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Rare yet Battered: 1975 De Tomaso Deauville

Thanks go out to Arno D for finding something really different, a De Tomaso Deauville. De Tomaso is mostly remembered for the Pantera and Mangusta, but the Deauville is one of several lesser known cars built by De Tomaso. A total of 244 Deauvilles were built between 1970 and 1985. They are powered by the same Ford 351 as the Pantera and other De Tomaso cars. This Deauville is lacking an engine. It’s listed on Leboncoin in Steenwerck, in Northern France.

 The interior appears to be in great condition. The leather is no doubt in need of cleaning and conditioning but it looks nice.

Both rear doors are badly damaged, but the sale includes replacement doors. Hopefully the bodywork on the rest of the car was done well.

Here’s where the engine goes.  All accessories are included with the sale.

Could this Deauville be worth the € 14,500 ($15,400) asking price? Nice examples have been selling for about $30,000, although there is one listed for sale for over $50,000. This Deauville needs an engine, an unknown amount of bodywork as well as paint so it’s not likely it will be purchased for resale. A lot of parts come with the purchase, but there will be likely some difficult to find parts necessary. If there is a collector looking to purchase a Deauville, he might have to settle for this one because they don’t come up for sale very often.


  1. Dolphin Member

    Maybe a parts car, but with all the parts and work this car will need I don’t see it being worth the asking.

    Ferrari had pretty good success selling 4-place cars for big money, like the 250 GTE, which I think they made 1200 of. Then there were the 330 GT 2+2 and the 365 GT 2+2 ‘Queen Mother’. These have appreciated fairly well for 4-seaters, but De Tomaso made only 244 Deauvilles and I don’t think this one will be worth the cost someone will need to put into it to make it a driver.

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  2. chad

    What’s the equivalent to “14,5” in USA $?

    R there any parts available? & shipping/importing costs?…

    Ahhh, BFs, more “dream material”, unobtainable for this guy.

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  3. Dave Wright

    Crazy money…………here is the 82 Quatroporte I bought 3 months ago for 1700.00 runs great, perfect interior……needed a battery, will need tires, and a basic brake job. 4 cam V8 4 dual barrel downdraft Webbers. We will perfect the paint at the shop this spring……….but looks good from 20 feet.

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    • Dave Wright

      Photo not working……..

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    • will

      make sure you check the rear window seals,as the rear glass can actually fly off the car,best to reseal it,trust me on thisone LOL.

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  4. Joe

    Not worth the cost of the freight to USA.

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  5. Rich Truesdell

    Can you spell M-O-N-E-Y-P-I-T?

    Even at $5,000 and if it was here in the US, knowing it needs an engine and an incredible amount of body work on what is essentially a handbuilt body, I don’t see the potential financial upside. If there is no possible financial gain, is the project worth undertaking?

    As @Dave Wright pointed out, there are plenty of running Maserati Quatroportes on this side of the Atlantic if you have an itch for a true four-place, four-door Italian exotic, for a lot less money, often under $5,000.

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  6. Dave Wright

    That is like mine but with tan glove leather interior. We have driven it, runs good, shifts, stops, it will be a fun car. David…….if I send you photos can you post them?

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    • Rich Truesdell

      Sure Dave, send them to legendary.amc.mag at gmail. I’d love to see what you have.

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      • Rich Truesdell

        Since he couldn’t post it (possibly because the file was too big) here’s a photo of @Dave Wright’s $1,700 Maserati Quattroporte. I think this is a lot of car for $1,700, especially given that it’s running and in essence, complete.

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  7. Drew V

    I don’t see this as being a viable purchase for an American enthusiast, owing to shipping costs, limited parts availability etc etc… Of course if you are a Detomasa fan or just want a really cool 4 door auto and have deep pockets then go for it… Just realize that you will have a really cool 4 door that you have more in than what it would be worth…

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  8. Anastos

    Always loved these but really wanted the Longchamp, the 2 door coupe…

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  9. MathieuB

    Humm, looks a lot like a Jag from the back.
    Never heard of theses too. Pretty rare and would be nice seeing on the american roads.
    Back glass looks like a winshield from a smaller car…
    Price is too high considering everything needed around.

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    • CarNut from Winnipeg Member

      I thought it looked like an Aston Martin Lagonda from the back…

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  10. Paul B

    Love it Dave W. Where is it? The Quattroportes are magnificent beasts

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    • Dave Wright

      It is at my brothers shop in Spokane, I will bring it home to central Idaho when the weather clears some. We will do the paint and body work in our new body shop here in Weiser.

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  11. George Member

    Gorgeous cars, I always wondered if they were the inspiration for the late 80s Jaguars. If the body is ok, and the parts are there, it might not be too devastating to restore, but €15 seems really high for a car in this condition.

    Here’s the two-door “Longchamps” version:

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  12. john

    Money pit or not, this is one of those rare cars that is beautiful no matter its condition. I sure hope someone with deep pockets acquires this one and gives it what it needs.

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  13. smittydog

    Well, parlez-vous français!! 4 door?
    Would rather have a Coupe de Ville

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  14. rich voss

    Most interesting. Thought I knew my Euro cars, but not this one…and I was over there that year. If you had really, really deep pockets and had to have THIS car, you buy it, negotiate shipment via car hauler down were it was originally built and have THEM rebuild it. When it’s done, fly over, write large check, drive it up through the Italian Riviera, and across to your place in Monaco with your 3 BFFs. Watch Formula 1 race & sip Moet & Chandon…

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  15. Amer Ahmad

    The engine for this car is a Ford 351 Cleveland mated to a Ford C-6 auto transmission. The steering system is Lincoln continental. The brakes are Girling from Jaguar, inboard at rear and a pain to replace but not expensive. The problem area is electrical which needs constant tinkering unless done right ab initio. The fuel system has two fuel tanks in the rear flanks and a system of equalizing. You can use a rocker button on dash to switch tanks and the single fuel gauge shows level in selected tank. With its twin exhausts it has a magnificent sound like none other. There was a gentleman in South Africa who had compiled a list of parts sources and you could buy these as Ford or other lesser expensive cars instead of paying four times to the De Tomaso dealership. This car makes more sense in USA than any other place due to the Ford lineage and parts. I think in that alone it would be less of a money pit than a Maserati, which shares the floor pan and chassis with this hybrid. A money pit never the less as the Ghia built body, exotic sounding as it may be, is not very well built, with plenty of moisture traps to start rust.
    If you are used to Lexus type cars, dont even think about it.
    Amer Ahmad

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