Project or Parts? 1971 Pontiac LeMans Sport

Once upon a time, this Lucerne Blue Pontiac LeMans Sport would have been a stunning looking car that carried a really desirable range of optional equipment. Today, it cuts a pretty forlorn figure, and it is a car that we’ll look at to see whether it is worthy of restoration, or whether its ultimate fate is to be a parts car. The Pontiac is located in New Egypt, New Jersey, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN price of $2,000 for the LeMans. He also does state that the Pontiac has no title, but will come with a Bill of Sale.

Let’s start with the good news with the LeMans, and that is that the owner says that the frame of the car looks good. From there, it’s all downhill…and it’s downhill in a real hurry. The Pontiac has some pretty obvious rust in the quarter panels, while its proximity to the wet earth doesn’t auger well for the floors. Add to that a broken rear window which is allowing water to flow into the car unabated, and things are looking pretty bad. The tinted side glass all looks to be pretty good, although, in addition to a broken rear window, the windshield has also been cracked where a heavy object has hit the top of the frame. This has also damaged the car’s top, which would now need repairs if the next owner chose to restore the vehicle.

Being a LeMans Sport, the car comes complete with bucket seats and a floor console. There isn’t much to say here, because the whole interior is essentially trashed. This is all pretty sad because, with power windows, power locks, and white upholstery, the interior of this car would’ve been a pretty pleasant place to spend some time. It might be possible to salvage some of the hardware for the windows and locks from this car, but there really doesn’t look like there is a lot else that is much good.

Under the hood of the Pontiac is a 350ci 2-BBL engine, backed by an automatic transmission. Considering the sheer volumes of moisture and corrosion surrounding this car, it is pretty surprising to find that the engine turns freely. Of course, just how healthy it actually is would be an open question, but it would certainly be worth taking a look at it. In all of my years dealing with classic cars, I’ve seen a few surprises along the way, and that engine just might be ready to spring a pleasant surprise on the next owner.

Look, let’s be brutal here. My own personal belief is that this LeMans Sport is destined to be a parts car. Restoration of this car would take a lot of time, a lot of effort, and not a small amount of money. It is that last that is the sticking point. It is possible to find a pretty nice example today for well under $20,000, with good ones available for under $25,000. To my way of thinking, that just doesn’t make restoration a viable financial proposition. What do you think?


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  1. poseur Member

    started my lawn mowing enterprises in an otherwise identical green one of these (and a 4-speed Chevy LUV MIkado).
    staggering to consider that someone has the gall to ask $2k for this heap.
    I’m sure the front end pieces have some value but after that…?

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  2. Ike Onick

    Option # 3. Let nature complete the job.

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  3. John M.

    It’ll cost a quite few bucks to whip this Le Mans back into shape especially with the dent in the roof. It’s a parts car at best.


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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

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    • Mikey8

      It looks like It would’ve been a beautiful car with good options. I think at this point it looks more like a parts car. I was OK with it until I got to the direct roof statement. Too much work and would be a surprise to see Read in network and all the floors it would’ve been a beautiful car with good options. I think at this point it looks more like a parts car. I was OK with it until I got to the dented roof part. Too much work and would be a surprise to see Read that it wouldn’t need in all the floors. I never understood why people don’t cover up broken windows to protect what’s inside. That’s sad to see.

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  5. ccrvtt

    Same seller has a pile of parts that he called a 1969 Corvette that was featured on BF a few days ago. No engine, no trans, no front clip, butchered rear spoiler – said it was a 350/300 4-speed car…. Okay, then.

    Other than the entertainment value of looking decaying hulks, this guy provides no real offerings. He must have a fervent belief in P.T. Barnum’s dictum, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    This way to the Egress, folks.

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    • Ike Onick

      Nice touch with the “Egress” reference.

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  6. John Oliveri

    My first car was a 73 Luxury Lemans, it was the slopes rear, loaded to the Gil’s w options power windows doors seat, lack car full white top and white interior, I had spikes and 1,5 inch white walls, car was stunning in a world full of Monte Carlos Grand Prixs and Cutlass supremes, it was 5 yrs old when I got it, regret every day of my life for selling it, anybody got one?

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  7. Butchb

    I bought one of these with a broken windshield for $500 bucks back in the late 90’s. As it was an Arizona car it had no rust and the car had no real damage other than the windshield.
    I had a new windshield installed, got it road worthy and sold it for $1800, and was happy about it.

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  8. bob

    i would be more interested in the 70 chevelle next to it LOL

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  9. TimM

    What a shame!!! There is nothing else to say!!!

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  10. Troy s

    Nice Pontiac LeMans that shouldn’t have been too bad on insurance with the economy engine. Got the looks without the kick of a 400/455.
    What’s upsetting is that the car is not completely covered in rust or more or less an ugly piece of scrap like some of the cars that come through here. Yes it’s wasted, beyond belief….but looking at that front shot of the hood I can still see something interesting, that’s just really too bad. Darn.

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  11. Maverick

    Another one going to fix it. Probably wasn’t bad when parked. U think the Chev elle next to it is pretty roaches looking. I think the owner price is 1800 dollars to much.

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  12. Tricky

    Its hard to resuscitate a carcass when it hasn’t had a pulse in a long time…

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