Rare C-Type Head: 1957 Jaguar XK140 SE

This pretty 1957 Jaguar XK140 SE is listed as being useful for a restoration project or for parts, but I sure hope it’s a case of the former. The body may look rough and the engine removed, but it remains numbers-matching and comes with the desirable C-Type head. The seller doesn’t highlight any rust issues beyond the surface areas on the fender, but given it resides in Connecticut, there’s a chance more rust is lurking underneath. The good news is the edges of the fenders and doors look good here. Find the rest of the photos of the XK140¬† here on eBay with no bids.

The seller has listed the Jaguar with an opening bid of $15,000 and no reserve. I suppose having it parked outside with the windows down may be scaring some potential bidders away, but the interior isn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. The seats look reasonably complete and I don’t see any gaping holes in the floor. The seller notes the interior has been removed and the instruments rebuilt. The transmission has been removed but is included with the sale, and the seller notes that the gearbox is correct and matches with the original engine.

The SE-spec cars came with the aforementioned C-Type head and a few other tweaks, such as dual exhaust, 8:1 compression, and upgraded torsion bars. The C-Type performance cylinder head is desirable among collectors, and should compel at least one buyer to take this restoration project on and bring it back to life. The listing does not specify whether the engine is still free or if it needs a rebuild, but certainly the fact that it’s been removed is some indication that further work may be needed. Still, a rare, matching-numbers mill is a huge win for the next owner.

Seeing these color-matched wheels still with the car makes it easier to envision it as a complete vehicle, but also raises the question as to why it was disassembled in the first place. The seller’s mention of the gauges being rebuilt provides a pretty strong clue that someone embarked on a restoration attempt before it stalled out, along with the engine and transmission being pulled. The listing includes photos of other parts of the interior in pieces but relatively complete, so hopefully this rare XK140 SE will return to the road in the future.

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  1. Ben T Spanner

    Been there, done that. Yes it will have rust. The interior is very expensive to replace. There is lots of wood, wool and leather. The purchase price will be just a small down payment. Another prime example of that you should buy the best example that you can, vs “cheap” entry and many dollars and years of expense.

  2. ccrvtt

    The opening photo somehow captured my interest immediately, even after seeing these for years. Then it occurred to me that this is the direct predecessor to the E-type coupe and in its own way almost as beautiful. Lots and lots of money to restore with values all the way from mid-$30K to well over six figures, it’s definitely going to appeal to a limited market. The styling is so classic that it’s bound to appeal to younger generations as much as it does to us boomers.

    Ben T is absolutely right – buy the best example you can afford. I just hope this one gets saved.

  3. Del

    Dismantle it a bit more and ask 20 gs

  4. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

    I’ve seen this car, photographed it and was going to assist in getting it sold, however, I had to walk away as the owner had hopes much higher than the $15,000 starting bid… The reserve is probably where he wanted to sell it at 4 years ago. There are NO floors in this car and the front fender that has the large area of rust has been slathered with filler, the rust area is where it broke off.
    I’m a Jag guy and I HATE to see cars waste a way.. I followed up a lead on this and several others tucked in the back of a restoration facility several years ago and unfortunately, the owner feels he has platinum when he really has tin foil. Its a shame as this (and the others) were at some point savable.

  5. Jaker76

    Uh, to the writer that wrote this post-you do know that the floors are wood in the XK series? That and what are the numbers on the head to prove it is a C type? Think this seller has his head in the clouds on basically a car that needs tons of money to restore and not enough info to justify his price!

    • AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

      Yes, in front of the seats, there is no metal facing the ground anywhere else, IE the boot, not much footwell left, hardly anything keeping the body from falling to the ground around the frame rails.

      • Del

        Thank you Auto A.

        its now apparent that this car was built just after The Flinstones one. And nether of them is worth Dinosaur Poo

  6. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

    Well, worth some Poo and a few clam shells maybe… LOL Money no object, I’d restore the 140 SE. Saddens me to see them fall away like this. Thing is, 4 years ago when I first saw the 140, it wasn’t as bad. still bad.. but less so.


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