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Ready To Camp: 1969 Dodge A100 Sportsman Camper

With awesome classic looks, a suitable drivetrain, and plenty of space, this 1969 Dodge Sportsman camper still offers a lot after 48 years. Having spent its life with 3 owners, this Sportsman is a nice survivor. With a few blemishes to show along the way, I am sure this camper has been on some great journeys. In ready to use condition, this Dodge is offered at $14,500. Find it here on craigslist out of Hillsboro, Oregon.

The cockpit is in fantastic condition with little standing out other than a ripped driver seat, and a wrapped steering wheel. With a lovely glow, the gold paint is in excellent condition, as is the carpet. This Camper is reported to be completely operational aside from an inoperable gas gauge, due to a faulty sending unit.

Likely capable to take you back in time to a camping trip of your youth, this Dodge is in very nice shape in the camper section. Equipped to suit your basic needs this camper is prepared for your next trip. Featuring such amenities as a stove top and oven, dining area, sleeping area, a sink, and a built in hammock. Again the paint on the interior is in nice condition, as is the wood paneling. The camper specific item are all present and are in good shape as well. Obviously this Dodge was well respected, as it reflects in its condition. This camper has more “umph” to offer than a VW camper van, as this Sportsman has a 210 horsepower 318 cubic inch V8 with a 3 speed automatic transmission.

Taking a closer look at the exterior reveals a few blemishes, but those blemishes take little away from this original condition camper. The paint has grown tired over the years, as it has become thin, and there are a few areas that have some light surface rust. There is also a dent in the lower portion of the driver side door and wheel arch. Also there is a dent in the bottom of one of the side camper doors. Looking beyond those details, this Camper has withstood the test of time relatively well. With more power and space than a Volkswagen camper, which would you choose? This Dodge, or a VW camper?


  1. Rod

    I prefer this over the VW. You won’t see too many of these and it is in great condition.

    • Rod

      Wouldn’t it be great to tow a classic behind this to the car shows.

  2. Rustytech Member

    Would be a nice camper for those weekend fishing trips to NY, and I’ll admit is in good condition for its age. But $14k really?

  3. 68 custom

    I like everthing about this one with the exception of the price which seems a little high. slap some of those cop wheels on it and a set of dual exhaust and go camping!

  4. TikiVegas

    Having owned a ’90 VW Westfalia, I can tell you it’s a PITA to keep on the road unless your a single guy/girl with nothing else to spend your money on. Go to a VW show and see the owners–90% of them fit this demographic and would look down their nose at a Dodge campervan. Having had the VW “experience” I’d get a domestic van camper any day if I went back to that style of camping. We did have a good 7 year experience with our Westy, but when I realized it couldn’t be trusted on a trip anymore (parts no longer available) I sold it. I did have 2 dodge campervans before that, a 74 Sportsmobile (poptop) and a 71 homebuilt.

  5. Wagon master Member

    There is spotless Corvair camper running around they can’t get $10k for.

  6. JW

    I absolutely love 60’s vans Ford / GM / Chevy, getting my license in 1969 these things were everywhere. If you seen one at the drive-in it most likely had a cooler full of beer or a kegger with a group of kids hanging around it towards the back of the parking area. I like this one too but a little too pricey for me.

  7. Adam T45 Staff

    I absolutely love this one. It’s seriously cool, and I think would cruise effortlessly on the open road compared to a VW.

  8. Ck

    I can’t get the song Holiday Road out of my head.

  9. Woodie Man

    We should watch to see if it sells. I think its about double what I would be willing to pay…..but then I’m cheap and I ‘d like to have it.

    Pretty nice condition all in all

  10. michael streuly

    Nice setup just not for 14k maybe 5k max.

  11. Jaygryph

    This was local to a friend of mine, who looked it over in person. It was parked for a very long time and had water damage to parts of the interior. I think what happened is that someone must have picked it up for cheap (I’m guessing a couple grand) from the owner that had it when he was looking at it, and is now flipping it with a new set of rubber and a wash for a huge profit. Portland Oregon has a LOT of car flippers. Recently saw a 69 Galaxie convertible that was for sale for a while at $4k, was picked up by a flipper and listed for near 10k with a wax and carb rebuild. Expensive carb kit I guess. Frankly, this kind of annoys me, but it really shouldn’t. I’ve flipped cars before when they were too cheap to pass up and I had a better idea what they were worth than the seller.

    I don’t think they’ll get what they’re asking, but it may be close. It’s a nice camper, very unique, but for that kind of money you could buy something *much* more modern and roomy if your aim was actual camping and travling comfort and not just nostalgia (nothing wrong with that if it is).

    I really doubt that there are two of these around Portland that look identical. It wasn’t all that long ago that it was covered in moss and in need of a serious cleaning. Looks way better now, but not sure if it looks 14k worth of better.

    • Jaygryph

      Wow, I stand corrected by myself. Disregard what I said about it being a van that a friend saw, because as it turns out there CAN be two very simlar looking Dodge camper vans in the Portland area.

    • Jaygryph

      I imagine if this one is even for sale, it could be had for much much less than 14k. The Dart Phoenix beside it I’m rather sure is not for sale :P That guy gets offers on it all the time since it’s a driver and his daily. Neat car. One year only body style.

      I’m just surprised that there are in fact two of these vans still kicking around with very similar paintjobs.

  12. C Brand

    Nice rig…but the price is way to much

  13. Chebby

    Cool rig, crazy price. Not that long ago, this was a dork-mobile that would have fetched $2k.

  14. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    yep a little pricy…..buddy has a little bit gutted one and can’t get $500 for it.

  15. williamcleary

    I wish I looked this good at that age!Maybe 7k?

  16. Loco Mikado

    The problem is that for camping there are a lot of rigs 20-30 years newer for a lot less money and more features. This one is going to take a special buyer and a lot less money. Nice time capsule but how many people really want to live exactly the way we did 47 years ago?

  17. Pontiactivist

    There is one of these rotting away behind my uncle’s house in NW PA.

  18. Brad C

    For everyone saying this is too expensive, you’re probably right, and the seller may know that perfectly well.

    Let’s say most of you would say $5K is far more reasonable. Well… for anyone who’s sold something on Craigslist, you know you’ll immediately begin getting offers for HALF your price, no matter how reasonable you are. So at 7 grand, he would have made $2K premium above our theoretical fair value. That’s a win! ; )

    Like 1
  19. Joe Fogarty

    There is a 69 A108 in Denver that I keep going to, on the add.
    He has dropped it from $15,000.00 to $10.7 but even still I feel $8,000.00 is MAX for a 69.

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