Ready To Enjoy: 1976 Triumph TR6

I have a good friend who is a British sports car aficionado. He’s quite the wrench and built a shop on his property to support his interests. While he prefers MGs, he has a lot of respect and admiration for Triumph TR6’s like this 1976 example, located in Damascus, Maryland and for sale here on craigslist for $6,950 or best offer. Thanks to Pat L. for the tip!

Triumph Motor Company manufactured the TR6 from 1968 through 1976 and it was primarily destined for export. Of the approximately 92,000 copies manufactured, about 91% were exported. The draw with the TR6 was the engine. While many British sports cars made do with a four-cylinder engine, these Triumphs, like their TR250 predecessors, were equipped with a 2.5 liter, in-line six-cylinder engine good for 104 HP. The U.S. spec versions were carbureted while the U.K. versions were equipped with fuel injection and produced 150 HP for their first three years of production, considerably more than their U.S. counterparts. The seller states that this TR6 started right up after sitting for four years and “the engine is in pretty good shape”. I wish I could present an image of the motor but none were provided.

The interior looks like 1976 – it’s a bit dull but overall seems to be pretty complete. The seller doesn’t offer any details about it but he does add that the soft top is in “great” shape after being in the down position for six years. There is a disclaimer included regarding the hardtop, the good news is that this TR6 has one, the bad news is it apparently needs some “TLC”. There’s no image of the top so TLC could mean Tender Loving Care or Tough Luck Charlie, hard to know for sure.

Checking out the underside, the seller claims that this Triumph has no major rust of the frame or body. The images that are available bear out this claim. The underside is not photographed in great detail but what can be seen looks OK. This is important to consider because rust in support components (and body panels) can be problematic with a TR6.

I always thought the TR6 had nice body lines – it’s definitely British but it has a purposeful look about it. The models produced prior to ’73 didn’t have the U.S. required and Federally mandated 5 MPH front bumper (’74 for the rear) and their attendant black rubber battering rams. Most enthusiasts seem to prefer the look of the pre ’73 model so restorers who redo TR6’s will frequently replace the 5 MPH bumper with the previously employed 2.5 MPH version.

So, what are the issues with the TR6? My friend’s usual response regarding the TR6 is, “Great power, continual issues”. But the reality is nothing overly outstanding, just the general British car niggling things that occur. Things like electrical system gremlins, rust – particularly in frame supports, fuel injection system (U.K. models), noisy transmissions and excessive suspension wear. This example, based on the seller’s description, sounds like it has those bases covered; it even has new suspension bushings.

Color is subjective and this butterscotch(?) shade isn’t my favorite but the finish looks like it’s in good shape and it’s a nice-looking sports car, black rubber battering rams and all. I’m taking a poll, have any of you owned a TR6 and if so, how’s your experience been?


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  1. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    OMG, I’d remove the battering rams!

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      Removal of the front ones is easy,just remove
      the two bolts (each) that hold them on.The rear ones
      require a little more work.

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  2. BarnfindyCollins

    I like it!! I’ve owned a lot of them and this looks like a good one. It’s got a ’75 front turn signal lens on one side. The color is Topaz one not seen as often. Regarding the rubber overriders, they don’t bother me and help with the people who park by feel after you’ve left your car.

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  3. Macon Michaux

    I’ve got a 75 and it’s been very dependable after I went through it a couple years ago following its twenty year layup. Clutch, entire fuel system and most all engine components except the engine itself were rebuilt/replaced, as well as interior. Easy and cheap to work on. VERY small car though, alot of work to drive but much fun too. I will never sell it, and would consider this one a great buy. Seems like it should fetch closer to $10-12k.

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  4. john curtis

    I have a 75 same color love it.. needs a top and some other stuff but love driving it in California all year..

  5. john curtis

    Mine is the same color topaz had a white 73 with wire wheels new and loved the car !.. didn’t car for the color but really like it now ! unusual .. have a great mobile mechanic too .. with TR6 history ! Agree fun to work on !

  6. Lynn Member

    Ur friend is a better man than me. I can only fix something so many times til I hit my limit. My 80 TR7 did me in for British cars unless it’s a lotus turbo esprit or the vauxhaul that was a Chevy SS that was the Holden Monero from the land down under.

  7. Robert Thomas

    Looks like a nice, dry example and well-taken care of.

  8. JudoJohn

    Wow- what a great deal! Too bad it’s 900 miles away from me. Too cold to try and tow it home. Well, not so much the cold, but snow and ice on the roads, or the potential to get stuck in it. Otherwise, I’d be begging my wife to let me get it.

  9. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Cool car.Had a73 spitfire when I was 12,put a 350/350 in it. By no means was it road worthy, or matter of fact, done nicely, but I was 12,did my own welding, wiring, plumbing with whatever u had. What a blast in the hayfields and backroad I lived on. 😁

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  10. Grizz

    I have owned a TR6 for 40 years, lots of fun and easy to work on parts are plentiful. I am going to do a valve job this winter to eliminate the smoking but other than that just maintaining it is important. Fun to drive and the exhaust sounds delightful. Drop the top and go.

  11. john curtis

    I just bought mine 1975 bought one new in 73 and loved it for years.
    Top down almost always in California / Garaged /

  12. Brian M Member

    TLC can also mean Truck Loads of Cash which does not appear to be the case here.. Have always wanted one of these but will have to settle for my 46 year owned TR3A until I finish and unload some or all of my four projects. (Death threats from spouse, you know!)

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  13. Art Jacobs

    Nice looking TR, no mention of overdrive, but looking at the meager photos showing the interior, it looks like a lever, on the right hand side of the steering column, overdrive switch? I had a 68 TR250, same car, but TR4 sheet metal. Gutsy, handled great sweet sounding exhaust. Loved it, but even swapped, for a 3.8 MK II Jaguar. Art

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    • Robert Thomas

      My sister’s boyfriend had a TR250 and he got hold of a TR5 engine from a race car, I think was mechanically injected. Not sure if he ever got the engine installed, they broke up and I don’t know what became of it.

  14. Kelly Breen

    Those cars command a much higher price in Canada. $7,000 is the norm for a car needing substantial restoration. A turn key is maybe a bit shy of double that. They are one of my all time favourite cars.

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