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Pint-Sized Pickup: 1971 MG MGB GT Custom

Well, this is something a bit different. What you are looking at here is a 1971 MGB GT that has been the recipient of some pretty creative thinking…to say the least. The work of renowned MG specialist Mike Goodman, the MGB GT has been transformed into a cute little convertible pickup, a transformation that you can be pretty sure the manufacturer never envisaged as this car rolled off the production line. I have to say a huge thank you to Barn Finder Roger for referring this truly unique Brit through to us. It is essentially ready for a new owner to drive and enjoy, so if you think that the new owner could potentially be you, then you will find the MG located in Palm Desert, California, and listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner has set an asking price of $22,000 OBO for this interesting little classic.

With the tonneau cover in place, this MGB in profile looks essentially like a Roadster at first glance, but it is when you look more closely that you realize that things aren’t quite what they seem. The rear of the car is more upright that you would expect to see on a Roadster, there is no trunk lid, and there is a second tonneau that extends from behind the seats to the rear of the car. That is all part of the magic of this transformation. The GT’s original top has been cut off, a bulkhead has been installed behind the seats, and the original rear passenger compartment and the cargo area has been transformed into a lined and carpeted pickup bed. The workmanship of this looks extremely impressive, and given the fact that the MGB was originally designed as a Roadster before the GT version appeared, structural rigidity should still be very good following the custom work. The photos that the owner supplies show a car that is straight, and appears to be completely free of rust. The White paint and Blue stripes and graphics work well together, and the MG does present a very clean and crisp look. The owner does note some imperfections in the paint, but when you consider that the work was completed in 1991, this is probably something that should be expected. Having said that, the pickup looks extremely presentable, and I can see no reason why it couldn’t be driven and enjoyed as it currently stands.

Here is the crux of what this custom conversion is all about. The pickup bed looks really neat, and the Blue carpet ties the bed and the interior together very well. Of course, there are a few things to note at this point. The bed isn’t particularly big, so if you’re planning on carting lumber or drywall sheets from your nearest hardware store, then you should probably look for some alternative transport. I also wouldn’t advise the next owner to start throwing greasy car parts into the bed either. Well, not unless they line it with plastic first, or are prepared to undertake a lot of cleaning after the fact. Finally, the tonneau is the only security that is offered for the bed, so it is conceivable that some undesirable individuals could choose to “liberate” any possessions that you leave unattended. Still, as a quirky custom touch, it is sure to attract plenty of attention.

The interior of the MG presents exceptionally well, and I don’t foresee any work for the new owner inside the car any time soon. The predominantly Blue vinyl interior trim with White highlights provides a mirror image to the White exterior with Blue graphics. The upholstery and carpet appear to be faultless, while the Black 1974-model dash looks to also be in great condition. Of course, I’m not going to criticize any non-original items inside the vehicle, because these would be insignificant when compared to the rest of the custom work. Therefore, an aftermarket radio/CD player would make life pretty pleasant out on the open road.

The custom work on the MG was undertaken in 1991, and at that point, the entire drivetrain was treated to a rebuild. In the intervening years, the little Brit has only managed to accumulate 8,428 miles. The 1,799cc B-Series engine was given a full rebuild and has been fitted with earlier twin SU carburetors without emission control. Electronic ignition was added, along with a high-torque starter, a heavy-duty radiator, and a custom exhaust. The wiring harness has been replaced, eliminating one of the known potential weaknesses with these cars. It has also been fitted with a coil-over front end, Koni rear shocks, along with polyurethane suspension bushes. The owner states that the vehicle is in great mechanical condition, and he actively encourages interested parties to contact him to organize an inspection.

This 1971 MGB GT really is something different. I love cars like this because they provide some insight into the creative mind of a custom builder. As a practical pickup, this misses the mark. As a cool custom that is designed to attract plenty of attention, this is a real winner. I tend to be an admirer of either beautifully preserved or restored original classics, but I really like quirky or well-executed custom builds. That is what this car seems to be, and I can’t help but think that the next owner is going to have an absolute ball in this little pickup.


  1. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Very nicely done! Worth the asking price IMO.

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  2. Howard A Member

    Meh, seems like a lot of work for nothing. I think they ruined a nice ’71 B.

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  3. CCFisher

    With a carpeted cargo area and no tailgate, it’s more like a convertible with no trunk lid than a pickup. Still, it’s very nicely executed – far better than the ghastly Impalamino from a couple weeks back – and will get lots of attention on cruise night.

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  4. misterlou Member

    The rug does tie it all together, man.

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    • KevinLee

      The Dude abides

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  5. Skippy

    All I can think of is the Monkeymobile…..maybe this one was for the Beatles! …also, insane price for a hacked GT.

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  6. F Again

    Complete the vision, and put a topper on it.

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  7. Wayne

    Would have been better as a rumble seat. (IMHO)
    Still very nicely done.

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  8. John Jacob

    What to do when a tree falls on your MGB-GT.

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  9. ClassicCarFan

    Neatly executed, but would agree with others… why? it has little actual practical value.

    I’m not really familiar with all the changes in MGB carburetor fitment over the years….those may be earlier version SUs but the car is clearly still fitted with the full air injections system so I’m not sure I’d really describe this as “without emissions controls”

  10. bobhess bobhess Member

    Does anyone in this game do anything with their cars that’s of “practical value”? Nothing practical about what we do and have been doing most of our lives. If that were true we’d all be driving Pintos and Gremlins.

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  11. 2VT

    Late reply but:
    I saw this car years ago at Mike Goodman’s Shop (initials MG, get it?). While talking with him I mentioned that I saw a MGTC that was the center fold in an issue of Road and Track and that it had won it’s category at Pebble Beach. He replied; “That was my car”. Just a guess here but this car is probably as good as it can be. Just say’n.

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