Period Custom: 1937 Dodge Pickup Conversion

The seller of this Dodge claims that it started life as a four-door sedan but was converted into a pickup sometime in the fifties. Apparently it was also chopped and channeled at that time. It’s missing an engine and isn’t perfect but if the story is true, this could be a cool one to complete. It’s also listed without reserve here on eBay so it might end up being a bargain!

We doubted the sedan converted to pickup claim at first because this looks a lot like a ’37 Dodge pickup. That rear window looks correct and so does the bed. The side vent windows look like they came from a sedan though so we can only assume the builder grafted the rear section of a truck cab onto a sedan front half. It makes you wonder why they didn’t just chop the pickup and call it good.

Is it really chopped and channeled though? A closer inspection would quickly reveal the truth. From what we can see in the photos the mounts where the body meets the frame have been welded. We can easily see any cuts on the pillars though. If it was done, the work must have been well-done because the interior still has the trim around the windows.

The lower section of the bed between the cab and rear wheel is further proof that this was once a sedan. Even with its flaws, this is a unique and good looking build. We would just clean it up and start looking for an engine. What would you drop in it? There’s a lot of paths you could take here and you shouldn’t feel bad about any of them because this truck is already far from original already. Inline-six, small block, or a Hemi? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Chas358 Chas358

    Whoever did the work knew their stuff. It’s very well done.

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    • triumph1954

      Nice job and good looking. Side profile is sort of like a Hudson pickup. And it is a MOPAR!

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    It could’ve been made out of a car. Very well done, if so. I doubt if it was chopped. I see that the ’37 Dodge truck has a bigger windshield and side windows but this example is right in with a car. Looks like it would be an interesting project. I’m curious about what the new owner would want to power it with…

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Can’t tell if it’s been channeled but my only question would be “why”. Doesn’t look any lower than geomechs’ picture of the coupe… Interesting. Certainly agree no chop here.

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  4. John S.

    What-ever… That is a cool lookin’ rig! I vote for powering it with a Slant “Leaning Tower of Power” 6 and a T-5 trans. A good clean-up on the interior and off you go!

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  5. jerry hw brentnell

    you realize you go find a slat 6 industrial engine like out of a combine, swather, water pump, etc this is a direct bolt in to this car/ pickup,as they used the same motor mounts as 40 cars and it fits like it belongs there! for the love of god don’t put a chev v8 in it,

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  6. canadainmarkseh Member

    My vote would be for a 318 engine at this point. Well graphed unit.

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  7. Joseph

    Well, is there a title? What does it say? Car or truck?

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  8. p t cheshire

    Channeled and grafted windshield, cowl and doors from sedan

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  9. DJK

    Why? Go to all this work? If the owner wanted a truck that bad, go buy one!

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    • triumph1954

      Not work if you enjoy doing this. Could be it is all they had to work with. Or they just wanted to do it. Nothing wrong with that. Nice truck/custom.

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      • canadainmarkseh Member

        I agree the build can be more enjoying then the ride is later.

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  10. Kevin in Iowa

    $4617.89 with less than 2 hours remaining. I’ve been saving an excellent running 360/727 still in a ’73 Dodge motorhome with 51,000 miles. I thought it’d be a great upgrade for my ’40 DeSoto S7 sedan rat rod ‘sleeper’. But, it looks like a project I’ll never get to. The slant 6 idea sounds like a better and much easier to install power train for this awesome looking pickup.

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  11. K.B.Roadsend

    WOW !!!!!
    She topped out at $7,051.51
    Who’d a thunk it ?
    A mere fraction of what it would cost to have someone built it these days if you had to hire it done
    Someone asked “WHY”
    This would be a rather odd place for that question
    I am often asked why I still drive a truck now over 70 years of age and operate machinery some nearing the century mark and hand tools well over
    Pretty simple …..Because I can !
    Im sure some ole boy out there riding a souped up cloud is getting a chuckle and say I did it cause I had a car hit in the hiney and a truck hit in the front .
    Why do any of us do the crazy things we do …..Im sure those with wives have been asked that more than once ……In my case just one of the many reasons when I came to the fork in the road and had to choose between doing what I love and procreating and answering WAAAAYYYY too many questions .
    Automobiles dont cheat and when they disappoint you just fix em
    This is the philosophy of a “crazy old man with allllll them cars (about 987) I think this week

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  12. Bil baldwin

    K.B.Roadsend…….i need to see all these cars

    • K.B.Roadsend

      My buddies who fly airliners say you cant go from OKC to DFW without seeing them from the air .And all the planes going to DFW seem to have it in mind to keep mmy treetops trimmed as they make their final approach even though Im a good 20 miles away from the airport .
      I tell the complainers that I and I alone am the one protecting the northern part of THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS from UFO invasion…..and they walk away muttering crazy old man …..BUT no one has seen any UFOs around here since I have been gathering cars …and who can dispute the good work I am doing at keeping them away
      I do seem to have folks show up from all over the country to look though Ya know I dont understand why the chamber of commerce isnt trying to cozy up to me ha ha
      I am located in the formerly beautiful Denton Co.Texas at the center of the Golden Triangle bout 40 miles north of Dallas and Fort Worth and 40 miles south of the red river

    • Little_Cars

      987 cars at once? Sounds like one helluva estate sale when you’re pushing up daisies, KB! Or, a conversation starter here on Barn Finds when the stash “comes to market.”

  13. TimM

    Really nice workmanship on this car considering the welding equipment wasn’t that great in the fiftys like it is today!! I give the builder a lot of credit

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