Rafter Find! 1975 Chevrolet Corvette

There’s a garage in Oak Ridge, New Jersey that houses a car in the rafters! I’m not sure what the story is, but the owner probably needed more room in their garage. Now the car is for sale and you can find it listed here on eBay with an asking price of only $1,500. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information in the ad, but hopefully, the seller will provide more details to interested sellers. Let’s check it out!

The ad says the body is “undamaged” and has been stored since the 1980s. It appears that the engine and transmission are missing and there’s no indication if the drive train comes with the car. Let us know what you think of this car and if you would buy a “car in the rafters.”


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    If we were doing Corvettes I’d already would have bought this one.

  2. GuernseyPagoda Member

    I guess if you want a Vette, you just need to hang in there a little while longer🤪

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    • Arthell64 Member

      You can’t say the project never got off the ground.

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I want to know how they plan to get it down from the rafters. No telling how much that body warped hanging the way it has for the time it’s noted been hanging.

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    • Bear

      IF you look at the photos you can clearly see a chain hoist is located above both the body & the frame.
      It will probably come down just as easily as it went up.

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  4. Chris M.

    This project is clearly still up in the air.

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  5. Bear

    Price seems to be very fair, even if it only includes a clean/straight body & an undamaged/no-rust frame.
    Someone who is doing a restoration of a similar year Vette will likely snap this one up!!

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  6. George Mattar

    I own a C3 coupe. This is a good deal. If the frame has been hanging around 30 years, it likely isn’t rusty. Many are. I live fairly close to this. Might just bring it home. Worth more parted out. Good doors are worth at least $200 each. Corvette doors rust inside. Windshield rust common too.

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  7. Terry Melvin

    The best thing about the car is the gutless engine is missing. One could put just about anything in it and it would be better than the stock 1975 motor.

  8. Bear

    It would be interesting to hear the background story on this.
    Such as…
    The wife said, “That Corvette project of yours is taking up too much space in the garage. I want to park my Prius in there!”
    The husband replied, “Yes, dear. I’ll move it before the end of the weekend.”
    Wife thinks, (“Wow!, I never thought he’d actually sell his beloved Corvette. He must LOVE me!”)
    2 days later…
    Husband says, “OK honey, garage parking is all yours!”
    Wife, after opening the garage door & discovering the husband’s creative solution, (“I should have known. Figures….”)
    LOL! :-P

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  9. JOHN Member

    OK, a ‘vette hanging from the rafters, and a boat upside down in the background.

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  10. Pookie Jamie

    Ok. We need one more Air comment. “One flew over the cuckoos nest?”

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  11. Comet

    That guy is asking ALOT from those wooden rafters. Corvette bodies are not light.

  12. JoeNYWF64

    Would it have been possible for ANY year vette to have been made unibody instead of with a full frame, or does the fiberglass skin preclude that?

    • RayT Member

      Didn’t stop Colin Chapman from making the Lotus Elite a unibody car. That doesn’t seem to have caused any major issues I’ve ever heard of, but then I haven’t seen an Elite on the road for many years….

      Being smaller, lighter and far less powerful may have helped.

  13. Billieg

    Now I’ve seen everything…..

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  14. Bill OBrien

    I lived in Oak Ridge until 1997, Worked at the local shop from when I was 13 years old and drove autoparts for the car quest until I was 21. I knew every person with any kind of performance car in that town and for the life of me I can’t remember this car.
    My best guess is that it was in the barn and recently put into the rafters. Trying hard to think of who in this small town had a barn that size. The ad says nothing about the drivetrain which is why its cheap i assume. Odd mounting of the license plate under the body! and who keeps a bass boat upside down?
    It has GOT to be one of my friends

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