Pierre Cardin Special! 1973 AMC Javelin AMX

Boasting a freshly rebuilt motor, fresh paint, many new parts, and a rare Pierre Cardin interior in decent shape, this 1973 AMC Javelin AMX may need little beyond a new owner to hit the street or cruise-in. A 360 V8 and four-speed manual gearbox make this AMX sportier than most. As an underdog to the “Big Three” of Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford Motor Company, American Motors Corporation deployed intentionally polarizing styling, generally appealing to buyers wanting something decidedly different. The aggressively humped front fenders certainly stand out on this Javelin. Offered here on Craigslist, the West Columbia, South Carolina AMX can be yours for $22,000, about $6000 more than the rusted out body shell of a Mopar E-body. Thanks to reader T.J. for spotting this crazy plum-colored AMC.

Surprisingly, the Pierre Cardin upholstery generally holds up pretty well, though these look more faded than others we’ve seen. This specimen features replacement material on the seat backs. The claimed factory-original Hurst floor-shifter makes a racy detail, along with the engine-turned dashboard bezel. Sunburn on the plastics suggest lengthy outdoor storage.

What looks like an engine-out paint job shines, though one might ask if painting the blower motor was a matter of style or convenience. Credit the seller for a long bulleted list of parts presented in an orderly fashion. Clearly they also pass the IQ test by fitting the entire car in the frame of a picture, a simple feat that seemingly few can manage. Despite reduced compression ratios and emissions changes, the AMC 360 (5.9L) V8 made a healthy 220 HP and 315 lb-ft of torque in ’73, compared to 175 and 260 (respectively) from Chevrolet’s four-barrel 350 (5.7L) V8 that year. Two years prior, when manufacturers gross numbers instead of net, those numbers would have been much higher on paper.

The correct almost-vertical rear spoiler may reduce top speed and fuel economy, but it sure looks cool. Are we missing a rear marker light? At least that detail suggests that lights and other items were removed for the paint job, a preparation step often skipped at the local body shop. For reference, the AMX began life as a short-wheelbase two-seater during model years 1968 to 1970 before becoming an option package on the Javelin.

Prolific designer Pierre Cardin‘s crazy interior looks like no other, and this pattern even adorns the headliner! The seller includes a picture of the VIN and claims the car is the second plum 360 four-speed Pierre Cardin AMX documented in the Pierre Cardin Javelin Registry, though only one appears on the web site, with a sanitized VIN. The interior treatment might have sold better to muscle-car buyers if it was called the “Clint Eastwood Edition” or the “Roger Penske Edition” instead of bearing the name of the stylish designer himself. Like the Javelin’s styling, the Pierre Cardin interior further separates potential buyers into camps of “love it” and “hate it,” but if you love it, this specimen is one rare bird to consider capturing. Are you in love with the fancy designer interior of this plum-painted AMX?


  1. Gunnar Svensson

    I waited for the Sergio Valente Edition but it never arrived…

  2. Claude Gagné

    I got new fabric for inside if needed
    Pierre Cardin

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  3. Tort Member

    Nice car but would be a whole lot nicer if Pierre wound not have been involved.

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    • AMCFAN

      Pretty dumb statement. Pierre Cardin was contacted by AMC to add sizzle to an otherwise unchanged Javelin for 72-73. Like it or not was the most unusual factory interior feature on any car then or now. It added traffic to the dealership. No one in Detroit had anything like it.

      What AMC learned from this help add Levis interior to Gremlins and Jeeps.

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  4. mrgreenjeans

    A new one locally sat on the dealership show floor a whole year before being sold. I sat in it and was amazed by the colors; the headliner was sooooo over the top ! I knew the son of the dealership owner later in life, who became my Dentist. I remember he and I speaking about that car and how he became the first owner because of it not selling. Sadly, both he and the car are now gone

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  5. Robin Tomlin

    David Bowie sits in the rear.

  6. Howie

    I like the color but not the interior, looks like a gap in the drivers door, posted 10 days ago.

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  7. Rw

    I remember when these came out I was kid growing up around hot rods and dragstrips,most people didn’t like these, including me and my friends and family,that was then,I love them now.

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    • AMCFAN

      I remember when they came out too. I was always a believer even when my father was a GM guy. Wasn’t very hard to figure out even as a kid how with the right people involved how dominant they could be and were. The Javelin was very effective in Trans Am racing. In drag racing. When rules changed to curb the unbeatable Hemi left everyone on a more level playing field. AMC started winning at the dragstrip. Money was an issue at AMC not their products. They had a very good design team in place along with dedicated employees. Was well versed operating on very little money. That is the real magic.

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  8. Gerard Frederick

    The drivers side door is severely misaligned, something wrong with the entire left rear quarter panel.

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  9. Emel

    This would go over big with the Rainbow warrior crew.
    Pierre said so.

  10. bone

    There looks to be some significant rot in the drivers A post which was just painted over as well as some in the inner rocker.- the painting of the wiper motor, blower motor and shock braces comes off as a cheapo quikie paint job , makes me wonder what else may have been skimped on

    • Gerard Frederick

      Good eye! This car, the more one looks at it, has been exceedindly well used, if not abused. There are a lot of things which have been covered, rather badly at that.

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