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Roadside Find: 1960 Ford Thunderbird


My wife and I were driving down the road today in separate cars and when I saw this classic I knew I had to stop. To her credit, when I pulled over and called her she said sure, and waited for me to turn around, look the car over, take some pictures for you folks to see and then come back. Yup, I married the right woman! Back to the car, I know!. Anyway, this 1960 Ford Thunderbird coupe is waiting for you in Willow Springs, North Carolina, and as far as I know it’s not advertised anywhere. They are asking $6,500, and you can call the owner at 919-665-7268 according to the signs on the car.


The car doesn’t look as good up close as it does in these first two pictures. The paint looks somewhat mottled, and it was evidently a clear coat repaint as the clear coat is starting to peel in multiple places. However, the car appears complete and quite original apart from the paint.


You can see the paint issues here on the passenger side rocker panel. Some rust bubbles as well. I do like that the fender skirts are in place (my uncle’s 1960 seemed to have trouble keeping them on) and the color is appealing. You could drive the car for a while, debug things and then go for paint eventually, I suppose.


Obviously, I couldn’t look under the hood, but I can confirm there’s an engine in there as I could peer through this hole. My uncle’s rusted through in about the same spot!


The windshield was quite tinted, so it gave everything a blue color wash trying to photograph through it. Sorry about the picture quality; I tried several angles and windows and this was the best of the bunch. I’m pretty sure this is the original upholstery though. If you’re interested, I can meet you out there; I’d love to see more of the car. We actually completed our move from the area today, but it’s not that far to meet a Barn Finds reader!


  1. Davnkatz Taylor

    That hood looks more like a bullet hole than a simple rotted-out spot.

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  2. Howard A Member

    For me, without question, nicest, T-bird, EVER!

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  3. Mike

    My Wife’s Uncle has a 1960 T-Bird, and I remember not long after we Married that he brought it into the Body shop for repairs, which included repairing a hole in the hood about the size of a half dollar, and I think it was in the same place. He still has that T-Bird not that he drives it that much, but he will take it to a local Car Show we have in the area every year, otherwise my Brother-in-law will drive him and the car to others that we go to, Uncle Paul does not drive very far anymore, which is a good thing considering he is 93. I worked on the T-Bird about 6 months ago, had to do a little body repair, we where at a Car Show in SE Missouri and somebody backed into it as they were trying to leave for the day, put a pretty good size dent in the passenger door, but I was lucky enough to be able to pull it out with very little effort, but considering there was over 100 cars in the tiny area they had us in I was not surprised that more car had not been backed into.

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  4. Irish Bill

    Interesting. I have a similar grey 1960 bird that is the same color that had lived its entire previous life in San Francisco. It has a small rust hole in the hood as well but between the hood scoop and nose emblem. No other rust anywhere. Must of been something in the production that causes this result.

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  5. Joe Muzy

    Looks like a bargain. If the mechanical is in good shape.

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  6. sam

    If looking at these birds always check frame where power steering ram fastens to frame for rot

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  7. Prowler

    I remember riding I’m cousins Tbird .like this
    I was probably late 60s so by that time it was just a used car….he had just graduated high school so I’m sure it was not an expensive car at the time
    I just remember it was pink and seemed crazy fast and just floated down the road
    Oh ya and it would just destroy those bias ply tires

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  8. Woodie Man

    Had a beautiful white over red and white ’60 TBird back in the mid seventies. Sitting in that cockpit behind that dashboard is just the best. If only I had kept every car I ever had…..

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