Parked For 50 Years! 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Converible

I don’t know any enthusiasts who don’t dream of opening the doors of a barn or garage to discover a desirable classic waiting for love. That is the story behind this 1964 Corvette Convertible. Its previous owner drove it into a garage in 1971, and it remained untouched until being recently rescued by the seller. It requires a total restoration, which will be a frame-off process. However, the reward at the end should make it worth the effort. The Corvette is listed here on eBay in Cleveland, Ohio. The seller set a BIN of $39,500 but will consider offers.

It is unclear why the previous owner parked this classic more than five decades ago, but it manages to present quite nicely after a wash. The seller indicates the current paint color isn’t original, with the first owner ordering it in Ermine White. It is safe to assume the color change occurred before the car entered storage, and the fact that it still presents well suggests the painter completed their work to a high standard. The panels are free from stress cracks or other problems, and the White soft-top may prove serviceable following a thorough clean. However, it isn’t all sweetness and light with this classic. The seller indicates there are issues with the outer rails, suggesting the buyer may face a frame-off process to ensure the Convertible remains structurally sound. The trim looks acceptable for a driver-grade restoration, and there are no visible glass issues.

Although it isn’t perfect, this Corvette’s Saddle vinyl interior looks serviceable if the buyer wishes to cultivate the “survivor” look. There are no rips or tears, and I believe a deep clean would reap rewards. If the buyer plans a high-end restoration, they may elect to replace a few interior trim and upholstery pieces. Otherwise, I would thoroughly clean everything before compiling a shopping list. The carpet is slightly faded, but the lack of visible wear means that replacement is not essential. The dash looks good, although the gauge lenses are becoming cloudy. The original owner splashed $176.50 on an AM/FM radio and $421.80 on factory air conditioning. The system is intact, and a bonus is the original A/C sticker on the passenger-side window is intact.

When assessing the potential value of any classic project, drivetrain originality can be crucial. The buyer strikes gold with this Corvette, with it remaining a numbers-matching vehicle. The original owner ordered the car with the L75 version of the 327ci V8. That small-block sent 300hp to the road via the rear wheels and a four-speed manual transmission. Although the company produced faster Corvettes in 1964, this car’s ability to storm the ¼-mile in 14.6 seconds before winding its way to 129mph would have commanded respect. Unsurprisingly, the seller says this ‘Vette doesn’t run or drive. It appears it hasn’t fired a shot since the previous owner stored it. These V8s are robust, and if it turns freely, revival with minimal effort may be possible. However, after five decades of inactivity, budgeting for a complete mechanical refurbishment would be wise.

If it weren’t for the frame rail issues, the new owner could potentially treat this ’64 Corvette to a thorough clean and a mechanical refurbishment before hitting the road in a genuine barn find. However, a frame-off restoration is the best option for treating it with the respect it deserves. If the buyer completes their work to a high standard, the reward would be a stunning classic that would draw crowds, and they’d be the proud owner of a car with a value of $70,000. After sitting for five decades, it deserves that type of attention. Do you agree?


  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I love a mystery. Painted sometime in it’s 7 years on the road and then parked in 1971. I am guessing a sad story. I hope it gets back to Ermine White.

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    • Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

      The sad story is northeast Ohio road salt.

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      • Mike K

        And the humidity, a car that doesn’t move from a garage here for years can have frame damage without it ever being in salt brine.

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        Well, according to the seller, the holes in the frame rails are from mice, not Ohio salt.
        That’s a new one.

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  2. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Looks like they painted the outside to match the inside.

    Hope somebody brings this one back to life and enjoys it.

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  3. George Mattar

    Worth restoring. But with resto costs even doing the work yourself astronomical , I would pull engine and rebuild. Do the suspension. Go over brakes and wiring. Clean the car and drive.

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  4. Bick Banter

    If anyone is interested, that air conditioning option cost over $4,000 in 2022 adjusted dollars. Holy cow!

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  5. Dave Morgan

    So 2 owners? How many miles?

  6. Bamapoppy

    Definitely a deep-pocket project. At the end it might even be a trailer queen as it would be a risk to drive at speed with 18-wheelers and teenagers on the road.

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  7. Mike

    I think it’s not a bad price for an all original a/c car

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  8. Joe Haska

    Adam I agree with your assessment. I don’t know what it is about this car, but if I were in a position to restore a Corvette, this would be it. If the A/c is in fact original ,that makes it special and a 327 ,4 speed is icing on the cake. It would be nice to know just how good or bad the frame rails are. I would like to own it, restore it and drive it!

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  9. UpNorth


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  10. Chuck Dickinson

    Uncommon to see a car ordered with fact. AC, yet they didn’t order tinted glass.

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  11. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    Those rims ?! Arf !

  12. Joe Bru

    To PRA4SNW: Actually frame holes from mice is very common, I’ve seen many cars with obvious low miles & clean rear quarters etc, but near the frame holes inside I find stuffed with leaves, tree seed pods, nut shells etc, not to say this car was victim to this

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      @Joe Bru: Yes, my Corvette frame was full of mice nestings too, but they did not create the holes – they just utilized any small hole they could find, created from the factory.

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      • Joe Bru

        PRA4SNW: Twenty plus years did in the frame of a Galaxie I bought that was garaged, but not very securely. It had good body parts so I ended up stripping it. Also got a 66 Chevelle, same scenario. Seen many more with same set of circumstances, folks got to put some mouse traps around these cars.

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        Joe Bru: Yeah, I can see it happening, actually, Leaving their nesting in there that is damp from their urine and droppings – all that trapped moisture not only stinks but will cause rot to happen.

        I got to where I would put down dryer sheets all over the car including underneath and engine bay. Also, peppermint oil was a good one to keep them away.

  13. Claudio

    Wow, weld the frame and drive it as is !
    It would make everyone smile cause you don’t see these anymore except at car shows

    I have had mint cars and the pleasure of driving isn’t there ,


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