bill, he would pound the side of the rubber fish. A rubber tongue would come flying out of the fish’s mouth and the owner would say ” Thank you sucker fish!” Funny thing was, he was one of the most honest folks I ever knew.

    That was a long time ago.

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  9. Dave Mathers

    First rule of car selling – start HIGH!! You can always come down but you can never go up.

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  10. angliagt angliagt

    My first car was a ’64 Galaxie 500 (non XL).It had 59,000
    miles on it,& bought it from a neighbor who passed away,for $400.
    That’s about $2500 in today’s dollars.It was in excellent condition,
    white with a red interior,289,automatic.Gas was 24.9 cents a gallon.

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  11. Larry

    I had the exact car for lots of years except not an XL. Just a Galaxie 500. I loved the car and would love another.

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  12. Pete Phillips

    I was in elementary school, just a car-crazy kid, when our neighbor brought home one of these brand new and parked it in his driveway, just a few feet from our yard. It was a ’64 XL two-door hardtop, a light golden brown with off-white interior and those spectacular red and white courtesy lights in each door that came on when the door was opened–wow! Our Chevy Biscayne didn’t have any lights that came on when you opened the door. The other thing that impressed me so much that day was the concave or reverse curve of the rear end, where the ends stuck out farther than the center of the vertical trunk panel. I had never seen anything like that–ever! It was sensational to this 9-year-old kid. Even today, I still have a great reverence for the ’64 Ford XL. They were and are beautiful automobiles, and back in their time, they were truly sensational.

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  13. Jalopy

    My get away car when I got married 53 years ago! I wish I had the money.

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  14. Revrider

    Seller has 1 feedback. High bidder has zero. Does not pass my smell test, so I won’t be bidding. Zero feedback bidder on a high ticket item is often a shill.

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  15. John

    Barrett Jackson & Mecom auto wrecked it for people who love to restore these Gems

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