Rare Droptop: 1989 Dodge Dakota Convertible 4×4

If a person had to name a convertible pickup – one of the most unusual combinations of all time – what do you think they would say? There have been a few of them over the years but the first one that comes to my mind is one like this 1989 Dodge Dakota convertible 4×4. The seller has this one posted here on craigslist in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts and they’re asking $8,500. Here is the original listing and thanks to Pat L. for sending in this tip!

I can think of a handful of factory convertible pickups, or how I define convertible pickups. I’m not counting Jeeps or Scouts which, I guess, technically could be considered pickups in some configurations, but they weren’t strictly pickup trucks. The Dodge Dakota convertible (1989-1991) is the one that comes to my mind first, even though they were made through a joint partnership with ASC (American Sunroof Corp) so they aren’t technically a Dodge factory-built convertible pickup. I’m barely treading water here…

Ford made a Model A pickup convertible, and Chevrolet had a fairly recent retractable hardtop convertible pickup with their SSR made between 2003 and 2006. There were others but none of them stand out as much as the Dodge Dakota convertible does for me. They came in both two-wheel-drive and 4×4 versions and 2,842 of them were sold for the 1989 model year. What other “factory-produced” convertible pickups can you think of? It’ll be fun to see how many I’ve missed. As far as non-automobile-factory-produced convertible pickups, this is my favorite.

This example looks nice in the very, very, very small and vertical (gaaaaaaaa!) photos, but sadly, there are exactly zero interior photos so I enlarged the side view a bit since it’s the only one that shows even a tiny, pixelated glimpse of the interior. The seller also gives us a very limited description, but in a turn of events unlike ever before seen in craigslist history, they have provided a VIN and two engine photos! I know, when is the next Powerball drawing?

Truthfully, this really does appear to be a nice truck even though we don’t get to see much of it other than the driver’s side and the engine, which should be a Dodge 3.9L V6 with around 125 horsepower. The seller says that this truck has power windows and locks, and new tires. With just 63,000 miles, this unique 4×4 convertible pickup would be fun to own. Have any of you owned a Dakota convertible or any convertible “pickup”?


  1. Squigly

    Never understood the lure of a “sporty” pickup. Trucks are great, but as a truck. You want sporty? Buy a sports car, even a convert if you want. This seems just silly.

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  2. local_sheriff

    Well, my favorite factory convertible pickup is the …1st gen K5! OK I know it’s not a proper ‘pickup’ as the bed isn’t separate from the cab, however anyone who has spent any time in the rear of a full convertible K5 will know that it’s the same as sitting in the bed of a C/K truck apart from missing the front wall…

    Now as for the concept of a ‘proper’ factory convertible pickup like this Dakota I’ve never really understood why it hasn’t been more common. The Jeep Wrangler has been more or less completely alone in the convertible truck/SUV market, and while the Wrangler is indeed a cool and cute vehicle there are many features that come with the Wrangler package that truck buyers don’t want, like very limited interior space, short WB, higher rollover risk and primitive suspensions.

    IMO nothing beats folding down the soft top on a hot summer’s day! 😎

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  3. Sid-vicious

    M37 comes to mind… Does that count??

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  4. Claudio

    Me, being an all out topless enjoying kind of guy , could never warm up to a convertible pickup , i dont like puckups and use mine only to pull de fifthwheel and this little low powered truck could not handle the job…

  5. Rick

    It makes me wonder when there are photos of only one side.

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    • 356ASuper

      Umm, 2nd pic is passenger side?

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  6. Howie

    The engine photos are close up, all the other photos are far away. This must be a V6.

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  7. RMac

    LOL Is it a v6 gee let’s see the ad says 6 cylinders the engine photo shows 3 plug wires on a side and the front fender has a v6 emblem so gee wiz If there was just clues or some way to know for sure?? Love these really wanted one when new but during almost 100,000 miles a year back then needed something more comfortable and better mileage ended up with an 89 Olds Calais I series quad 4 five speed that I put 350,000 miles on

  8. Big C

    Dodge’s answer to a question nobody had.

  9. Bob McK Member

    I have wanted one of these for years. This one looks really nice, but now I don’t have room to store it.

  10. John

    Seems reasonable, after all, how much would a equal, run of the mill pickup sell for now a days? Low miles, minimal or no rust and a collectors item to boot.

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  11. Mr. Mann Member

    Have two.
    One is a rare 1991.
    Get one and put at V8 in it.
    Loads of fun and power.

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  12. Mr. Mann Member

    PS: the 1989 came with a black front bumper…

  13. Howie

    Deleted, i guess it sold.

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