Rare Convertible: 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V

And now for something new from the “Boy, what a difference a year makes” department. Juxtaposition this 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V convertible to its 1961 replacement and you’ll see exactly what I mean. I’ll take it a step further and state that I do not believe that I have seen one of these. And definitely not one in this color, it looks like something that Auric Goldfinger would drive. Let’s look this one over, it’s located in Buena Vista, California Colorado and is available, here on Hemmings for $18,000, OBO. Thanks to Larry D for this tip!

Where a buttoned-down and angular forbearance was the hallmark of the ’61 Lincoln, the ’60 had a bit of Virgil Exner geometry about it – it’s a busy-looking car in spite of some long straight lines. Ringing up sales of about 11K units for ’60, Lincoln more than doubled that volume in ’61 finding approximately 25K individuals who wanted to take a new Lincoln home. This ’60 Continental Mark V convertible is fairly rare with only about 2,000 having been produced. The question for today would be, how many are left?

There is no detail included in the listing, which is unusual, but there are many images and they present a pretty clear picture of this convertible. It’s a safe bet that the 315 gross HP, 430 CI V8 engine is a non-runner considering that the car is being trailered. Interestingly, according to Hemmings, power was down considerably for ’60 as Lincoln switched from a four-barrel carburetor to a two in an effort to improve the fuel economy of this 5,300 lb. behemoth. Lincoln employed a three-speed “Turbo-Drive” automatic transmission on all ’60 Continentals.

The most obvious aspect of this Lincoln’s exterior, besides its Fort Knox-inspired paint job, is its missing rear bumper. Beyond those two items, this Lincoln looks to be in pretty good condition though the listing references it as just “fair”. The extensive trim is all still in place, as are expensive to replace items like the wheel covers. The chrome, and that very extensive grille, show themselves off quite well. The convertible top looks OK, though there may be a fitment issue with it on the driver’s side. All in all, this Continental shows pretty well – it’s the color that’s the head scratcher. This is one huge car for unibody platform architecture, apparently the largest ever constructed throughout Ford’s extensive history.

Inside is a two-tone cream and tan leather arrangement that shows beautifully. The mileage is recorded as being 58K miles though the interior appears to have seen very little use – quite an accomplishment for a convertible – top-dowing is tough on horizontal upholstery surfaces. Get a load of that instrument panel and steering wheel – works of automotive art!

If this Lincoln Continental Mark V convertible suits your fancy, you better have a big storage space, it’s 227.2″ in length or just shy of nineteen feet, yes this Lincoln earns itself whammer-jammer status. I like this Lincoln, I just don’t know what I’d do with it, how about you?


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’d drive it, eat in it, sleep in it, repeat.

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  2. Jake8687 Member

    This is a car that would have belonged to Goldmember. Yeah, baby!

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  3. alphasud Member

    This car is so crazy and over the top. Lincoln’s answer to the letter cars from Chrysler. What’s cool is you still have the breezeway window on a convertible. I bet that is why the interior is still nice. With all the windows down it was the next best thing. I think the gold works on this car. It just shouts at you.

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  4. Moncton(was Winnipeg)carnut Member

    Kindig-it Design did one on their TV show.

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    • Mike

      There was also one on the FantomWorks show. They had a hell of a time fixing the motor.

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      • ADM

        Their biggest problem was fixing the crank-driven power steering pump, that would not seal properly.

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  5. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    I always like these for the 45 degree headlights and the Breezeway rear window, and to have it incorporated with a convertible, makes it even cooler. If I remember correctly, this was the first year for the crank driven power steering pump on the Continental, and it was quite problematic. I am nor the biggest fan of gold cars, but it definitely works on this one.

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  6. Francisco

    The front of the car looks like a “V.” It being a Mark V, I’m sure is no coincidence.

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  7. Francisco

    It’s located in Buena Vista, Colorado, not California. And, strangely enough, wears a Minnesota collector’s plate.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      Fixed, thx.


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  8. MoragaPulsar

    Ouch. Rear bumper currently listed on EBay is $3k.

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    • Fred W

      Hopefully the seller has the rear bumper and it’s just off the car, probably with slight damage. Valance metal on right is looking a bit janky.

  9. Jcs

    Spectacular automobiles.

    Rarely do you find one with all of its teeth intact. And in place.

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  10. Shawn

    Wow, what a gorgeous car. Sure, the 61 is better, but the styling on this just screams early 60s, especially that color! I have to say, this is the first convertible I’ve ever seen and it says a lot to the design that they went so far out of their way to keep that power rear window even with the convertible top. I love everything about this car. Hopefully it finds a loving home and gets a great restoration or a least a clean up and drive.

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  11. Will Fox

    The gaudy Gold color is definitely not a factory offering. Looks more like the foil wrapper on a chocolate coin from the dime store. I’d strip that off first & foremost.
    Maybe the rear bumper is off at the plater getting rechromed? I hope so.

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  12. Peter Hollinshead

    The preferred transportation for Hawkeye, the trading post wheeler-dealer character on the 1960-61 TV show “Guestward, Ho!” He featured the car in an accompanying TV commercial for a cereal sponsor. In the TV spot, when other native Americans complained that he had not kept a promise to bring rain, Hawkeye just put the top down on the Lincoln.

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  13. Robert L Roberge

    My Father surprised my Mom with a pale turquoise version of this car. They traded it for a new ’65 for only $3500 (original $10000+) and in the 4 years they had it, never put the top down (confession: I did). My tall Mom loved it because she was able to cross her ankles comfortably as a passenger due to the way the dash was fitted.

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  14. ADM

    I saw a 1959 version for sale, in black, that was originally purchased by a man as a gift to his daughter, on her sixteenth birthday. (She always brought along a navigator, to help negotiate the turns.)

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  15. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I think Paul Drake had one on the Perry Mason show at one time. These are heavy cars that just float and you’ll not even notice you’re driving 100 mph until either you happen to notice the speedometer or your wife tells you to slow down or the police pull you over. The big question is what will it take to get it in operational condition. It won’t even fit in my 17 ft. garage.
    God bless America

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  16. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Probably enough metal in just one fenderskirt to make a Camry.

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  17. allyn johnson Member

    too bad the seller did not spend some anticipated money to DETAIL the engine COMPARTMENT!!!! yuccchh

  18. Kenn

    More to the point allyn johnson, the seller didn’t take a pic with the top down! What a beauty it must be then! A real luxury cruiser.

  19. TouringFordor

    By 1960 the Continental was toned down considerably. My college roommate had a ’58. It would seat eight of us comfortably, and was a smooth highway cruiser. It was even more flamboyant than the ’60.


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