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Rare Drop-Top: 1992 Pontiac Firebird

When General Motors redesigned the platform for the Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird in 1970, the convertible model was discontinued. It wasn’t until 1991 that the Firebird had another official drop-top, even though the work was outsourced to ASC (American Specialty Cars). For 1991 and 1992, the last year of the third-generation Firebird, just 2,300 of these body styles were built and sold. So, they’re rather scarce 30 years later. This ’92 edition appears to be a one-owner car and is in nice overall condition, though it needs a new top. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, this gem is available here on craigslist for $8,700 OBO.

After 1971, the only “pony” cars to be offered with a convertible top were sold by Ford Motor Company (Mustang, Cougar). General Motors and Chrysler stopped making them and AMC never had one. None of the second-generation 1970-81 Firebirds came that way unless you had an outside vendor customize one for you. The next batch (1982-92) saw ASC get more involved and they put together about 600 of them from 1987 to 1990, but these were “unofficial” productions. The official versions ASC built in 1991-92 were based on Firebirds that came with T-Tops.

The seller’s Firebird has a V6 motor, but the seller doesn’t say which one, and no engine compartment photos are provided. It’s likely a generic powerplant shared between the various GM divisions at the time. As the Firebird (and Camaro) were lighter cars by design for better fuel economy, a V6 would have worked better than a few years earlier. An automatic transmission was the order of the day, and the seller says this Pontiac runs well, even at 165,000 miles. The fuel pump was recently replaced.

No major issues jump out regarding the body and paint on this car, although the upward-facing surfaces like the hood may be starting to fade or discolor. But the canvas top is looking rather crumpled, and the buyer should be prepared to invest in a new one. The Pontiac presents well enough with its Honeycomb wheels and could be a nice weekend cruiser. Given that just 1,315 were produced in 1992, you might be the only one in your Pontiac circle to have one.


  1. Tbone

    For that price you just buy it and drive it. Presumably it needs work but you can get parts for these anywhere

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  2. Jim in FL

    That’s a pretty good find right there. Reasonably modern, parts available, no mechanical immediate needs, decent pricing. I would expect this to go pretty quickly. I thought these were good looking cars with the exception of the nose. The trans ams had a better front bumper cover. Good luck to the next owner.

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  3. Al_Bundy Member

    Well, it’s now $6000 as 5/24 @ 10:24 pm EDT, so get your ducks in a row ! The wheels would indicate that it is equipped with the WS6 suspension package, so not a base model. My dad has a 91 ASC version in red with the WS6, 5.0 TBI, auto rated at just 170 HP, so not much quicker than the 3.1. Unfortunately, I have not seen the car in 10 years even though I visit my parents once a week. Dad is 78 now and collects so much junk the car is buried in the garage. The body should be well preserved but I expect rodent damage and a frozen 305 next time it sees daylight, just for starters… UGH !!!

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  4. TimS Member

    Love the body style and color. Not too keen on the V6 but it would be something very few other people would have, as the author said. Plus if it did crap out, you wouldn’t have a mint in it already & need a second mortgage to drop in a new mill. Very cool cruiser if I had room for it.

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  5. JoeNYWF64

    With even more recent air bag issues(not just Takata – shrapnel into people’s faces, etc) on more modern vehicles, would it be a good idea to disable the air bag(s) on this old firebird – after all this TIME(regardless of mileage)?
    & what about the handful of full size GM cars in the ’70s! that got em?!

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    • Dave

      I’ve wondered the same thing. But if I were to do that I’d discuss it with my Insurance agent first. It would probably have an impact on any personal injury claim.

      The V6 auto is a no go for me.

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  6. Kelly g

    I had a 94 camaro with the v6/auto combination. One owner car with close to 300,000 miles on it when I bought it from an estate for 800.00. Not a bad driving car at all and went to about 312,000 when I hit an 8 pt buck with headed to work one morning at 0430 in a light rain. Blew both airbags; dash plastic in shards. Replaced the airbags with ebay bags and put on a cheap new bumper cover (molded in black so no painting necessary lol) and drove it another 8000 miles or so before selling. I remember I tried to trade it on a 2011 v6 camaro and the salesman only offered me 200.00 on it so I refused lol. Sold it to my mechanic for 500.00. Good car and the v6/auto seemed to be a happy combination.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      If that 4 speed automatic was never rebuilt, i would be VERY impressed.

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      • Kelly g

        Joe I don’t believe so. I bought it from my buddies father’s estate. He had bought it new and I had two pages of handwritten maintenance records from him. I think the demands placed on that well maintained automatic by that sedate v6 were minimal. There was no record of a transmission rebuild, just a lot of oil changes and plugs and wires, and a rear main seal. Nice car, I had just gotten a new paint job a few months before I hit that buck. Clean as a pin inside.

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  7. Bama

    Price seems about right. We sold our 88 Firebird Formula 350 last fall for $8500 and was lucky to get that. These cars haven’t really started to appreciate much yet even though you don’t see many of them anymore.

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  8. Daniel Barker

    More than likely it’s a 3.1 L V6.. I had a 91′ hard top in White around the millennium (2000) was a clean car at the time and in great shape.. ended up giving it to my ex girlfriend.!!

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  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    This reminds me that a saw a same generation Z28 convertible driving by the other day. It does cut a memorable profile.

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  10. 672000

    Well, somehow I ended up with this car…having bought it, thought I’d research them and came across this article. I’m replacing front calipers and pads, will be putting a new top on it. I’m curious out of the limited production how many of them had the V6

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