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Pick A Cat: Jaguar E-Types

1962 Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar XKEs are rapidly rising in value, or at least what people are willing to pay, to almost Porsche like levels. Here are 3 examples, yellow, red and blue of 3 XKEs in various states. The first Jag was listed on eBay in Reno, Nevada. It’s a one owner, 39,000 mile Jag stored since 1971. Bidding was over $70,000 with the reserve not met when the seller ended the auction. This is a very early and desirable XKE but it will take a lot to make it drivable. Don’t worry though, Jim S found several other E-types for you! Thanks to Jim for the tips on these three Jags. Perhaps Jim is shopping for a Jag? Have a look at two more interesting examples.

conv dash

This is the interior of the yellow 1962. It looks like the years have not been too unkind to it. Those toggle switches are unique to the early cars.


Here’s the second find from Jim, a V8 conversion listed on eBay in Rockland, Massachusetts with a BIN of $21,500. This is a less desired 2+2 Jag that’s even less desirable because of the Ford V8 conversion.


The Ford engine in this one is stuffed in their pretty tight. The conversion was done by a professional and runs, drives and stops well.


This one is going to take some work on its nose, but perhaps it could be drivable then.


Jim also found this 1968 is listed on eBay in Taneytown, Maryland. The bidding is over $14,000 with 4 days to go. It was in an accident in the early 1970s and the body guy who bought it for a project never got around to repairing it.

rust in piece

This is the right side of the blue one. The damage doesn’t look very encouraging. That is a lot of rust!


The interior is also very discouraging. You can see it has the later style rocker switches. Looking at these two pictures, its hard to imagine this one could be worth $14,000 and the bidding may well go up.

Given what these XKEs are getting bid up to, they must be worth a lot more than what Hagerty says. They say a nice S1 3.8 is worth $70,000 and a restored example is worth $115,000. The yellow car was bid up to $70,000 before the seller ended the auction and still needs a lot of work. The red 2+2 with the Ford V8 definitely isn’t as valuable or desirable, so perhaps it will be a more affordable option? That one might only take the hood repair, expensive but it is an XKE after all. The third option is the blue one. It’s hard to imagine there’s enough left to restore. It’s hard to imagine it’s worth $14,ooo and there are still 4 days left in the auction. Comments on this should be really interesting.


  1. racer99

    Hard to believe that last one is worth $19K and climbing. Looks like the front is laying crushed under another clip (although there appears to be a more usable one next to it). Would love to hear from the Jag aficionados to see if it’s a restoration candidate or are the parts worth that much.

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  2. Van

    Saw the red car on ebay
    In spite of the ford engine it looks worth the low price
    The pile of rust with a jaguar badge. The hard top has been cut of to make a convertible. The bonnet is under a pile of body parts.
    There is no floor in the car. This car reminds me of that Bugatti that was pulled from a lake bottom where it sat for fifty years.
    I’d find the parts questionable for restoration.

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    • racer99

      Van, what do they see for $19K? VIN plate maybe?

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      • Van

        I think the Vin plate is to rusty. But you might be right. Set it on fire and claim insurance?

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    • jdh29

      “The hard top has been cut of to make a convertible.”

      What do you mean by this?

      According to vin# it’s a real LHD Roadster from series 1 1/2. Almost all the rusty panels can be bought from UK and they do not cost a fortune, definately a restoration candidate.

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  3. Tim

    Is that a 55 bel air convertible next to the blue car? I wonder what else is hiding in that shed? It doesn’t look dry in there..

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  4. AW240Z

    A friend of mine had a jag similar to the rustic one pictured above. It was bought by a person in Australia wishing to turn into a vintage racer. The idea being it was better to start with an old solid, albeit cosmetically challenged one, than to modify a usable or restoreable Jag. But I still marvel at 19k as a starting point.

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  5. grenade

    It’s been said that those cars are some of the most beautiful cars ever made. I disagree. They’re ugly to me and I can see good value in anything restored, but crazy money for those? No thanks. (unless of course I found one and was selling it) :)

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  6. jim s

    no i am not shopping for a jag. not even the pretty white one that just got posted. but i do love to look at and hear them.

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  7. Mark S

    The yellow jag, restorable but the the price is insane. The red jag, is the best deal but even it is priced high. Some would say that the Ford engine is a negative, I say it’s a positive first of all it won’t leak oil anymore and secondly it’s going to run like a scared kitty. The blue jag, is a POS. Basically it’s a vin. Tag for sale with a pile of rust included. These jags are following the Porsche artificial bubble of over valuing rusty metal with a vin tag. I wouldn’t mind having the red one, but I’d just end up with a bunch of speeding tickets.

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  8. rangeroger

    Looks like the red one didn’t stop as well as the sellers says it does. Plus it looks like the hood would have to be modified for the distributor on the ford engine.It’s actually higher than the air cleaner.
    I would love to have the Model A pickup behind the blue one.

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  9. tompdx

    Frankly, I’m surprised it has taken this long for E-types to reach these prices. The 6 cylinder cars were competitive with the 911s of the day (and even Ferrari when introduced in ’62). They are far more beautiful that any 911 of the era, and even the earlier 356s, in my opinion. I have no doubt E-type prices will continue to climb. In the late eighties, E-types were $105,000 to $175,000, so in truth they are merely returning to those earlier heights!

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