Running Project: 1970 AMC Javelin SST

American Motors got into the pony car game about the same time as General Motors. The Javelin (when flanked by the 2-seat GT version called the AMX) sold well enough by AMC standards. The car would see two generations of production between 1967-74 and then faded away when market demand shifted. This 1970 Javelin may be in fair condition and is said to run – apparently quickly as the seller tells us it will do 0 to 90 in 10 seconds. The car is domiciled in Salt Lake City, Utah and is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $6,500.

The initial Javelins had clean and understated lines, having been executed by AMC designer Dick Teague. They were offered in two trim levels: base and SST (remember the Super Sonic Transport?). The SST was the high-end Javelin with reclining bucket seats, wood-grain trim, body cladding, and unique wheel covers. The car brought traffic into the “Rambler” showrooms and for the first couple of years, the Javelin eked out third place in pony car sales behind Ford and Chevy. 1970 would be the high-water mark for the Javelin in terms of performance as an SST with a 390 cubic inch V8 could do 0-60 in 7.6 seconds and the standing quarter mile in 15.1.

We don’t get a lot of details from the seller about his Javelin – other than it alleges to be fast. His speed claims would suggest a 390 under the hood (with the automatic). 2,730 Javelin SSTs – like the seller’s car – were assembled with that motor in 1970. The car may have 88,000 miles on it with no mention of any refreshments having been made to the drivetrain (although that mileage figure could be for the Dodge Dart listed in the same ad). All Javelin production that year was centralized in Kenosha, Wisconsin (other AMC products were also built in Brampton, Ontario).

The car’s green paint is rather sunburned, evidence that it has spent a lot of time outdoors. There is some rust around the fender well in the passenger side right quarter panel and the front bumper appears to have a small crinkle. There is no mention of the condition of the undercarriage. The interior could have used a serious cleaning before the car was put up for sale and the bucket seats wear fuzzy aftermarket covers that suggest trouble underneath. The carpeting in probably ready to be replaced and the status of the headliner is unknown. Hagerty indicates that a ’70 Javelin in Fair condition is a $7,300 proposition and this one could go higher if it’s as bossy under the hood as the seller suggests.


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  1. Steve R

    The ad is incoherent. They call it a 1970 Dodge Dart, they rattle off meaningless numbers. First question to the seller would be to verify what kind of car is actually for sale.

    Steve R

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  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    Steve, half of the descriptions you see on car websites are incoherent. So many people can’t compose complete and logical sentences, much less use punctuation properly. Yet, we allow them to vote.

    Back in the 1980s there were warnings that our education system was failing in this country, and that “someday” we would have entire generations of uneducated, gullible idiots. Welcome to that someday.

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    • That AMC Guy

      See the 2006 movie “Idiocracy” for a peek at our future.

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      • Redwagon

        That movie would be a lot more funny if it weren’t so close to the truth.

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        My thoughts exactly, after reading Rex’s comment.

    • Steve R

      If you think it’s bad now, just wait until the current crop of kids in public schools get out in the real world. Around here, all the public schools have been closed since last March. Private schools are near my house are open and operating like normal. Even the governor who has backed keeping public schools shut sends his own kids to private schools.

      Steve R

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  3. EPO3

    You know a lot of people out there can’t put pen to paper. Doesn’t mean they don’ t have a good head on them. But this owner is a moron.

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    • AMCFAN

      EPO3, How would you know the owner IS a moron. Curious?

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    This is obviously listed by someone who is not experienced with selling cars or using the internet. Not everyone is born with a laptop in their hand. Plus there are those in society that could care less at being a member of it by keeping to them self. Despite the lack of information he got his car featured here. Quite a feat don’t you think with the thousands of ads posted daily?

    From the looks of it it is a pretty untouched car. My take is the fellow is an older person that if you contact him may be a pretty colorful person. Seems he has resisted selling it until now. May have quite a bit more.

    These are the ads I prefer to act on. I can get everything I need to know by calling and asking because I know Javelins. I would be more versed on what to ask.

    The car has rust that is common around the rear wheel lips. I can also see the trunk floor is not rusted in the seam. That is a positive sign. The survival rate of 1970 Javelins are very few. Most were parted out. This is really an exceptional find.

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  5. Car Nut Tacoma

    Nice looking car. I’ve always found the 1970 Javelin SST to be the best looking car. I hope whoever buys this car knows how to restore it to driveable condition.

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  6. 433jeff

    Well not to defend the current crop of kids( mine) I see a sf%#load more competition than us silver heads had, there are more people for each job now, yea the menial ones, where we started. I’m sure there is a plan for them as there was for me, I did notice that the factory where I worked in high school is no more, the mall where I visited my girlfriend in high school is no more, and just to keep up with the new catch phrase, a lot of the Frickin Mortar are no more, it sounds like I’m whining so I will close with, it was a different time, great for us, and in thier own way I hope it’s great for them, oh about the car I read that they wheelhopped like a bastard and the wood grain was falling off as a new car, These were great looking cars

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    • Rex B Schaefer

      The build quality of AMC products, much like Chrysler products was extremely poor back then! Drivetrains were another story though!

  7. Kevin

    It’s a turd,parts car as far as I’m concerned, and I personally hardly ever deal with this,if you want to sell me something, be able to articulate why!

    • AMCFAN

      Someone shouldn’t have to use an elaborate feel good description add a million pictures and beg anyone to buy something. That is the whole problem with the whole posting on line. It has made people fat and lazy.

      This comes from someone who grew up looking at one line classified ads in the newspaper. No pictures just words. Yeah, That used to be a thing.

      When getting up off my ass and responding by calling THEN going to look in person. It was always worth the effort. Sometimes I didn’t buy the advertised item. However the person might have something in their garage sitting or laying around that I did buy.

      I would always leave my contact number. Many times I would leave my number only to be called at a later time for something else.

      Its called networking manual style. It still works but you have to leave the couch or easy chair

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    kevin, i would rather deal with someone who can’t articulate to me but is truthful, then deal with some slick talking big mouth, imo, it may be a turd to you but to somebody else it could be their dream car, that they can afford.

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    • Kevin

      Well,mike reading,maybe so,but everyone has an opinion on here,I base mine on a lot experience dealing with old cars,and all walks of life people,and stand behind my opinion, with that said,I do hope the car will be nice again,and safe,have a wonderful day.

  9. Rex Kahrs Member

    AMCFAN….I find that trying to communicate with people via CL or FB is a real pain in the butt. They advertise a car for sale, yet don’t provide a phone number. SO, I message them through whichever site, and I wait. And wait. I even provide my number in my message, and they STILL don’t call me. I just don’t understand how they expect to sell a car if they won’t respond to potential buyers.

    • Steve Clinton

      Scammers, perhaps?

    • AMCFAN

      Rex, What I have found in most cases especially FB more often than not once a vehicle is posted depending on price and vehicle it is often sold in quick order.

      Be advised. There are sharks out there that have their phone set to alerts once a particular vehicle is posted. I know this as a group that buys cars with issues. They buy anything for $800 only for the converter. Once they cut that off it’s sold to a core buyer and the rest of the car for no other reason is scrapped.

      So when you are required to respond through email and do not get a reply rest assured it has already been sold. The seller is too lazy to manage his ad. Obviously.

  10. Steve Clinton

    From the FB ad…

    Seller’s description
    1970 Dodge Dart · Coupe · Driven 88,000 miles

    This is one strange-looking Dodge!

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  11. martinsane

    Dart or Javelin, moron or engineer, this car has a couple extra zeroes its asking price.

    And further more the ad and its illiteracy souldnt be ok no matter what. Both from a buyer perspective and seller. If you want top dollar for something its not ok to phone it in, earn that extra zero or 2 on the item you sniped on CL or from some sap.

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  12. Steve Clinton

    It’s ‘furthermore’ and ‘shouldn’t’. LOL

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