Past Saving: Three Alfa Romeo Giulia Spiders

Well, we all try valiantly to defend even the saddest hulks of classic and vintage cars in hopes they can be saved, but sometimes, even the most dedicated among us have to wave the white flag. I have certainly dragged home some pretty God-awful cars in my day, but they all retained a general level of completeness that made them viable to some degree. This trio of forgotten Alfa Romeo Giulia Spiders were acquired as part of a deal for a track car many years ago and looked much the same then as they do now; the seller notes his property has been sold and he must remove these convertible carcasses. Find the listing here on

This is pretty common practice: get a good deal on a running car with the caveat being you need to take the seller’s other junk. Or, alternatively, you being the long-term planner that you are, willingly take the seller’s other junk because if you wreck the track car you just bought, having some good front clips and other major body panels could be incredibly useful. So, kudos to you! You never wrecked the track car. For your reward, you must dispose of these front and rear clips you never needed, but don’t scrap them or the whole vintage car community will think you’re a horrible human being.

This is the most complete Giulia; what I mean by that is it hasn’t been sawed in half at some point. There are no interiors, no engines, and many missing body panels. It does still have some original Alfa Romeo steel wheels, which could be of value to someone. The seller is completely honest about what a bunch of wrecks these are, and doesn’t try to drum up interest by promising you’ll find gold in the trunk cavity. In fact, he notes the only real discernable value may be in the Spider below that’s had its front end cut off, indicating there may be some useful parts still stored in the back of the shell. However, even those parts he admits “…may not be saveable.”

Here’s the carcass that might offer some decent parts to the next owner; thankfully, it’s been stored in a shed if the trunk does reveal some useful morsels. I will say, I recently unloaded a large batch of spare parts I acquired from a shuttered dealer, and I also sold a project car that I had acquired a fair amount of parts for but was never going to get around to. Unloading big, heavy objects I had no intention of using is a wonderful feeling, but I’m guessing the seller of these Giulias will likely have to haul them off to scrap if he wants to be free and clear of these battered bodies.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    There is what appears to be a fair amount of good sheet metal that could go a long way to someone restoring a rough Giuila.

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  2. Michelle Rand

    Make ’em into trailers?

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  3. Derek

    Two grand? Get tae.

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  4. t-bone bob

    Located in Lincoln Nebraska

  5. Pat Pat

    Two grand for scrap that he has to move before closing on the property… Sure there may be some useable parts but he sat on it for 20 years. Just give them to someone who will put what can be used to good use.

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  6. Andy B

    Doubtful you’d get anywhere close to that at a scrap yard…

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  7. Chas H

    The cost of hauling to a scrap yard will exceed their value as scrap.
    The seller should be offering these hulks for free, come and get them.
    The wheels on the white car appear to be Borrani, which are more desirable than the more common Fergat wheels.

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    • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

      They look the same as the one wheel facing out on the red car (???)

      • Chas H

        The Fergat and Borrani wheels look similar. The shape of the hole is different-Borranis have an oval hole while Fergats have a more three sided hole.

  8. Jim in FL Member

    Ran when parked…..

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  9. sterling

    i like the one cut in half as i am talll and would need car longer anyway.

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  10. sterling

    this is not junk as i see two cars that can be made from this and maybe a 3rd if you change the front. to fix them up is good as there mostly taken apart.
    have t take apart to fix anyways.

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  11. Iron Mistress

    Bach in the day when I was racing Alfas people would call me with Alfas in far better condition to please hall them away, complete with engines , tyranny and all running gear. Cost 0$$.

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  12. Andy B

    Then again, the used car market is HOT right now😆😆😆

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  13. Big C

    Free would be a good price. Maybe some wall art.

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  14. Mitchell

    As they cut in half someone tried to fit a LS6 but the engine bay
    is too small.
    Seriously, with title and readable vin i could consider to take
    all if they’re free and delivered cross-ocean to my door.

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