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Rare Color: 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

By 1976, the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme was quickly on its way to becoming America’s sweetheart car, taking the prize for the country’s best-selling model during the bicentennial.  Quad headlights up front replaced the dual units from the previous year plus a sleek 2-piece grille that curved up towards the hood created a more modern appearance, and if you’re as old as me you probably remember these cars were everywhere back in the day.  But you may not recall seeing a lot of them in the color of this 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme here on eBay, so if you’re anywhere near Smithville, Tennessee this one might be worth checking out.  So far, bidding is up to $5,300 with the reserve not met.

The seller says he believes the Lime Green Metallic was a one-year-only offering, and I think he’s correct as in ’75 the green finish was Sage and for 1977 it was Medium.  For a colonnade-style body, this shade works well combined with the rims painted the same way, and those are stated as the factory Super Stock wheels still on the car.

According to the seller, the Cutlass was in the same family since new until he acquired it in 2018, and somewhere in the distant past the car underwent a restoration.  Since then, it’s been covered inside a garage with the paint still presenting nicely, with the bumpers and other chrome pieces also getting a refinishing along the way.

It took a couple of minutes for the mostly green and white interior to grow on me, but once things clicked I really started digging this combo on top of the black carpeting, and this was the seventies when contrasts were looked upon favorably.  The headliner, door panels, and seat covers have all been replaced and appear to be in fine condition, plus we also get to view a photo from the trunk area and it looks very solid inside.

Powering the Olds is a 350 engine with a 4-barrel, connected to an automatic transmission.  There’s no word on whether or not either component has ever gotten a rebuild, but mileage is listed as 130k, not all that many for nearly 50 years of service, so if they’ve been well maintained maybe the need for an overhaul hasn’t arisen yet.  I’m still a fan of mid-seventies Cutlass styling and feel like this one will probably not have a problem meeting reserve and finding a new home, what do you think?


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Won’t need a flux capacitor to go back in this time capsule…very nice!

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  2. Driveinstile Member

    This is one of my favorite year Cutlass’s. At first I wasnt a big fan of the color. But then after seeing the interior and everything together as a package I really started liking it. Very nice Olds.

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Really nice car. I love the period-correct colors, especially when they were uncommon even in their day. Excellent ebay ad, lots of info and tons of pics. Take a look, one can appreciate why these Cutlasses were so popular in their day.

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    • Kevin

      We had a 75 Cutlass but our tail lights were different and yes it was a 76. The tail lights were 2 squares stacked on one another

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      • Alan

        That would be a Cutlass S, not a Supreme.

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  4. Nelson C

    Here’s the one to have. Classic that doesn’t go out of style like, say, a Ford Taurus that would one day be the number one selling car. Great color (sorry folks, it was 1976 and we wanted to be seen driving), 350 engine and no power “conveniences” to give you trouble. Love it.

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  5. DW

    I had a 1976 Cutlass Salon myself but mine was a cream color. However at the same time a friends dad had a 1976 Malibu Classic that was in this same shade of metallic green with green/white interior.

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  6. Matt in L.A.

    I just want to remind everyone of a certain age, and inform younger readers, that in the 70s, Kermit the frog sang to us that “it is not easy being green”. Now from his perspective, it was that it “blended in with so many other ordinary things”. I think from a 2023 perspective, we can see that wasn’t really true. But he was right that “green is beautiful and its cool and friendly like”!

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  7. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Oh wow I remember seeing this combo in the Bronx. Me and friends said. That’s funky Olds!! Yeah we dig it!! I would not mine owning this one. So it has 139,000 miles but to me where it is. Was baby miles staying in the same area. Reserve is going to be over $10,000. It’s worth every penny!! Good luck to the seller!! 🐻🇺🇸

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  8. SirRaoulDuke

    Those green seat belts! Porsche would charge you $500 for that today!

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    • CCFisher

      Close! $540 for a 911, according to Porsche USA’s configurator, and they do offer a very bright green.

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  9. Stan

    Is this the swiveling bucket seats 💺?

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  10. Bick Banter

    The color is GM code 40. Olds called it Lime. Chevy called it Lime Green, Buick called it Concord Green, and Pontiac called it Metaline Green. Code 40 was also offered in 1974, though I am not certain if it was the same green.

    Regardless, I remember seeing many GM cars in this shade or close to it back in the day. So I’m not sure how rare it was. But it’s certainly rare now!

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  11. CCFisher

    Probably one of the only cases where I would prefer to see a white vinyl roof.

    This green may be rare on a Cutlass, but I recall seeing bright green GM cars all over the place. Four divisions offered it on nearly all of their models. Even Cadillac offered a similar color, Persian Green, in 1974.

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  12. Rixx56 Member

    Grills are different than my ’76, which has
    single divisions in the middle of each, as
    opposed to these with 4. Perhaps because
    the Brougham was separate; I don’t know.
    This car’s appear to be like a ’77. Also, the
    white stripe in the black bumper molding is
    from ’77, also. Or maybe I just can’t see well.

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    • Nelson C

      The grille is for a ’77 but the car is a ’76. It still has the old dash with the round air vents and the clock by the driver’s left knee.

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      • Rixx56 Member

        I just meant the grills and bumpers.
        I knew the car is a ’76…

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    • Thomas Westrup

      Good eye on catching the grilles and bumper moldings, and you are correct, my 12K mile untouched ’77 T-top Supreme Elegante has the same grilles, as well as the white striped bumper moldings.

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      • CCFisher

        What is a Supreme Elegante?

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  13. Cooter Cooter Member

    Very well presented and I like the landau – delete look. These vehicles rode and drove like a cloud. Flip that breather lid over and it sounds like a tornado coming down the road…Dad busted me for that once and I wasn’t allowed to drive his green 75 Nova hatchback for 2 weeks!

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  14. Autoworker

    Looking at the listing on Ebay of the history, and extra parts that’s been collected, it appears the car has lived a pampered life. I’m “diggin” that color too!

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  15. Will Fox

    Why the black carpet? I remember this color, and it came with green carpet to match the dash. I’d source out some if available. This car checks alot of boxes for me!

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    • AllenVanDyke

      I remember building these at Fisher Body Lansing, Mi

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      • Nelson C

        Was able to tour Lansing assembly plant in 1976. They were still building ’76s. Watching the bodies come down from the line above onto the frame was a great show. The whole crowd cheered whenever one started and drove away at the end of the line.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Perhaps OEM green carpet is not available for these models?
      Good luck finding a green steering wheel cover today, much less green steering wheel for this. Or even aftmkt green rubber floor mats, let alone correct OEM reproduced green floor mats
      Even those who restored the firebird III concept car of all things could not find or fabricate a correct new orange interior – or didn’t want to? Guess what “color” that car is inside now.

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    • Bick Banter

      Good eye. When the car was new, its carpet would have been color-keyed to the dash pad, steering wheel, seat belts, and console if it had one. So it should be green. Black was probably all he could find when he replaced the carpet back whenever..

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  16. Phipps

    That interior is awesomeness!

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  17. Moparman Moparman Member

    The only way this BEAUTY could possibly be any better for me, would be to have the swivel buckets and console! GLWTA!! :-)

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  18. Randy Henley

    A friend of mine had an almost identical car but it was a Buick Century. Great highway car, long trips were effortless.

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  19. 3Deuces

    Primo example of a ’76 Cutlass Supreme … in that eye-catching Code 40 Lime paint, it’s not your father’s Oldsmobile. (couldn’t resist!)

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  20. BA

    Brother in law had this very car & while not a muscle car was a nice car all around. I had the earlier 1972 with head lights , headers , SS craiger mags but then again he was 10 years older than me so the quiet demeanor of this car suited him.

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  21. Roger h

    The tailpipes would have to go if it were mine and I’d put some letter tires on it would look way better

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    • Paul Root

      I learned to drive in a 4 door white with red vinyl top Cutlass Supreme from 76. I actually preferred the 74 Pinto wagon. But this thing was fun to do donuts in ice covered Kansas parking lots. Specifically the high school’s lot right next to the police station. It was a step up from the Fury’s my Dad had before I could drive.

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  22. Jim Horsley

    I bought a 76 new . This color but black landau top, black bucket seat and console. Nice driving car and very comfortable. Color wasn’t popular then.
    Put 20k miles and traded for a new 1978 Buick Park Avenue 2dr. Don’t see
    many this color listed today, but a rare color now…

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  23. Jim Barrett

    Oh man! I had a ’76 just like this one. Same lime metallic color; but I believe someone mentioned the ’77 grill on this ’76. Very very cool car.

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  24. Doc

    Few items to be aware of .

    Compaticolor interior was an option for the belts , door card inserts .
    The grilles are ‘77.

    This is a ‘76. Also has the AC drier that is ‘76 and prior .

    Exhaust tip appearance needs work.

    I’d run the vin / add this to the registry on these cars to confirm options


    This cars black carpet makes me think it may have been changed out but have seen them come thru .

    This one has had a repaint and vinyl roof
    delete. Was a white half top with about 100% certainty

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