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Rare American Coupe: 1957 Lincoln Capri

Rare, stunning, and gorgeous, this 1957 Lincoln Capri is what dreams are made of. Having spent some time in a private collection in Canada, this Capri has changed hands and moved to sunny and warm Florida. The seller recently revived this beautiful Capri, but is still selling it as a “non-running project”. Desperately needing the tinder love and care of a new owner, to be a true beauty and driver once more. With 6 days remaining, bidding has only reached $1,051. The price will only sky rocket from here. Find this beauty here on ebay out of Dade City, Florida.

With a mighty Y-Block V8, this 1957 model has 368 cubic inches which pumps out 300 horsepower. With some minor areas of concern, the engine and bay overall look to be in nice shape. There is some minor paint wear on the firewall below the brake booster area, and on the upper portion of the firewall towards the passenger side. The paint work in the engine bay looks fair, and there is no rust present. The radiator looks to have been the focus of someone’s rage, or some other happening with its bumpy appearance. Otherwise there is little else to report other than the gaudy modern spark plug wires. Recently revived, I would imagine this Capri may need further fuel system work, and may require a full tune up.

Peeking inside reveals an interesting color way. Wearing blue and green, this interior looks much better in natural sunlight. In the sunlight, it is easier to see that the blue accents the green. In outstanding condition, this interior looks to need nothing. The carpet looks quite plush and the seats are quite inviting as well. It appears the interior of this Capri is mostly, if not completely, original.

Not really described as an original, or a survivor, we suspect this Lincoln may have seen a re-spray in its time. There is no major rust or damage, other than some very minor surface rust on the underside of the doors. There is absolutely no rot, or any significant damage to this classic. The body looks straight as an arrow, and all of the gaps look even.  The paint on the roof slowly fades into the glossy appearance of the rear window. All of the chrome and trim look excellent with no dents, rust, or missing pieces. Getting past appearances, this Capri still needs a solid looking over to inspect and verify that all of its systems are operating at peak performance. When it comes to rare beauties, this 1957 Lincoln Capri has the bases covered. What do you think will be the final hammer price for the rare classic?



  1. RayT Member

    NOW we’re talking! I could very easily fall for this Capri, even though — thanks to the quality of photos — I’m not sure I could live with the exterior/interior color combo. Might have to change one or the other.

    Surprising to me that this isn’t getting more attention. At the current $2550 it seems to me you couldn’t go wrong. Even if some mechanical rectification is needed, and even if the rust on the bottom of the door is more serious than touching-up after checking for bad door drains.

    The price would leave enough in hand to rebuild the brake system and flush out the fuel tank/lines and do a tuneup, all of which I would automatically do with any car that has say in a “collection.”

    Too bad Christmas has already gone by, but my birthday IS coming up, just in case anyone is looking for a gift…!

    • JRATT1956

      Paint the car the color of the dash and get rid of that green interior. Black or Blue leather would be my choice. $8,000 no reserve = someone is going to get a very nice car for under $15,000, unless they go nuts.

  2. Rustytech Member

    This car is gorgeous, and looks very original. So much more interesting than a 57 Chevy. This was the last of the good looking Lincolnshire for awhile, as the 58’s in my opinion were an abomination. The “non running” label is surely going to hold bidding down, but with 5 days left it will climb rapidly in the last day or so. My guess $15,000.

  3. Peter R Member

    Has lots of the same styling cues as the Packard you just featured…

  4. Fred W.

    What a beauty- wish it would fit in my 1920’s garage!

  5. Peter R Member

    1955 Packard, that is

  6. Mike

    Love the Tail lights of this era, just love them.
    I asked Wife said NO!!!
    I am bummed!!!!

  7. Ed P

    Nice Lincoln. Much better styling than the later 58-60 Lincolns.

  8. Joe Haska

    Love this car! Like 56 a little better, but this would work. I also feel the interior colors are a little strange, but go find another one. I’m sure the bid is going up, 15K maybe?

  9. Brad C

    The big fins are so over the top — just can’t get past them when everything else about the car is the epitome of understated elegance. I prefer the ’54 Capri tail light design, and of course the Continental MKII of the same year as this one was a knockout from every angle.

    Aside from the cartoonish fins, (that oughta earn a few thumbs down) it’s just gorgeous, down to the ming green, blue and pale yellow color scheme. Amazing car.

  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    The speaker under the dash looks like an after thought. Anyone know if that was factory? Great looking rig!

  11. Gunner

    An utterly stunning and beautiful automobile. It love everything about it. All it needs is myself behind the wheel! Wow! :-D

  12. JoeBazots

    Nice car. I actually like the later Premier a little better. The 59s have the canted twin headlights that give it a really cool look. Someone might get a real deal on this one, but I expect bidding will pick up closer to the auction end. It’s a great starting point to have a really nice driver/cruiser.

  13. RicK

    Had a pair of ’57 Lincoln Premieres back in the 70s, both ran and drove,one a coupe and the other a 4dr hdtp w/ a continental kit, that one was as long as a bus almost, but people sure stared because most were off the road by about ’68, anyhow to answer the speaker question, yes it’s factory. And very few Capri models survived, most were long gone when I had my Premieres. Most obvious difference is the Capri hubcaps had a metal center unlike the plastic center on a Premiere. Other than that looks like some minor trim differences. My old coupe is still around, I last owned it in ’85, back in ’04 I saw it being loaded on a roll truck (not running anymore) have kept track of it, has changed hands a couple of times since then, I don’t want it back!


    Sharp lines, beautiful design, ugly as sin interior.$11,000

  15. Glen

    If the colours are the originals(interior/exterior) leave it alone. That’s how I see it. I believe original is always best. If the colours aren’t to your liking, find one that is.

    • JRATT1956

      Glen, with the blue on the dash and doors, I do not think the interior is the original color. I have changed exterior and interior color on several cars. It has to be complete around the doors, in the trunk and under the hood. These cars are so rare you might not be able to find one in the color you want. If I could get this one for $10,000 or less, (I doubt it.) I would at least do the interior color change first.

      • Glen

        I’ve re-thought this, changing the colour of a more common vehicle isn’t as big a deal, however, a car such as this that is rare, should be kept original. again, this is just my opinion.

  16. Hoos Member

    A very stately looking car. I’m personally not in love with the nose, but I really would like to drive it. The interior colors appear odd to me, but having the color car I have, I know some variations of those colors don’t translate well in digital pictures.

  17. ben

    this car just sold about a month ago unless deal didn’t go thru iam only like 30 mins from the car was going to look at it and they sad it was sold ben in fla

  18. ben

    the speker is no org they did have a floor monted speker just not that one I had a few of these the batmoble was made out of a 57 lincon ben in fl

  19. Gagagarage

    A little editing is needed… I think you meant ‘tender’ and not ‘tinder.’

  20. Bryan

    I really like the 57 Lincolns, especially those great fins! Don’t know much about the Y-block V8s…are they better than the later MEL 430 & 462s?

    Here’s a recent pic of my 59 Imperial’s fin…cold winter in Oregon!

  21. z28th1s

    Very nice looking car!

  22. legrandfromage

    In my humble opinion, the ’57 was ugly at the start, it is ugly today and it will be ugly tomorrow. 50’s Lincolns except for the Mark II and Convertibles are a drag to anybody who owns them. You better love it a lot if you buy it, ’cause there ain’t nobody waiting to take it off your hands. MAX value about $5K as a driver.

  23. Mr. TKD

    I dig it!

  24. Oliver R.

    I have upholstered cars for a living for 40 years; and I recognize that mottled green vinyl in this Lincoln. It is from a much newer period than this car. I also recognize that the sewing is NOT original. ALL the green in this car is WRONG!! Including the carpets. Inckuding the door panels. But the blue looks to be original.

  25. JRATT1956

    I was thinking the same thing. I have seen this green in several cars 2 Mark IVs.
    Each time it was sold to the customer at a discount, I don’t think too many people would chose this green without it being discounted. Both IVs were green with black carpet and they still looked a little off to me. But I hate green cars.

  26. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I’d say well bought at $11,099.00. 69 bids.

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