Records Since New: 1983 Mercedes 240D

This gorgeous W123-series Mercedes-Benz 240D has apparently been pampered since new, with dealer service records going back to the day it left the showroom floor. The cosmetics certainly help erase any doubts that the care shown this Benz has been anything less than top shelf, and the low mileage puts it in another league. These cars set the benchmark for being long-lived, and you’ll find this clean 240D here on eBay with super low bidding and the reserve unmet. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Russell G. for the find. 

Right now, bids are a touch over $2K with just over two days left in the auction. This is surprising (to me) as I feel like survivor-grade W123s always command a lot of interest. The paint is exceptional, chrome bumpers still shine, and even the taillight lenses show no signs of fading. Matching hubcaps appear to match the body perfectly, suggesting no repaints.

Even better (and quite surprising) is that this W123 doesn’t have the typical tan leather interior, with the original owner instead options for an oxblood or cardinal red upholstery. Really, to me, this should leave no doubt that this is a W123 everyone who wants one should be bidding on. You simply don’t see them with anything other than parchment interiors.

The engine bay remains in excellent nick, with the seller noting recent maintenance that includes new tires, brakes, belts, hoses, fuses, oil/transmission fluid changes, and a recent valve adjustment. Coupled with the detailed records from new and you have an already durable car for sale with basically zero questions about its history. When will the bidding take off – or will it?


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  1. seth johns

    Caution: Check seller’s eBay feedback score (66.7%).

    I’m just saying. . .

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    • David F

      Thanks for pointing this out, but if you look, he’s only had 4 transactions on eBay and only one complaint. That complaint was for not providing information where to send a cashiers check quickly enough. (Cashier’s check on an eBay transaction? Red flag on the buyer?

      Also note, this is a hard to find sunroof car.

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  2. ken tilly UK Member

    The 240d was rubbish until they were fitted with the 300d engine and even then they were no ball of fire. Unbelievably well built cars as having owned a W 123 series 230s, I can vouch for that.

    • David F

      Not everyone needs 6 second times to 60. These are super reliable and comfortable cars and great hi way cruiser (if the hills aren’t too high). I owned a number of 123s, including 240s, and properly set up these 240s do fine. None of the 123 diesels are at all, well, ever in any hurry.

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      • Ralph

        “Not everyone needs 6 second times to 60”

        or 9 or 15 or 22 seconds……


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  3. Dave

    When Westinghouse sent me to Zagreb in August 1983 I was amazed by how many of these there were…being used as taxis.

  4. Ralph

    65hp and 3000lbs………woooooooooooooo were having some fun.

    “These last forever…..”

    So does Hepatitis……..I don’t want it either.

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  5. Car Nut Tacoma

    Beautiful looking Mercedes-Benz W123 240D. I love the condition. I’d buy one if I were in the market for one. I love old-school Mercedes-Benz, particularly Diesels. I think $3500 is a good price for the car. However well-maintained a car is said to have been, there’s nothing wrong with being allowed to inspect the car, to make sure everything works like it should, am I right? :)

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  6. Pete Phillips

    I”ve been driving these for about 20 years. The 4-speed cars have more get-up-and-go than the ones with automatic transmissions. I will never own another one with an automatic. Yes, the cars are slow to accelerate, but the 4-speed versions get 35 mpg on the highway. I can diagnose and work on just about anything on the car myself, since there are no electronics, no computer, and no distributor. I’ve had a couple of these that went over 300,000 miles without major work. The seats are comfortable, the car turns and handles like a sports car, and my ’82 model has no squeaks, no rattles, and almost no wind noise even though it is nearly 40 years old with 150,000 miles.

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    • On and On On and On Member

      Never had a 240, but had 2 300D’s, one a turbo. What started me on them was a 1970 220D 4speed car. Bought it for $1000 with 42,000 mi on it. Loved all of them.. Had their problems, starting in Chicago winters! But I put block heaters on all of them. Great highway cars, at speed is where they shine. Brightly! And they sip the fuel. Go hundreds of miles on a tank. One of my favorite things was to fuel up with Diesel in the truckers area. Always drew interest and praise.

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  7. steve

    Yes, Taxi service was the fate of a lot of them. A German Checker Marathon. Don’t believe it? Check where the speedometer drive attaches to the transmission. There are holes to take the wire with lead seal from the taxi authority that prevenys tampering with the speedo/odometer readings. Change the drive gear and your meter shows more miles per trip. MB knew where these cars were going…

  8. Louis Chen

    Too bad this one has auto trans. which can be a white knucle experience trying enter the freeway ramp! If this was a turbo 300d then I would consider it.

  9. Graham Line

    97 ft.lbs. of torque at 2400 rpm. Adequate but not any more. I had an earlier 250S and it was more entertaining.

  10. Eigil

    What 220/240D have in common with Engstrom helicopters: the closest possible experience to standing in a bucket pulling the handle..
    This old b. needs a turbo like the Sahara needs rain..

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