Prospector Project: 1985 Dodge Power Ram 4×4

This is one big truck, although most modern pickup owners are used to driving a 4×4 four-door truck. This 1985 Dodge Power Ram Prospector crew cab is listed on eBay with bids of $4,500 and it’ll sell with no reserve. It’s located in beautiful Rozet, Wyoming.

This Power Ram 4×4 is far from perfect, in fact it needs quite a bit of work for my eyes. I’m frankly surprised at the amount of the bids given the amount of work that’s needed on this rig. You can see that someone snapped off the classic Ram hood ornament but that’s at the bottom of the to-do list for the next owner of this truck. Power Ram was Dodge’s new name for Power Wagon, for all intents and purposes.

The seller says that it’s “pretty solid, front floorboards do have rust.” The body has its share of dings and dents but I don’t see any gaping rust holes, I’m surprised that the floors are rusty. 1985 was the last year for the crew cab, maybe that’s what’s driving the value here? I’m a big advocate of owning either the first or last in a series, or both if you have a Jay Leno or Sultan of Brunei budget.

The Wyoming heat and/or cold has caused a bit of trouble inside, too, but help is available from our friends at LMC Truck and any number of other suppliers. There are no engine photos but this one is listed as having a 318 cubic-inch V8 which would have had 140 hp. The seller says that this Power Ram “Runs and drives, brakes are soft and tires are dry rotted. also need battery.” They also say that the “transmission shifts good.” You can see the “Ram-Trac” transfer case shifter for the 4WD system which allowed the driver to shift while under way. There are no photos of the back seat area other than the door panels, other than welding the rusty floors I can’t imagine that there’s a ton of work to do inside. What are your thoughts on this big Power Ram Prospector crew cab?

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  1. mallthus Mallthus

    Cummins swap, fit a flatbed, fix and pimp the cab. You’ll have more money into it than you’d ever recoup, but it’d be nice, fairly unique, and eminently practical for hauling, towing, or as the basis for an expedition vehicle.

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  2. Jimmy

    Love the older 4 door pickups, if you could do your own bodywork just to make it a driver which is what these old 4×4’s were made for then I could see owning it.

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  3. Jett

    My thoughts? Anyone who comes remotely close to $4500 needs their head examined. That’s a $1000 truck AT MOST!! Sure, the crew cab is neat and all, but c’mon…

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    • bull

      You need your head examined as you have NO CLUE about the current selling market for 1st Generation Dodge Crew Cab trucks!

      Rough and Rusty 4WD 1st Gen 73-85 Dodge W250/W350 Crew Cab government trucks still show up all the time on the current GSA Auction site and regularly SELL for $3000-$4000 for trucks much rougher and rustier than this truck presented above.

      If this truck stays at $4,500 someone will get an excellent buy!

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      • Rob

        Totally right about that.

        This is a good deal.

        I would just pimp up the engine, cam, intake, etc, and not bother with a diesel. Just me..

        I had a 76 Club Cab, short box. Drive a 95 Club Cab, short box, right now.

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  4. Keith

    Oh H#LL NAW!…. Just another clapped out Mopar only worth the scrap metal price!

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  5. Troy s

    Absolutely hated the feedback 2 barrel 318 in my ’87 Dodge 4X4. So slow it was dangerous trying to merge into freeway speed traffic, always starting issues too.
    Liked the rest of the truck, very solid with a spacious interior, turning the ignition key was when things got ugly. Definite drivetrain swap on this one.

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  6. seth karpen

    all of these Dodges rotted on the drivers floor if not both sides. Horsehair mat under the rubber mat held water.

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  7. Bill Shields

    You learn something new here all the time. I’ve never seen a crew cab from this generation of Dodge. I didn’t know they existed never mind until 1985.
    Not my thing but thanks for adding to my knowledge base!

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  8. Sir_burban Member

    It amazes me the amount of negative comments are left for many of these vehicles. Some may be over-priced, but your junk is only worth as much as someone will give you for it. Somebody may be willing to pay $8K for this rig, and feel it’s a good deal. Either way, I find it hard to believe that most of the negative comments are written by actual enthusiasts, or even people who own/have owned/ or have the mechanical ability to even merit the negative comment that they’re posting. Vintage 4×4 enthusiasts know the pedigree of this truck, the production numbers for a crew cab 4×4, and the value of the drivetrain/rear’s in this truck. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received in a shop is keep your mouth closed, eyes and ears open, and you may learn something. Your personal tastes or lack of information opinion is a waste of time for the actual enthusiasts who enjoy the wide variety of automobiles and tech information this site offers. Do the automotive community a favor, and before you leave a negative comment, go back and watch pump my ride. That may be more on your automotive cognitive level.

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    • Jeremy

      I used to own this truck and it’s solid… this guy above is correct.

  9. Pete

    I wouldn’t want to invest this much in it, But I am a fan of the double cabs. Especially so with this era of Powerwagon. That would be an awesome work truck.

  10. Sandy Claws

    Ever drive a RAM? Not a pleasant experience. Fine on the work site or farm to get a job done, but for pleasure? Need to pull a stump? This is your ride Need to take a lady out on a Saturday night, not a chance.

  11. val

    I take half of the People that Talked Bad about the Crewcab have Never Owned 1 . These truck’s Bring Big money when done right . It’s not hard to make them run nice with a first gen cummin’s Engine in them .I own 1 and have Built several When done right they bring good Money try 45K :)

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  12. joe

    This is my truck i can’t believe i found a old ad for it.

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    • Michael Robinson


      I need your contact information. The truck is mine. I have the title and Bill of Sale from 2018. The guy sold it to me and stopped communicating with me and therefore it is a stolen vehicle.

      Mike (208)283-1533

    • mwrobinson2

      Please contact the Cheyenne Police Department. They know about this truck. It is mine and was stolen when the seller stopped communicating with me after I purchased it. You also, contact me:

      Michael Robinson
      (208) 283-1533
      Boise, Idaho

  13. Jeremy

    I used to own this truck and no welding was done on floorboards and is in the shape that he described and the back seat is in great shape.

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